Best Camp Stretchers & Beds for 2023

Are your knees not quite how they used to be? Does the ground just not do it for you? Camp stretchers not only give you clearance from the cold tent floor, but they also offer some height when collapsing all the way down or hoisting all the way up is far too much effort! They’re also popular for providing valuable storage space underneath, for those wishing to maximise room. Some customers also get the heebie-jeebies over potential creepy crawlies exploring their bedding at ground level!

All reasons are valid and one’s choice in a stretcher boils down to durability, stability, ease-of-use, a packed size that fits in with your transport capabilities, and – most importantly – finding one that is the right size for your tent!

Let’s get stuck into which camp stretchers and beds have been our best-sellers over the past 12 months! Remember, this list holds no incentives or brand bias, and it’s our customers who have done the talking. We’ve simply crunched the numbers to find out which stretchers and beds have come out on top, based on the sales volumes both online and instore at Snowys.

Starting at Number 10…

Kamp-Rite Queen Kwik Cot Stretcher

10. Kamp-Rite Queen Kwik Cot Stretcher

New to the rank, the Queen Kwik Cot Stretcher from Kamp Rite offers a sturdy, supportive sleep setup in mere minutes, be that at the campsite or the home lounge room.

A two-person design, its heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame offers stability while a 600D durable fabric base has a padded section for added comfort. Stash any essentials in the mesh storage hammock, and enjoy easy setup and pack down owing to a compact design and included carry bag for storage.

23Zero Husky 100 Stretcher

9. 23Zero Husky 100 Stretcher

Jumping from compact and lightweight to generous and roomy – the Husky 100 from 23Zero is a big, sturdy stretcher that hit our shelves in early 2020.

It’s perfect for supporting a swag if you want to get yourself up and off the ground, and although it’s not custom made for the Bandit 900, it sure is made to measure. This stretcher weighs in at 10kg and with the frame constructed from a combination of steel and alloy, plus a PVC-backed 600D polyester sling holding up to 150kg.

23Zero knows their stuff and it’s no surprise that the Husky 100 has made our best-sellers list yet again!

Helinox Cot One

8. Helinox Cot One and High Cot One

Helinox gear is awesome, and the Cot One is a favourite among motorcycle and bicycle tourers. After comfortably maintaining its hold at #10, it’s climbed to #8 this year and we think the only reason it doesn’t shoot even closer to the top spot is due to its higher price tag.

Helinox specialise in super compact gear with quality craftsmanship. This stretcher weighs just 2.3kg but has a rated capacity of 145kg due to the strong yet lightweight TH72M alloy frame. The design is easy to assemble and tension thanks to the level system. The Cot One is a classic ‘buy once, buy right’ scenario. It’s for lovers of lightweight, top-notch gear, and is just as perfect for campers looking to reduce packing load as it is for the cycle-tourer.

For those wanting a bit more clearance from the ground, check out the High Cot One from Helinox! It’s got more than double the clearance from the ground to the Cot One, so is the answer to all those lightweight gear enthusiasts who desire a higher bed.

Zempire W Leg Stretcher

7. Zempire W Leg Stretcher

From kid’s sleepovers to space-conscious getaways, the W Leg stretcher from Zempire is a winner! We’ve had them for about two and a half years, and shooting their way to Number 7 is a testament to their quality and popularity.

Feedback from some customers has been that the first couple of setups can be a bit more work. That said, it’s worth persevering, and the initial struggle quickly eases once the 600D poly oxford fabric adjusts to being pulled taut by the frame – it’s a bit like a thick self-inflating mat that’s been compressed in manufacturing.

Compact, lightweight, and comfortable, the W Leg stretcher is well thought out and makes a great all-rounder!

OZtrail Deluxe Double Bunk Bed

6. OZtrail Deluxe Double Bunk Bed

This design is an absolute ripper for big familes!  OZtrail’sDeluxe Double Bunk is no stranger to our best-seller’s list, maintaining its Number 6 position.

Kids love the novelty of sleeping in a bunk bed while camping and, when space permits, you can even set them up as individual stretchers. This bunk can be used for sleepovers at home too – but like any sling stretcher without a padded base, you might want to add a mat for extra comfort. The steel frame is easy to set up, and OZtrail has thought through the safety features with side rails on the top bunk and anti-roll corner supports on the legs.

This bunk is the perfect space-saving solution for groups and larger families.

Darche XL 100 Ultra Stretcher

5. Darche XL 100 Ultra Stretcher

Let’s talk about Darche’s XL 100 Ultra! This stretcher hit the market in 2021, and its popularity is growing from strength to strength. It only just missed out on making the list in 2022, but we knew an appearance in this year’s ranking would be a sure thing.

The XL 100 Ultra is padded with a strong crossover frame construction made from steel and alloy for stability. It also has a nice and generous sleeping area to cater for a swag on top, or simply a sprawling snoozer!

Coleman Big Sky Stretcher Bed

4. Coleman Big Sky Stretcher Bed

The good old trusty Big Sky Beds from Coleman have been accommodating campers comfortably for a very long time. Their entry-level price point always sees strong sales and they are no stranger to this list!

These stretchers have a different design from other stretchers and use a coil-sprung trampoline-style configuration. The foam mat is included and creates a super comfortable and insulated surface to rest upon. The Big Sky Beds are easy to set up and have hooped legs that are friendly on tent floors – but their larger packed dimensions can put some people off.

Available in Compact, Regular, and Deluxe sizes, these are an ideal budget-friendly choice for long term stays, or as a spare bed at home.

Oztent RS-1S King Single Stretcher Series II

3. Oztent RS-1S King Single Stretcher

The ever-popular RS-1S King Single stretcher from Oztent is sporting a snazzy new facelift and after shuffling its way 4 spots closer to the poll position in 2022 from its previous ranking, it’s maintained its strong Number 3 ranking this year!

Use it on its own or chuck a swag on top, as this stretcher has anti-sway bars to keep it stable. It also features integrated straps that anchor your swag, and is a perfect fit with Oztent’s RS-1 Swag – and at over 1m wide and 2m long, it can also work with most others. Not keen on a swag? No worries. You can fit two of these stretchers with space left in the middle in either the RV5 or RX5 tent!

With its smart new colour and 600D polyester fabric, the RS-1S Series II from Oztent is ideal for those who want a generous and versatile stretcher to use with their swag or camping mattress.

Oztent King Goanna Stretcher Series II

2. Oztent Gecko and Goanna Stretchers

Still coasting in second place are the much loved Gecko, Goanna and King Goanna stretchers from Oztent. Just like the RS-1S, this evolution sports the same snazzy facelift!

In 2021, we started lumping these 3 stretchers together because really, they are the same quality design – just with different dimensions. What sets these stretchers apart is their padded upper which insulates better than those with a single skin sling. This, combined with a durable 600D fabric, and a strong 25mm square tubed, easy-fold steel frame, make the Oztent Stretchers a firm favourite with outback travellers.

If you’re looking for a sturdy long-term stretcher for 4WD and touring, the Gecko, Goanna and King Goanna are a reliable choice.

OZtrail Easy Fold Single Jumbo Stretcher

1. OZtrail Easy Fold Stretcher Beds

Taking the gong for a fifth consecutive year, OZtrail’s Easy Fold Stretcher Beds are a trusty favourite and boast a string of 5-star reviews! There are 4 sizes to choose from – Single, Low Rise Single, Jumbo and Queen.

These stretchers come with a few added extras such as storage pockets on the side and an under-bed gear hammock. There are no bars for your feet to kick across the ends, and they have a 150kg weight rating. As with most double stretchers, the Queen does feature a bar down the middle for necessary structural support, but if you add a couple of mattresses you can still snuggle with your partner without the bar digging in.

If you’re looking for an easy, stable, no fuss stretcher for general camping, the OZtrail Easy Fold Stretchers are a stellar choice. There is, however, a strong trend towards lightweight gear and with that OZtrail are starting to consider lighter-weight alternatives for their stretcher range. In 2021, they released their aluminium framed stretchers in Large and Jumbo, and despite these not having the easy-fold feature, they are passed with a 25 mm Square Kinetic Hardened Aluminium frame. We wonder whether this new design and lighter weight might be popular enough to bump the Easy-Fold from first place..?

OZtrail Anywhere Bed Single

What to Watch: OZtrail Anywhere Single and Queen Bed

Why bring a stretcher and an air mattress when you can have the best of both worlds with OZtrail’s Anywhere Beds? These beds are an alterative to stretchers, representing an airbed-stretcher hybrid!

Sporting a durable heavy-duty PVC air mattress on top of an easy-to-set-up steel frame, packing your sleeping gear for a weekend away is super easy. The air mattress also sits inside a flannel pocket to both protect and add comfort. The built-in pillow and the ergonomic feet are also designed to go easy on your tent floor, while a side organiser keeps your gear and gadgets right where you need them. Its generous length also has it a great option for taller users.

Be it your living room, or a touring tent – the Anywhere Single and Queen Beds from OZtrail is a simple and comfy sleeping solutions!

What are your predictions for next year’s best-sellers?