New Coleman Instant Up Lighted Northstar Dark Room 4P & 6P Tents


There are so many things to enjoy about camping. Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city; enjoying some food cooked over the campfire; resetting yourself after a stressful time in your life; and going to bed knowing you don’t have to go to work the next day.

While it is nice to get an early start, it’s also a great feeling to be able to wake up whenever you want on holiday. The only problem is, the blinding early morning sunlight can be a little hard to ignore. Lucky for us, Coleman recognised that, and created their Instant Up Northstar Lighted Dark Room Tent 10P – a cabin tent that includes a fly that has a special light blocking and heat reducing coating.

This tent has proved to be so popular, that they’ve now decided to build on the range. With two new and slightly different models – the Instant Up 4P Lighted Northstar Dark Room and Instant Up 6P Lighted Northstar Dark Room – you can hit that snooze button on dazzling mornings.

We’ve put together two videos on the Instant Up Dark Room 4P and the Instant Up Dark Room 6P where we pitch these tents and take you through all of their cool features which you can check out here:

The new 4P is a roomy tent for two, and a cosy shelter for four.

The 6P is great for a small family as it allows for a bit of extra living space.

What’s new to the Dark Room tent range?

Well firstly, the addition of the two new sizes of the Northstar Dark Room tents. The 4P is a good option for a couple who like a spacious and roomy interior, or a small family or group. The 6P is the perfect size for a family of four, as it’ll still give you that extra space without feeling like you’re crammed in like sardines.

The second difference is the front vestibule which adds to your living space or can be used to store your gear undercover yet away from your sleeping area.

You will have an extra step here compared to the Instant Up Gold range, as you’ll need to set up the awning section on the Dark Room 4P and 6P.

The Northstar Dark Room tents now all feature silicone flexible strip lighting with integrated LED lights for easy illumination inside your tent.

Coleman Dark Room 6PV Side View Vestibule

The new vestibule is handy for extra storage.

What features are the same?

Light blocking and heat-reducing fly

The feature everyone is talking about – the light and heat-reducing fly. The special coating assists with blocking out 95% of light and reduces the temperature inside the tent by up to 5°C.

If you’ve got some campers amongst you that need to go to bed early (e.g., the kids) you can pop them in the tent, and have them out like a light thanks to the dark interior.

Coleman Dark Room 4PV Angle Side View

Gotta love that light-blocking fly. 

Instant up frame

The Coleman Instant Up frame is what makes this tent so popular with those new to camping. It’s also brilliant for those who just don’t have a lot of time to spend setting up camp.

Pitching this frame is super simple. Just lay the tent down, spread the tent out, extend the poles until they lock into place, throw the fly over, set up the awning, peg it out – and you’re ready to roll!

Front door can be pitched as an awning

The awning at the front of your tent means you can keep your dirty or wet gear outside the tent, while still getting a little shelter from the elements.

Coleman Dark Room 4PV Front View

With the included awning you can sit under some shade at the campsite. 

Coleman circle ventilation

Coleman’s circle ventilation features on their Dark Room 10P model, and the rest of their Instant Up Gold range. This helps to create a cycle of cool air which will keep the air fresh.

Ultra-fine mesh throughout

The ultra-fine mesh helps to keep biting insects from snacking on you inside your tent. Plus, it also allows you to ventilate in warm weather, and prevent condensation build-up inside the shelter.

Coleman Dark Room 6PV Side Window

The super fine mesh is handy for ventilation and insect protection.

Storage hammock and organiser

Having dedicated areas to keep devices, or kids toys off the tent floor will help prevent mess and disorganisation in your shelter.

Welcome mat

Having a welcome mat on your tent is always a nice addition as you can clean your boots off to prevent tramping mud or dirt through your clean interior.

Coleman Dark Room 4PV Full Set Up

Here it is, the 4P fully pitched in all its glory!

One thing’s for sure – these tents are going to be a huge hit in summer! Tents made from synthetic fabric can get a bit warm and stuffy, so that heat reducing fly will make hot nights more bearable.

If you’re not an early morning person, but you love camping – then what are you waiting for? The Dark Room tents from Coleman are just what you need.


So, what do you think? Will you be adding one of these new tents to your gear wish list? 

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