Ep106 – Sea to Summit Tents with Ross Smith

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From mountainside to campsite,

the new ultralight tent range by Sea to Summit offers ultimate versatility for ventures beyond suburbia. In this episode, Ben and Lauren sit with Brand Manager Ross Smith to discuss the success of their most recent tent line.

Be it breaking into the tent market, the argument for aluminium, or engaging ‘Hangout’ mode, here’s their pitch for why the Alto and Telos ultralight tents are the gear guru’s choice for off-grid getaways – from the sea to the summit!

A green Sea to Summit ultralight tent set up by a body of water.

From mountainside to campsite, the new ultralight tent range by Sea to Summit offers ultimate versatility. Image: Sea to Summit


00:00 – Intro

00:43 – Introducing Sea to Summit’s Tents

01:26 – Introducing Ross from Sea to Summit

04:28 – The Sea to Summit Tents

09:11 – Breaking into the Tent Market

09:56 – The Design Process

14:27 – Time Frame

16:30 – Manufacturing

17:39 – Collaboration

18:36 – Why Aluminium?

19:45 – Field Reparability

12:02 – Flooring

23:55 – Keeping the Finger on the Pulse

24:39 – Materials and Construction

26:15 – Fly

28:00 – Storing the Inner and Fly

28:39 – Damaged Tent Components and Repair

29:44 – The Alto and Telos Tent Range

31:30 – Optional Footprints

33:12 – Alto Vs Telos

34:27 – Mesh Vs Solid Inner

38:27 – Bikepacking Versions

42:15 – Packing and Versatility

44:39 – Lightbar

46:35 – ‘Hangout’ Mode

48:17 – DAC Pole Frame

48:59 – The Ikos Tent

51:43 – Keeping Relevant: Future Products

55:13 – Summary

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