Oztent RV, RV Plus, RV Lite, RX & SV-5 Max Tent Comparison

Oztent is known for being the pioneers of the first 30-second tent and have over 20 years of experience making outstanding camping gear for your outdoor adventures.

Founded by Joe Viglione, and still family-owned and operated to this day – over the years the Oztent brand has expanded their range to not only a full selection of great tents but also an array of camping furniture, awnings and bedding as well.

Nowadays the brand has a trusted selection of RV tents to choose from, so we’ve broken down the range to show you the differences, similarities, and the best use for each one – so read on for all the details of the Original 30 Second RV, RV Plus, RV Lite, RX and SV tents.

Four RV tents pitched in a row on a grassy field

With a full line up, it’s hard to pick the right model from the range.

The Original Oztent 30 Second Tent

Arguably one of the best tent designs on the market, the RV range of tents from Oztent have stood the test of time, sheltering campers all over the country for the past couple of decades.

Easily assembled and disassembled by one person in half a minute, the simple design has an internal aluminium frame, is constructed from premium 100% waterproof 8 oz Ripstop polycotton canvas and is made to last. It comes in a range of sizes that include RV-1, RV-2, RV-3, RV-4, and RV-5 so there’s a model for everyone.

You can also increase the living space of the 3, 4, and 5 using a Tagalong tent as these will zip onto the front of the awning of your existing tent, or add a fly to reduce condensation.

Ideal for: touring campers looking for simple and durable shelter.

The RV-1 tent set up at a remote bush campsite

The RV-1 is the original model from the brand. Image: Oztent

The Oztent RV-3 & 5 Plus

The RV Plus is the latest addition to the RV range, with all the features of the original RV tent including the 30-second frame, 8 oz Ripstop polycotton canvas, a modular design, and a large awning for relaxing under but with some extra bells and whistles to add to your camping experiences.

The RV Plus has a SkyMesh Skylight built into the roof so you can fall asleep to the twinkle of the stars, plus get some excellent airflow throughout your sheltered space. The Plus tents come with a fly to reduce condensation and also the poles you need to create a peaked awning to ensure water runs off in inclement weather conditions. Furthermore, the zips have been changed on the awning to create more weather protection when you add on accessories.

There are two sizes available in the RV Plus range at this time, the RV-3 Plus which caters perfectly for two people while allowing space for gear and an RV-5 Plus which has space for a family of 4.

Ideal for: those looking for a reliable tent which has some extra features.

Looking through the tent skylight at the treetops above

This is one of the newest additions to the range. Image: Oztent

What are the differences between the Original RV and RV Plus models?

As mentioned above, the RV Plus takes the foundation of the original 30-second tent and adds the following extra features:

  • SkyMesh skylight built into the roof for ventilation and stargazing
  • Fly comes with the tent for better ventilation and condensation management
  • Reconfigured zips for better weather protection when using accessories
  • Extra poles included for a peaked awning

The RV Plus Panels attached to an RV tent

The Plus has a mesh skylight so you can see the stars. Image: Oztent

Are the new and old accessories compatible across all the models?

The RV-Plus Range has a few new accessories which include the RV Plus Front Panel, RV Plus Peaked Side Panels, and an RV Plus Zip-In Tarp Extension for making the most of your tent set up.

All these accessories are designed to be compatible with the RV Plus tents, and as the zips have been reconfigured, unfortunately, that means that the new accessories are not interchangeable with the original RV tents. However, the connection between the Plus tents and the accessories is now even more waterproof, giving total peace of mind when camping in adverse conditions.

They still make front panels and deluxe side panels, plus peaked side panels for the original range, as well as side awnings and awning connectors, so you will be covered either way if you want to kit out your shelter. For carrying your RV, RV Lite, RX & SV tent in transit, the RV Pro Travel Case will protect it from the elements on your expeditions too.

A family and their RV Plus tent

Each model has its own compatible panels. Image: Oztent

Other variations of RV tents

RV-3 Lite

While the RV-3 Lite tent has been around for the past year, it’s certainly worth a mention as it’s a newer addition to this longstanding range.

The Lites are designed to be a lighter yet still high-quality touring tent for beginners looking to invest in their gear. It has the patented Oztent instant aluminium folding frame but is constructed using a synthetic 210 Ripstop polyester fabric which is CPAI-84 fire-retardant with UPF50+ protection. At 19.5kg it’s also a little lighter than its RV-3 counterpart which weighs in at 22kg, making the Lite a preferred choice for those needing to cut back on load.

Right now, the RV Lite range from Oztent only comes in a 3-person size which is ideal for a couple or young family of 3. If you want to close off the awning for more shelter, you’ll need to pick up the RV Lite Complete Modular Panel Set which is only compatible with the Lite range.

Ideal for: newbie campers wanting quality at a lower price point.

A couple sit in chairs under their RV Lite tent awning

Upgrade a dome tent to this lighter yet still high-quality RV tent. Image: Oztent


While not technically an RV tent, the RX-5 is still based on the 30-second folding frame. Unlike the original RV’s however, they are constructed from a synthetic ModCan material and they include a complete panel system with a zip-in floor, to create a fully enclosed space from the front awning. They also feature a skylight for ventilation and star gazing.

Originally available in two sizes, Oztent has now refined their range to no longer include the RX-4, leaving the RX-5 which is perfect for 4 people plus living space. Overall, this tent is great for family group camping trips, or touring expeditions where you’ll be setting up and packing down regularly.

Ideal for: families looking for a versatile two-room tent for living and sleeping.

A RX5 tent pitched near a river

With two rooms for more versatility, the RX is great for families. Image: Oztent

The SV-5 Max

Named after Oztent’s late owner and visionary – Shane Viglione, the SV-5 Max was the last tent design that he worked on, so it holds a special place in the brand’s heart.

This is the biggest tent that they have ever made, featuring an angled version of the 30-second classic frame that tapers out so that you get more space. It’s constructed from 8oz Ripstop polycotton canvas and comes with a zip-in tarp extension for 5-metres of undercover space, so you don’t need a gazebo. Poles and spreader bars are included to create a peaked awning and there’s a skylight for providing enhanced airflow and viewing the stars. There are also separately available peaked side panels and a front panel for privacy and protection on your SV-5 Tent.

Ideal for: Those looking for maximum living and sleeping space.

The new SV-5 Tent pitched at a campsite near the river

Named after Shane Viglione, this tent is the latest innovation from the brand. Image: Oztent

What’s the best piece of Oztent gear that you’ve ever tried?