Ep97 – Camping with Kids

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With the added baggage, recurring toilet breaks, and storage pockets stuffed with snack wrappers and stones from their favourite beach…

Camping with young children simply requires more. Even so, the only time your kids should be added weight on your back on an outdoor adventure is if they’re too tired to walk the extra mile!

This week, family-man-Ben and power-mum-Lauren detail what to pack, where to pull-in, and the principles to pitch from a young age. Just like your little ones, this episode packs a big punch!

Bundle the camp clobber, buckle in your rugged cherubs, and watch or listen here!

Three children toasting marshmallows by the fire, with a tent set up in the background.

Just like your little ones, this episode packs a big punch! Credit: Zempire


00:00 – Intro

01:36 – New Gear

05:01 – Camping with Kids

06:41 – Longer Vs Shorter Trips

07:56 – Start Them Young!

10:28 – Distance and Style of Travel

12:15 – Consider Local Locations

13:06 – Prepare for Longer Stopovers

14:14 – Caravan Park Camping

16:45 – Toilets

18:07 – Meals and Snacks: Logistics

20:53 – Road Trip Entertainment

21:52 – Bearing with Backseat Mess!

23:09 – Other Entertainment Ideas

26:03 – Kid-Friendly Camping Gear

33:19 – Lighting

34:00 – Camping with Limited Amenities

34:53 – Hygiene and Cleaning

36:50 – Clothing and Laundry

38:29 – Downtime

38:59 – Allow Exploring and Educate on Dangers and Risks

39:58 – Familiarise, Normalise, and Expose

40:40 – Lauren’s Zip-Tie Tip

42:18 – Mitigating Concerns and Paranoia

43:08 – More Tips from the Snowys Team

44:34 – Story of the Week

Mentioned in this Episode:


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New Gear

Charmate BBQs, Firepits, and Charcoal Starters


SupaPeg Frontier Fire Pit

Kids Sleeping Bags

Kids Camping Chairs

Thetford Porta Potti 365 Toilet



Torches & Flashlights

Companion 12V Shower

Wilderness Wash 250mL

Collapsible Space Saving 30L Silicone Storage Tub

First Aid

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