Best Hiking Tents – 2020 Review


If you’ve made resolutions to delve into overnight or extended hiking trips in 2020, you’ll need to purchase a hiking tent.

Whilst you’re on this journey, keep in mind that if any tent performs well it receives good reviews, the more good reviews there are the more people are inclined to buy it. These people then review the tent and the cycle starts again.

What I’m trying to say is that it is our customers who have done the talking here, not us.

So, this isn’t a list of the most technical tents, there’s no bias or incentives involved, no limitations on price or brand and they all weigh and measure up within the limits of what could be considered a tent for hiking… it is purely based on sales volumes both online and instore at Snowys.

So, without further ado let’s have a look at our best-selling hiking tents…

10. OZtrail Hiker 2P & 3P Tents

A new tent to the top 10 this year is the budget-friendly OZtrail Hiker Dome tents. These come in a 2 person and a 3 person version, with an old school A-frame fibreglass pole design.

The fly is a UVTex fabric for protection against sun degradation, has heat taped seams to help prevent leaks and a No-See-Um mesh and a polyester inner for ventilation.

The OZtrail Hiker Dome tents are an entry-level tent for beginners.


This tent is ventilated, easy to pitch and affordable. Image: OZtrail

9. Black Wolf Grasshopper 2 & 3 Person Ultralight Tents

Available in two and three-person variants, the Grasshopper UL tents have been part of the Black Wolf range for many years but made the delve into lightweight fabrics a few years ago.

They feature a unique pole structure that forms a dome shape with upright sidewalls for increased internal space and two teardrop-shaped doors with vestibules. The inner is full mesh and the colour-coded poles make setup a breeze.

The Grasshopper tents from Black Wolf are a mid-range lightweight option for warm to cool climates.


The Grasshopper offers great headroom and stability. Image: Black Wolf 

8. Zempire Zeus 2 Person Hiking Tent

Despite having slipped down the ranks a little, the Zempire Zeus has maintained a position in the top 10 yet again this year. It’s proof that you don’t need to spend the earth in order to get a well spec’d hiking tent.

It features a roomy interior and loads of headroom thanks to near-vertical sidewalls. The inner is full mesh for ventilation and access is through two large entrances with vestibules. The fabrics are durable and the poles and pegs are all alloy.

The Zempire Zeus is a mid-priced tent boasting high-end features.


The Zeus has maintained a position in the top 10 this year. Image: Zempire

7. Marmot Tungsten Regular & UL Tents

We’ve been ranging the Tungsten tents for the last couple of years, but it’s taken a while for them to gain popularity amongst our customers. The Tungsten maximises interior space as it has pre-bent poles and clips that pull out the sides of the tent to make it more comfortable and livable. 

These tents offer higher quality materials, design & construction, and a lighter and more compact packed size at a lesser price than many other high-end hiking tents. With a regular Tungsten 1P tent, Tungsten 2P and Tungsten UL 1P and Tungsten UL 2P –  these tents are ideal for weight conscious adventurers.

The Tungsten tents are ideal for hikers looking for a long-term investment.


The Tungsten offers headroom, with a quality construction and lightweight packed size.

6. Black Wolf Mantis 1 & 2 Person Low Profile Hike Tents

Another staple player in our best hiking tents is the Black Wolf Mantis. Available in 1 and 2 person sizes, the Mantis is now made with lighter weight fabrics and features a low-profile tunnel design that performs well in the wind.

A combination mesh and polyester inner makes it an ideal 3-season tent. A single door and vestibule features in the Mantis 1 whilst the Mantis 2 has an entrance on each side. Vents at the foot and head ends ensure adequate ventilation and the ultralight fabrics keep the weight down.

The Black Wolf Mantis tents are excellent low-profile shelters that perform well in high winds.


The Mantis is small and light with a great design for windy conditions. Image: Black Wolf

5. Zempire Mono and Atom 1 Person Single Pole Tents

The single-pole design of the Zempire Mono is about as simple as a hiking tent gets. This design keeps weight to a minimum whilst maintaining strength and performance in the field.

Its minimal weight and pack size make the Mono perfect for solo adventures with sleeping space for one and a single vestibule for your gear. It has a full mesh inner, high-end features including alloy poles and pegs and an impressive waterhead rating. We have lumped the Atom from Zempire into the same position, as they’re very similar tents. Both the same materials and packed size, but the Atom has a brow pole which makes it a bit more comfortable to sit up in if you need to bunker down in inclement conditions.

The Zempire Mono is the perfect mid-range tent for lightweight adventurers.


For simplicity in the field, the Mono is a lightweight choice. Image: Zempire 

4. Explore Planet Earth Spartan 2 & 3 Person Dome Tents

The EPE Spartan 2 and 3 tents are not the lightest hiking tent on this list but they would have to be the best value as they are the perfect example of quality at an affordable price.

Durable fabrics and alloy poles come together to create a roomy and functional shelter with impressive weatherproof properties. The inner is solid and has mesh doors making these a true 3-season tent and they even come with internal storage pockets, lantern hanging points and a compression storage sack.

The EPE Spartan hiking tents are ideal for any hiking adventure.


The Spartan looks and feels more expensive than it’s dollar value. Image: Explore Planet Earth

3. Coleman Ridgeline 2 & 3 Person Tunnel Tents

The Ridgeline tents are from Coleman who specialise in larger family-style tents but these shelters are super affordable and offer features and a build quality that defies the price tag making them a firm favourite in our hiking tent range.

Available in 2P and 3P sizes, the Coleman Ridgeline tents have a 2-pole tunnel design tent that will perform well in the wind. A full mesh inner, alloy poles, V-stakes and a single entrance with vestibule all come together to create an impressively lightweight tent for this price range.

The Coleman Ridgeline tents offer affordability combined with performance above its class.


The Ridgeline is perfect for beginners or hikers on a budget. Image: Coleman Australia

2. OZtrail Nomad 1 & 2 Person Hike Tents

These guys come in at under a hundred bucks, which is likely why they sell so well. I suspect they may not have the same usable life as the higher end tents but hey, you get what you pay for, and they get a good rap when it comes to performance.

The OZtrail Nomad tents feature a mesh inner and basic fibreglass poles. The Nomad 1 is a single-pole tent whilst the Nomad 2 is a 2-pole tunnel style tent with two entrances and vestibules. They are also particularly long hiking tents making them suitable for taller users.

The OZtrail Nomad tents are a budget hiker’s dream.


If you’re a taller hiker looking for an affordable tent, the Nomad is ideal. Image: OZtrail

1. Companion Pro Hiker 2 Person Hiking Tents

Despite the fact that the one-person and three-person versions of the Companion Pro Hiker were discontinued, the Companion Pro Hiker 2 Tent was still the most popular tent over the last year, a stand-out with a near-perfect 5-star review rating.

The Pro Hiker 2 is a traditional dome style tent with dual doors and vestibules. It’s not the lightest tent by any means and offers less internal space than some of their competitors, but it is a reliable and affordable performer.


It’s no surprise that the classic Pro Hiker has taken out the top position again. Image: Companion

The Pro Hiker 2 features a tough floor, 3-season mesh/polyester inner, alloy poles and is finished with roof vents, organiser pockets and a gear loft for storage.

It also provides a perfect balance of lightweight functionality with durability and weather protection at a very affordable price.


What’s the most reliable hiking tent you’ve ever owned?

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