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Hubba Hubba NX Hiking Tent

•Freestanding, lightweight, quick and easy to pitch hub • Sleeps 2 people • The unique pole system allows for maximum space and is capable of protecting you in unpredictable Australian summer conditions
$879.00 $639.90

Hubba Hubba Footprint

$99.95 $74.90

Elixir 2 Hiking Tent

$589.00 $454.90

Pocket Rocket Hiking Stove

• A canister mounted stove that has a fantastic heat output to weight ratio and still packs small enough to fit in the palm of your hand• Awesome flame adjustment for maximum heat control • Compatible with screw on self sealing gas canisters for easy use and re-use• No need for any priming, pressurising or maintenance just simply screw it on and away you go
$95.95 $69.90

Fuel Bottle

• Small fuel bottle designed specifically for MSR liquid fuel stoves• Specifically designed to withstand pressure with a thicker base• Has safety information printed on the bottle to be readily available to the user• The bottle has a special thread that will not detach or un-screw under pressure
From $32.90

Whisperlite International Multi Fuel Stove

• The ultimate in multi-fuel stoves that has evolved from the proven WhisperLite• Able to run on either white gas, kerosene and unleaded petrol for ultimate versatility• Perfect for backpacking around the globe as fuel is readily available• Has a unique shaker jet which makes cleaning as simple as shaking the stove• Will run on sheltie making it one of the most environmentally friendly stoves on the market• Comes complete with wind shield, heat reflector and storage bag
$229.95 $164.90

Elixir 3 Hiking Tent

$699.00 $539.90

Mutha Hubba NX Hiking Tent

$1,099.00 $749.90

Hubba NX Hiking Tent

$769.00 $579.90
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