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Mono Hiking Tent

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Simplicity and affordability are key features of the Zempire Mono lightweight hiking and backpacking tent.

Room for one plus a vestibule area for all your gear in a single pole configuration ideal for any 3 season adventure. The full mesh inner minimises weight yet incorporates solid draft panels that increase warmth inside the tent.

A soaringly waterproof floor, unbendable pegs, ripstop fly and YKK zippers all come together to make the Zempire Mono a tent you can rely on for any lightweight adventure.

  • Single pole construction
  • Full mesh inner
  • Large internal storage pockets
  • High quality unbendable Tri-Pegs
  • Central plastic lantern hanging point
  • Includes pole repair sleeve
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
Sleeping Capacity:
1 Person
External Dimensions:
230L x 150W cm
Sleeping Area:
220L x 90W cm
Packed Dimensions:
45L x 15W x 15H cm
Max. Head Height:
150 cm
75D 210T Ripstop Polyester
Inner Material:
Polyester Mesh
Floor Material:
150D Poly Oxford
Frame Material:
8.5mm 7100 Alloy
10000mm Floor | 5000mm Fly
1.7 Kg
Minimum Weight:
1.5 Kg
3 Year
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Sep 21 2017

Nice little tent

Tent well made and good for price. I made purchase based on reviews here and other sites but unfortunately doesn't suit me. I find the internal height restrictive (I'm very average height) the vestibule very small

- Blue Mountains
Jul 26 2017

Very Good Tent

The Zempire Mono hiking tent has served me well for a few camps now. It is spacious enough for myself, and keeps me dry in wet and windy weather. To protect the floor, I carry a tarp with me and fold it so it fits. The only issue I have had with the tent is the clips which attach the fly to the tent (on the opposite ends of the tent). These fall off easily, and I lost one clip at Cathedral Reserve Campground. To rectify this, I am just tying an overhand knot from the fly (where the clip would be) to tent itself. In the photo, the Zempire Mono is the little tent towards the back.

- Sydney, NSW
Response from Snowys Jul 27 2017

Fantastic shot Ian - love the colours! Laine :)

May 08 2017

Tiny tent

Not used as yet,but seems a great tent. Some tents with a name have premium price. Good value this one

- Gloucester
Mar 28 2017


What a top little tent for one. Recently tested in the Jagungal Wilderness. Light, easy to pack up and simple to set up. A tent bag that the tent actually goes back into! It got rained on, blown at and frozen, without a leak, tear or issue. I was dubious about the side entry, but it works very well. Makes getting to your gear simple and you're not climbing all over your sleeping bag to get in of a night. It is narrow, so big people may struggle a bit, although length no problem.

- Pambula, NSW
Mar 12 2017

Top tent

A fantastic tent everything you need , nothing you don't. I wish I had discovered this tent years ago. I'm still in shock at the price, best value tent around in my opinion. Yes there are slightly lighter tents out there -400grams or so lighter- but they will be either single skin tents , which I've tried but I don't like swimming in condensation, or cost 7x the price. No brainer for me. I highly recomend it. In fact I've already bought another one for a friend.

- Diamond creek
Feb 18 2017

Great tent

Great hiking tent for the price. The weight was actually a little less than stated. Withstood two severe storms on the first outing. Very pleased.

- Yass NSW
Nov 21 2016

Zempire Mono hiking tent

This tent is very good value. You can spend a lot more to save a few hundred grams in weight. It is well made and should last a long time. It is a compromise between size and weight but you can fit a pack in the vestibule and it is waterproof. Recommended for a solo hike.

- Brisbane
Jan 05 2016

Great hiking tent

I only just fit in this tent (I'm around 185cm tall), so if you are much taller you might run into trouble, but otherwise it is a great tent. Easy to set up and plenty of room to sit up, etc. if you store the poles outside of the compression sack you can make the tent even smaller for packing.

Response from Snowys Jan 06 2016

G'day Michael. Thanks for sharing your photo - looks like such a lovely spot! Also, thanks for sharing your tip about packing the poles separately, very helpful!

Can you sit up in it or is it too low1 answer

I am 5'11" height if this helps

- Sydney(9 hours ago)

G'day Richard,

The Zempire Mono Hiking Tent has a rather generous 150cm head clearance and as a 6-foot chap, I can sit up in it quite comfortably, so you should have no issues either. 

- Snowys(just now)

Would this tent be suitable for the Overland track early November?1 answer

Looking to hike The Overland Track early October. Looking for a lightweight, easy set up option for 1 person

- McLaren Vale(5 months ago)

This would be more than suitable Belinda. 

It does have a full mesh interior making it less suitable for camping in the midst of winter, but the mesh makes it a very comfortable tent for mild to warm conditions, which for October/November on the Overland Track you can expect.

Check out the Atom also, it's only slightly heavier and features a cross pole that creates much more head space. Both tents offer the same levels of quality and performance.

Enjoy your walk.

- Snowys(5 months ago)

Does it come in a green or camouflage colour for discrete camping?1 answer

Does this tent come in green or camouflage for discrete camping?

- Perth(6 months ago)

G'day Darren,

The hiking range of tents only comes in this bright yellow colour sorry (generally for safety reasons).

If you'd like other similar options that are in a green colour, perhaps take a look at the Black Wolf Mantis UL and the Wilderness Equipment Space 1 tent 

- Snowys(6 months ago)

Suitability for Overland Track1 answer

Hi, would this tent be suitable for the Overland Track in January?

- Wonga Park(9 months ago)

G'day Christian,

The Zempire Mono tent would be a brilliant 1 person option for the Overland Track in January. It's a compact, waterproof and affordable tent with a high level of quality.

- Snowys(9 months ago)

Is the vestibule space for the backpack weather proof or exposed? I'm not exactly sure which bit you mean when you say vestibule1 answer

Zempire mono

- Mount Eliza (9 months ago)

Hi Aneeta,

Vestibule space is just the outside space that's covered by the fly on the outside of the tent door.  This is generally where you would store your pack but if it's really nasty weather, rain could affect your pack as there is no floor in this area and the fly does not reach the ground.  If you're hiking in areas with changeable weather, perhaps consider the Zeus as it has a little extra room but at an additional weight.

- Snowys(9 months ago)

weight1 answer

what is the exact weight of each peg, the pole and fly?

- melbourne(10 months ago)

G'day Col, 

We don't have the specifics of these ourselves, so I've contacted Zempire and this is what they've told me.

The Mono Tent Pole is 212 grams, and the Mono Tent Aluminium Tri Peg (1pc) - 13 grams.
They were unable to get the weight of the fly by itself (it's out of stock in NZ) and unfortunately, we aren't able to take one out of the packaging to weigh it ourselves so I do apologise about that. 
- Snowys(10 months ago)

Footprint1 answer

Hey there. Does Zempire manufacture a footprint for this tent?

- Coburg(10 months ago)

G'day Michael, 

I've just checked through the supplier's catalogue and website - and I can't find any mention of a footprint anywhere.

We definitely don't sell one and as far as we know Zempire don't make a compatible footprint at this time. 

- Snowys(10 months ago)

are there any pockets inside the tent?1 answer

Would like to know how many inner pockets/gear lofts if any?

- Wantirna South(11 months ago)

G'day Yih, 

According to Zempire, the Mono tent does have 2 small pockets sewn into the inside of the inner tent, if you like you can check out what they look like right here.

- Snowys(11 months ago)

Ventilation and Humidity 1 answer

Is there proper airflow or ventilation to minimize the buildup of condensation and humidity inside while the tent is completely zipped closed? (I.e. aim to avoid waking up the next morning with the walls wet with condensation because of lack of ventilation.) Thanks

- Mornington(11 months ago)

G'day Robb, 

The Zempire Mono has a full mesh inner (which you can kind of see in the first pic linked on the product page), so there will be plenty of air flow inside the tent to prevent condensation.

We’ve had great feedback on the ventilation and lack of condensation build up in this particular tent. If it helps check out this in-depth review on the Mono, which will give you a firsthand idea on how it performs.   

- Snowys(11 months ago)

Tent1 answer

Would this tent be suitable to take to Iceland in July/August? Is is a 3 season tent and windproof? Thanks

- calliope(12 months ago)

Hi Mandy,

We’re not too familiar with the weather conditions in Iceland at that time of the year, as far as I can find, the average temperature is 10-13 degrees in the day time so I can only assume it will be colder at night.

The Mono is a 3 season tent, and the fabric will stop wind coming in, but as the inner is made from mesh (to aid air flow and prevent condensation) it may be a little on the breezy side at night.

You may want to consider something like the Mantis UL one person tent from Black Wolf. This tent has a nylon and mesh inner so it is going to cut more wind out while still providing ventilation in the tent. It’s hard to give a black and white answer here, so just make sure you have the right gear to provide more warmth if the temperature does drop.

- Snowys(12 months ago)

How's the minimum weight .. ?4 answers

With the weight given as 1.6 kg and the minimum weight 1.38 kg .. what is excluded to achieve the 220 gram reduction ?

- NSW(1 year ago)

G'day Richard, 

The minimum weight excludes the pole repair sleeve, the extra pegs, and the storage bag – so it leaves you with the basics you'll need to pitch the tent. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Doubting how the 4 guy rope pegs at approx 12 g each, the storage bag, and repair sleeve can equal 220 g .. or is the pole repair sleeve a heavy item? Zempire’s website gives weight as 1.7kg and the trail weight as 1.35kg. Has anyone actually checked these weighs ?

- NSW(1 year ago)

Hi Richard,

It's probably important to note that there are no guidelines for what should be included when stating measurements for weight, trail weight, minimum weight etc. We attempt to independently weigh all of our tents but given we have thousands of products online this is not always possible.

There is a discrepancy between the product I have in a workbook and what is online and on the box, being that the total weight is actually 1.7KG. I called Zempire to clarify their minimum weights, which apparently does not include pegs or poles... not particularly useful!

I will make a note to check all these weights to include the minimum number of poles and pegs as soon as I get a chance, but for now I weighed the whole package in it's box, which comes in at 1.9kg. Take away about 150g for the cardboard and packaging and another 200g for the stuff sack and pole and peg bags, repair sleeve and any unecessary pegs, and the minimum weight is probably more like 1.5Kg-1.6Kg.

I will try and get this confirmed later today, sorry for the confusion, and thankyou for bringing this to our attention.

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Sorry Richard, I did weigh these and posted the correct weights on our website. I included enough pegs to pitch the tent without the guy ropes, each peg weighs around 10g. The Mono weighed in at 1.5 Kg. There will probably be slight variations of 10-20g which comes from a little extra/less stitching here and there, and some extra webbing length which all add up a little, but by my assessment, I would say these variations would be less than 20g.

- Snowys(1 year ago)

can the fly be pre attached to inner3 answers

If its raining I want a tent with fly already attached so I can simply insert pole and peg it down. Otherwise the inside's wet from the start. This used to be industry standard, I don't know why most tents now require the inner to be set up first.

- Launceston(1 year ago)

G'day Paul,

The Zempire Mono Hiking Tent is not freestanding so you won't be able to pitch it the way you've described.

While the Mono is an excellent tent, it is competitively priced so it will have it's limitations. In general it seems that higher end tents provide more options for pitching, so you might want to consider a brand like MSR. 

If you were to get something like a Hubba from MSR with a footprint you'd be able to set up the fly up first before the inner as it will stand on it's own. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Apologies, perhaps I didn't make myself clear. I don't want to set the fly up first. I want a fly and inner attached When I pull the tent out of my pack so I can insert The pole and put both up at the same time. Maybe you could Just tell me how the fly is attached to the inner And ill work it out myself. Thanks.

- 7250(1 year ago)

Hi Paul, 

We've pulled a Mono out to confirm, and it attaches to the ridge pole with velcro tabs over the top of the inner. In our range the only tents that have the fly and inner attached are out pop up tent range which aren't suited to hiking.

If you have any further queries about our range, then feel free to give us a buzz on 1300 914 007 and one of our customer support team will be happy to help. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Internal length dimension1 answer

I am 6' 2" / 188cm. The diagram shows a length of 230cm but that could be from the external outer fly and not from the internal bug screen. What is the internal length?

- Hampton(2 years ago)
Hi Andrew, the dimensions for the Mono are much the same as the Atom in that the gap between fly and inner is around 10 cm, taking about 20 cm off the total length. The ends still taper making the foot and head space tight for tall people, a tent with square ends such as the Moondance 1 at 230cm with square ends will give you tons of space.
- Snowys(2 years ago)
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