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Hubba Hubba NX Hiking Tent

•Freestanding, lightweight, quick and easy to pitch hub • Sleeps 2 people • The unique pole system allows for maximum space and is capable of protecting you in unpredictable Australian summer conditions
$879.00 $639.90

Whisperlite International Multi Fuel Stove

• The ultimate in multi-fuel stoves that has evolved from the proven WhisperLite• Able to run on either white gas, kerosene and unleaded petrol for ultimate versatility• Perfect for backpacking around the globe as fuel is readily available• Has a unique shaker jet which makes cleaning as simple as shaking the stove• Will run on sheltie making it one of the most environmentally friendly stoves on the market• Comes complete with wind shield, heat reflector and storage bag
$229.95 $164.90

Elixir 2 Hiking Tent

$589.00 $454.90

Fuel Bottle

• Small fuel bottle designed specifically for MSR liquid fuel stoves• Specifically designed to withstand pressure with a thicker base• Has safety information printed on the bottle to be readily available to the user• The bottle has a special thread that will not detach or un-screw under pressure
3 sizes From $32.90

Elixir 3 Hiking Tent

$699.90 $539.90

Mutha Hubba NX Hiking Tent

$1,099.00 $749.90

Universal Gear Loft

$59.50 $47.90

Hubba NX Footprint

$78.95 $62.90

Papa Hubba NX Hiking Tent

$1,319.00 $999.90

Hubba NX Hiking Tent

$769.00 $579.90

Carbon Reflex 2 Hiking Tent

$1,075.00 $899.90

Freelite 2 Hiking Tent

$999.00 $799.90

Carbon Reflex 3 Hiking Tent

$1,299.00 $1,089.90

Freelite 1 Hiking Tent

$849.00 $679.90

Freelite 3 Hiking Tent

$1,129.00 $899.90

Dromedary Shower Kit

$40.95 $34.90

Carbon Reflex Footprint

2 sizes From $79.90

Freelite Footprint

3 sizes From $79.90


MSR are all about creating better, safer and more reliable gear that enables us to explore further and get the absolute most out of every adventure. It all started in 1969 when lifelong mountaineer Larry Penberthy created the company with this dedication to making adventures safer at the forefront of design in every MSR product.

An acronym for Mountain Safety Research, MSR began with climbing equipment, specifically for the alpine environment and by the mid 70's had added stoves, tents, backpacks and headlamps to their product portfolio. They even dabbled in GoreTex clothing at one stage and by the early 90's introduced water filtration systems. From here their equipment was continually refined and users nowadays can benefit from the products that have been continually tested and refined over the last 40 years.

Items like the Pocket Rocket Stove, Miniworks EX water filter, Whisperlite stove and the Hubba tent range are quickly recognised by outdoor enthusiasts all over the world as reputable and reliable products that work.  

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