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Not a lot has changed in our best camp stretcher line up this year. Number 9 is new to us and offers a different perspective, last year’s upcoming new stretcher made it to the list and another was discontinued, but that’s about all the excitement for the stretcher category in recent times.

One’s choice in a stretcher boils down to durability & stability, ease of use, a packed size that fits in with your transport capabilities, and most importantly finding one that is the right size for your tent.

Below are our best-selling stretchers over the last 12 months, you can click through to our product pages for all the detailed specifications and read reviews. Hopefully, this list serves as a handy guide for choosing a stretcher that will have you resting soundly on your camping escapes.

Kicking off at #10.


10. Outdoor Connection Sundowner Titan Stretcher

The Sundowner Titan stretcher from Outdoor Connection is one of only a few stretchers sharing dimensions of these proportions. At 218cm in length and 102cm width, it not only serves as a comfortable bed for one, but it’s also a great platform on which to pitch your swag.

It has a super sturdy steel frame with additional leg struts and boasts a 170kg weight rating. It’s also designed without end bars so your feet aren’t resting on the stretcher frame. Furthermore, it reflects the quality we have come to expect in all Outdoor Connection products.


9. Companion Rhino Premium Camping Bed

We’ve had mixed reviews on this one, mostly positive though. It’s more of a folding bed, with a padded removable cover, integrated headrest, contoured sleeping area and large flat feet that are friendly to tent floors.

You can really sink yourself into the Rhino Premium Camping Bed, it’s probably not the easiest to get out of but once you’re lying down you’ll find yourself crashing into a deep sleep in no time. It is on the large side when folded so make sure you have room in your car for transport.


8. Oztrail Double Bunk

Big family? Then you probably use bunks at home, so why not use them whilst camping? Your kids will love the novelty and you can even set them up as individual stretchers when space permits or for sleepovers at home.

The Oztrail Double Bunk does take a little while to set up so it’s best suited for extended stays. However, when you’re settling into camp for a long weekend you’ll appreciate the extra space and organisation a bunk provides in your kids sleeping quarters.


7. Oztrail Deluxe Double Bunk

Same as the above, only better. The Deluxe Double Bunk from Oztrail is sturdier, simpler to set up, and easier to separate into individual beds when required, the only downside is that it comes at a higher price.

If you need bunk beds for adults then this is your best bet as it has a higher weight rating than the standard bunk from Oztrail. It’s also a touch lighter and packs up slightly shorter making it a little more transport friendly.


6. Darche XL 100 Stretcher

This one was listed as a newcomer in last year’s list and it has quickly gained popularity, cementing its position in our top 10. The Darche brand is synonymous with quality and the XL100 Stretcher is no exception.

It wobbles a little from end to end but comes with a 150kg weight rating making it great for bigger statures and has a large area perfect for pitching your swag on. It’s made with a combination of steel and alloy cross over frame that makes set-up a cinch and the overall weight very manageable.


5. OZtrail Anywhere Beds Single & Queen

The jury is out on whether this is a stretcher or an airbed. I figure it has a folding frame, therefore at the very least, they can be considered a hybrid so I’ve included them in this list.

Available in single and queen sizes the Oztrail Anywhere Beds consist of a folding metal frame with a PVC air mattress that fits inside an attached flannel pocket… basically an airbed on a frame. Ideal if you want height in your camp bed or as the perfect guest bed at home.


4. Coleman Sky Beds

The Coleman Sky Beds have been accommodating campers comfortably for a long time. They are different in that they have a coil sprung trampoline style configuration on top of which a foam mat is placed to create a super comfortable and insulated surface to rest upon.

The Sky Beds are easy to set up and have hooped legs that are friendly on tent floors but their larger packed dimensions put many people off. Available in compact, regular and deluxe sizes – these are ideal for long term stays or as a spare bed at home.


3. Zempire Speedy Quick Fold Stretchers

The Zempire Speedy Beds come in single and twin sizes and have a simple folding action that makes set up a breeze. Once unfolded the legs sit at opposing angles which, combined with cross braces and leg locks means this stretcher has virtually no wobble at all.

The twin stretcher does have a bar that runs down the middle which isn’t to everyone’s liking but without this, the stretcher wouldn’t be nearly as stable. It even includes a padded velour headrest which may come in handy should you forget your pillow.


2. Oztent Gecko and Goanna Stretchers

Previously in this list, we have counted these stretchers as standalone items, but in reality, the Oztent Gecko, Goanna and King Goanna are the same stretcher in different dimensions to suit different users, so we’ve lumped them all together this year.

What set’s these stretchers apart is their padded upper which insulates better than single skin stretchers. This combined with durable 600D fabrics and a strong powder coated, easy fold steel frame make the Oztent Stretchers a go-to choice for outback travellers.


1. Oztrail Easy Fold Stretcher Beds

These remain our best-selling stretcher once again this year. They are available in single, jumbo and queen sizes and have had a facelift to feature new colours in 2018. The OZtrail Easy Fold Stretchers are the original stretcher to feature this user-friendly “Easy Fold” frame.

These stretchers come with a few added extras such as storage pockets on the side and an under-bed gear hammock. There are no bars for your feet to kick across the ends and they have a 150kg weight rating. As with most double stretchers, the queen does feature a bar down the middle. But you can still sleep close to your loved one in stable comfort wherever your adventure takes you.

If you’re looking for an easy, stable, no fuss stretcher for general camping, the OZtrail Easy Fold Stretchers are a sterling choice.


Something new for 2019 – Oztent RS-1S King Single Stretcher

There’s something new and a little different on the horizon for 2019, it’s called the RS-1S King Single Stretcher by Oztent. Designed to use on its own, or with a swag, this stretcher is unique as it has integrated straps to anchor your swag, and anti-sway bars to keep it stable. It fits perfectly with Oztent’s RS-1 Swag, but it can also work with other branded swags.

Another handy feature is that the RS-1S is designed so that you can fit two of these stretchers with space left in the middle in either an RV5 or RX5 tent.

What’s the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had in a tent?

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