Best Camping Swags for 2024

Last year, we saw a melting pot of versatile sleeping setups tick every swag-specific box – and while they all had enough swagger to make the top ten rank, some models even prompted us to ask:

‘Is that really a swag?’

The debate continues, where some still argue that the swag/tent design trend – AKA, the ‘swent’ – isn’t a genuine swag! Is the jury still out? Are our sales still favouring one over the other – or both in one?! When it comes to buying a swag, there are 3 factors in hot demand:

  1. Ventilation
  2. Versatility, and
  3. Durability!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the roundup of our best-selling swags, based on the last 12 months of sales…

Darche Ranger Solo+ Swag

10. Darche Ranger Solo+ Swag

Snug in its number 10 spot for the second year running is the Ranger Solo+, a conveniently compact and lightweight shelter for bike tourers and overnighters.

Its polycotton ripstop canvas with welded PVC bucket floor and zip closure storm cover has you protected from the elements, while a unique Hutch™ compartment is convenient for stashing your helmet, boots, and more –  accessible from the inside too. Boasting a simple, quick-sticks setup thanks to its anodised aluminium-alloy head and foot poles, zip open the entry to a superfine mesh that provides both ventilation and insect protection. Stow in heavy-duty PVC ‘dry’ roll bag, and strap your pannier for effortless transport.

Darche Air-Volution AD 1400 Swag

9. Darche AD 1100, Air-Volution AD 900, and Air-Volution AD 1400 Swags

Making an appearance in our list for the third year in a row are the Air-Volution AD Swags from Darche. With countless 5-star reviews, it’s no wonder they’ve scored a ranking yet again!

This design comes in the 900, 1100, and 1400, and instead of using traditional poles for structure and stability, it’s got a puncture resistant inflatable system. ‘Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it’, they say! With none of the usual poles to assemble, you can have this swag set up in under 20 seconds using the high capacity hand pump. It’s super quick to deflate, fully seam sealed, has two-way entry, full zip head and foot windows, and all the quality you expect from Darche.

The Air-Volution AD is a stellar choice for the tourer, or someone who wants a swag that’ll last (which is, uh, everyone?)!

Darche Dirty Dee 900 Swag

8. Darche Dirty Dee 900, 1100, and 1400 CP Swags

The Darche Dirty Dee is no stranger to this list. This swag has a really simple set up, is a slightly lighter weight, and comes in three sizes: 9001100 and 1400.

Two ridge poles and three hooped cross-poles allow for a freestanding design that offers a multitude of full mesh doors and windows. It’s made with 420gsm poly-cotton canvas with a tough PVC base, and a comfortable 7cm high-density foam mattress. In 2020, Darche released their Hutch accessory, which has a universal fit with most swags, but is a perfect match for the Dirty Dee 1100.

Like an old faded pair of jeans that just keeps on giving, the Dirty Dee has been around for years. It’s durable, and suitable for all-season camping.

23ZERO Duke 1600 Swag

7. 23ZERO Duke 1400 and 1600 Swags

The Duke is the perfect sundown setup.

A convenient four-way entry, extensive internal space, and freestanding design has the 1400 and 1600 models the mightiest mobile homes! Seek relief from insects and soak in serenity thanks to a super-fine mesh and cross flow ventilation, while climate control features include a zip-down canvas, all-weather gusseted canopies, and a fully seam-sealed construction. With four all-weather awnings too, these swags throws serious shade (without the attitude)!

Battling the beaten track by your side for years to come thanks to self-repairing spiral zips for ultimate security too – rough it in rustic royalty, with the Duke 1400 and 1600 swags by 23ZERO.

Darche Nebula 1550 Swag

6. Darche Nebula 1550 and Nebula + 1550 (with 70mm Mattress)

The incredibly roomy Darche’s Nebula and Nebula + has been a favourite for years.

Both have all 3 of those ‘in demand’ factors – ventilation, versatility, and durability. Plus, they can be fully opened up to offer 360-degree views! The Nebula + 1550’s hybrid design allows room for two wrigglers, with storm covers that couple as an awning so you can draw out your outback hangout. Darche has always maintained gold standard after-sales support, and some might argue that their exceptional reputation over a longer period of time gives it the slight edge over other brands. Feedback from our Warranties team is that the Nebula model is one of their favourites in regards to very few issues, top-notch quality, and after sales service.

For campsite comradery on every adventure, the Nebula 1550 and Nebula+ 1550 are swag baggage built for blissful outback slumbers. Watch our YouTube videos on the features here, then have a read of the reviews and Q&A’s. Nothing beats feedback from fellow swaggies!

23ZERO Woof-Den Dog Swag

5. 23ZERO Woof-Den Dog Swag

This kennel’s a little more… well, ruff around the edges. Yep, the 23ZERO Woof-Den Dog Swag is the most paw-sible option for your camping comrade!

Its simple set-up and pack-down are owed to 19-millimetre coated segment poles and an easy-use aluminum adjustable ridge rod, holding taut the panels of 320gsm proofed plain weave poly-cotton canvas to withstand the rough and tumble. Avoid the hotdogs with PVC-coated poly, super-fine, zippered insect mesh, and appreciate adequate ventilation in claggy climates. When it’s raining cats and dogs, heavy-duty PVC bucket flooring and seam-sealed construction keeps your doggy dry, while number-ten heavy core-spiral, self-repairing poly zips beat the outback brutality.

From the rustic huskies to the terriers that tear up the terrain – the Woof-Den Dog Swag is for ruff-ing it rural!

Darche Dusk to Dawn Swag 1400

4. Darche Dusk to Dawn 900, 1100, and 1400 CP Swags

Shuffling back from its spot in second place is Darche’s Dusk to Dawn – a swag that will, nonetheless, never lose favour.

This is the kind of swag you buy for an 18th birthday gift, knowing that in another 50 years it’ll have a whole lot of stories to tell! Available in 9001100 or the double size 1400, it has two huge full-length doors that roll completely open. This swag is perfect for campers who like to feel the cool breeze across their face at night. If not rolled up or zipped down, the storm flaps can be extended as awnings with a couple of optional poles. This leaves the large superfine mesh doors on each side offering virtually unimpeded views of the night sky. It has an easy pitch two-hoop design with a ridgepole that has it freestanding, and is made with Darche’s tough 420gsm canvas and a PVC floor.

The Dusk to Dawn has long been a favourite and consistent best-seller ever since it was released. Darche knows how to do swags – and this one will last a lifetime!

23ZERO Bandit Swag 1400

3. 23ZERO Bandit 900, 1100, and 1400 Swags

Creeping up to Number 3, the Bandit swag from 23Zero continues to receive rave reviews. Last year saw thirty-six 5-star ratings across all three sizes – the 9001100 and 1400.

Made to last, the Bandit is a sturdy and versatile three-hoop design that offers a flexible 4-way entry. The two ridge poles give it that freestanding ability which is in such hot demand, and it’s made from 400gsm poly-cotton canvas with a durable urethane coating on the underside. The base is a heavy-duty PVC welded floor and it comes with a really comfortable 7cm high-density foam mattress.

The Bandit is up there with the best and is ideal for campers needing a reliable swag throughout the year.

23ZERO Outbreak Double Swag 1550

2. 23ZERO Outbreak Double Swag 1550

Spacious, freestanding, and comfortable – the Outbreak is designed for off-track touring on those two-wheeled expeditions!

With a tightly-woven and proofed canvas construction, this swag has enough room for two and enough leftover for gear, too! Fully seam-sealed, its heavy-duty PVC bucket floor protects from the ground up, while a super-fine mesh window either end provides ventilation and zip-down canvas walls bode better for wet conditions. A 4-way entry makes for easy coming and going, with scenic 360-degree views and plenty of room for the essentials.

23ZERO Dual 900 Swag

1. 23ZERO Dual 900, 1100, and 1400 Swags

From Number 6 in 2021, to a solid third place in 2022, to finally taking the crown last year, and proudly standing its ground in 2024 – it’s clear that the Dual Swag from 23Zero has become more popular than ever!

It’s another freestanding design, with two-way entry and a hassle-free setup. All three sizes – 9001100, and 1400 – are made from 400gsm poly-cotton canvas with a polyurethane coating. The HF welded PVC bucket floor delivers protection from the ground up, and the oversized storage bag allows you to keep your bedding inside while it’s rolled up.

The Dual Swag receives loads of great reviews and, having outranked the Dusk to Dawn, many customers deliberate between the two.

A man in a camp chair next to his OZtrail Sundowner Swag, overlooking a lake on a misty morning.

OZtrail are rolling onwards and upwards in the swag game with the Sundowner range. Image: OZtrail

What to Watch: OZtrail Sundowner Swags (900 and 1550)

Well, well, well, look what just swaggered it’s way on into the Snowys store! Straight out of their Overlander range, OZtrail are rolling onwards and upwards in the swag game with their Sundowner range, available in 900 and 1550 models with an optional awning too.

The compact and all-too-secure bedroom in a bag – the robust, seam-sealed, 420gsm ripstop polycotton canvas construction and 600gsm PVC bucket floor bear the rough and tumble of outback brutality and withstand wet weather. Climatech technology and gusseted end windows allow adequate airflow, while SkyMesh roof panels provide both superior ventilation and an unparalleled, magical view of the outback night. Boasting a wide body and freestanding design, vertical walls also provide plenty of space for the bigger dreamers, or just your baggage. Light up the night with flexible internal LED lighting, featuring OZtrail’s renouned Lumos technology, and keep your camp kit together in a 6-panel flexi storage system for ultimate organisation. A high-density mattress with added protection also features a removable luxe flannel cover for plush, supple comfort.

The OZtrail Sundowner Swag truly is your humble, outback abode away from home – and we reckon next year’s numbers will see it break into the top 10 ranking!

Want more on the ‘swag, tent, or “swent”‘ debate? Check out this episode of the Snowys Camping Show:

What do you think is the best camping swag?