Best Christmas Gifts for 2021


Ho Ho Ho… Merry Christmas!

After the year we’ve all had, let’s take a collective deep breath and roll into the Festive Season with that great Aussie spirit. Supply chains are looking a whole lot better than this time last year, but the posties and couriers are under the pump!

Take the angst out of your Christmas to-do list and get those online orders in early. Here’s our roundup of holiday gift ideas for all the outdoorsy people in your life:


Hard Korr's Dual Colour Uni Lantern is on and resting atop an open map, illuminating the page.

Around $20

The rechargeable Dual Colour Universal LED Lantern with Lithium Battery from Hard Korr

It’s the go-anywhere, use it for anything, lighting solution! With a magnetic back and durable elastic strap, your mate can attach this lantern to a tackle box, a tent pole, the wall of the shed, or under the bonnet of a car if they’re the tinkering type. It’s got 4 light modes – including the bug-reducing orange light, an inbuilt rechargeable battery, and offers up to 6-hours of run-time on high. No wonder these lights have become so popular!

Blacksmith Camping Supplies Australian Made Firewood Carrier is loaded with logs of wood and being carried over the shoulder by a man in shorts and a checked shirt.

Around $50

You don’t have to be a dedicated camper to reap the benefits of this Aussie Made Firewood Carrier!

Blacksmith Camping Supplies is exclusive to Snowys and each prototype undergoes scrupulous testing before any products hit the market! Plenty of people have used their Firewood Carrier for carting logs inside for the wood heater at home. Whether it’s for your camping mate or a gift for your partner, this baby will comfortably carry more than the average individual can lift.

A picnic spread using the Opinel Nomad Cooking Kit. A male's hands are cutting salami on the cutting board while another set of hands is using the peeler to take the skin off a cucumber. There's also a baguette to the right of frame and some cherry tomatoes. All of it is spread out the the blue cloth that comes with the kit.

Around $100

One for connoisseurs and space-saving campers, Opinel’s Nomad Cooking Kit is perfect for picnics and just about any outdoor adventure! 

Made in France from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, these knives have durable beech wood handles and make an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates quality. This kit includes a cutting board and a mircofibre towel that doubles as a travel pouch to keep everything together. Pair this gift with the Explorer Box that includes RIEDEL wine glasses for the ultimate cellar door experience, wherever, whenever!

It's nighttime as a man wearing a headlamp carries a big pot to an Ozpig Cooker Heater. There's a fire going inside the cooker and other pots and utensils around.


Twenty-six 5-star reviews say it all – the Ozpig Cooker Heater Series 2 is worth the splurge!

It’s compact, it’s portable, and it’s a great gift for someone special. The Ozpig can be set up in a small courtyard, on a deck, front lawn, or even packed up and taken along for the weekend camping trip. The lucky recipient can use their Pig as it comes, or they can explore their cooking repertoire by adding any of the optional compatible accessories. From personal experience we can highly recommend the Rotisserie Kit and the Smoker – Yum!



A man wearing dark denim jeans and a dark checked shirt sits crosslegged on the orange Sit Pad Flex.

Around $20

The Sit Pad Flex from Exped is the lightweight accessory that you can gift to the trailblazer in your life, without busting the budget!

Constructed from closed-cell polyethylene foam, this pad has a three-panel design so it can be folded and packed away super easily. Your hiking buddy can strap it to their pack, or stash it in the side pocket, and then pull it out to save their butt from the rocky ground. Perfect for hikers, MTB, gardeners, or anyone in need of some lightweight cushioning on the go.

360 Degrees Furno Stove is set up on a boulder overlooking a beautiful mountain view. The accompanying Pot Set is being used to cooking up some hiking food. There's a green spiky plant in the background and a blue water bottle to the right of frame.

Around $50

What a little ripper!…Can’t get better value…What an absolute gem…SUPER convenient...this is a snippet of what our customers have been saying about the Furno Stove and Pot Set from 360 Degrees!

It’s a gift for the overnight or multi-day hiker in your life that needs a complete cooking system when they’re adventuring. This set nests together and includes the ultra-lightweight Furno Stove, two hard anodised aluminium pots – the smaller of which can double as a lid, bowl, or cup. Plus, a canister stabiliser, pot scourer, and mesh storage bag. This gift will definitely win you brownie points!

Close-up of a person's hands holding BioLite's Charge 40 PD. They have all 3 USB ports in use with device cables seen in some of the shot.The background is blurred but they look to be hiking.

Around $100

BioLite knows that hikers like to keep their gear efficient and minimal, so they have designed their Charge 40 PD to be the ultimate trailblazer’s companion.

This power bank is durable yet lightweight and provides 2.5 hours of charge time for smartphones, cameras, or lights. There’s a couple of USB-A ports and one USB-C for some serious power delivery. It’s compatible with other BioLite products so if your hiking brother, sister, partner, or mate, wants to complete their off-grid system, then they can team it with a solar panel and never run out of juice!

A person wearing a red jacket is sitting in a Helinox Chair One Hiking Chair at the summit of a mountain. The image is a close-up of the chair and you can't see much of the background.


There are many keen hikers here at Team Snowys and those who don’t already have the Chair One in their pack, have it on their wishlist!

Helinox leads the way when it comes to innovative equipment and every hiker swoons over this lightweight yet strong hiking chair. It features durable nylon hubs and a frame that’s designed to flex slightly for greater comfort. This compact and collapsible chair weighs under 1kg and isn’t just for hikers, but is equally loved by bike and motorcycle tourers, kayakers, and anyone who appreciates good quality gear! 



The tiny but mighty Lenlenser P3 Flashlight is sitting on top of an open map with the closed gift box nearby.

Around $20

Ledlenser do lights and they do them mighty well! They specialise in high performance LED flashlights and headlamps, and are among the world’s leaders in their field. Not too shabby for a couple of blokes the bank rejected in the early days, eh? 

This P3 Flashlight is already gift boxed so if you’re not into wrapping you could just about get away with sticking one of those pre-made bow things on it and, Bob’s your uncle, it’s ready for Chrissy Day. Seriously though, this tiny torch packs a punch with a beam distance of 60-metres and has a keyring attachment so Uncle Bob can either carry it around, or stash it in the console of his 4WD. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Close-up of a morning brew setup in the outdoors. A hand pours coffee from a stovetop percolator into a travel mug and an open Coffee Kit Bag from Blacksmith Camping Supplies, shows a few coffee making accessories. It all sits on top of a rustic wooden table and there are blurred trees in the background.

Around $50

We’ve all got that mate or family member who’s committed to a good brew, yes? This one’s for them – the Australian Made Coffee Kit Bag from Blacksmith Camping Supplies.

Choose between a canvas top or a clear PVC top and that adventure-loving, coffee-slurping human, is going to worship you for life! With this bag, they can keep all their brewing essentials together in one grab-n-go solution. Or, you can go all out and pack it for them with our range of portable coffee makers, coffee, and travel mugs

A young man is crouched on a mossy rock at the top of a small waterfall in a forrest. He is holding a green Scrubba Wash Bag and looks to be using the fresh water to clean his clothes.

Around $100

It might not be the most glamourous pressie, but the Scrubba Wash Bag & Dry Kit gives the gift of clean fresh clothes when you’re out adventuring, and you can’t beat that!

This essential bit of gear is massively underrated, but we give it a unanimous thumbs-up! Such a simple yet effective concept, the Scrubba Wash Bag is water efficient and does a really good job at cleaning clothes. This kit includes inflatable hangers, a clothesline, a microfibre towel, and a packing cell that keeps all the bits together when they’re not in use. This gift isn’t just for the 4WD or caravan tourer in your life, but also backpackers and travellers who need a simple laundry solution when they’re on the road!

The front of a 4WD vehicle in the High Country with two Hard Korr Driving Lights illuminated against a cloudy backdrop.


Sold as a pair with a dual wiring harness included, the BZR-X Series of LED Driving Lights from Hard Korr only landed in our warehouse a few months ago!

They are available in 7-inch or 9-inch and make a dream gift for the open-road tourer. Built to last in the toughest conditions, these lights use a combination beam made up of nineteen 5W genuine Lumileds LED chips and Hard Korr’s precision-engineered reflector. Whether it’s solely from you or a group present with a bunch of family chipping in, these driving lights are the bomb!



A close-up of a young boy wearing a blue t-shirt and holding a set of kids binoculars to his eyes. He's smiling at what he sees and there is lush Gree foliage in the background.

Around $20

Caribee’s Adventure Binoculars are a perfect stocking filler or gift for that kid you don’t necessarily want to mortgage the house over, but would still like to give them something thoughtful. 

These binos are just the thing for kids to experience the world around them through another lens! They’re designed just for rug-rats with a rubberised contour grip, and come with a neckstrap, and carry pouch. Whether it’s around home, a local walk, or camping in the bush, these will create a sense of wonder and curiosity in little adventurers!

A child's hand holds a collection of colourful drink bottles. Each lid is a different colour of the rainbow.

Around $50

Camelbak gear is super popular because it works, and their Eddy+ Kids range of bottles can be found in schools and childcare centres all over the world!

From insulated stainless steel to BPA, BPS and BPF-free plastic, 350ml or 400ml, plus come in a huge choice of colours and fun designs. These bottles are leak-proof and spill-proof, easy to clean, and suitable for little ones aged 3 and over. There are also replaceable bite valves and straws available so you know that this bottle will be loved and used for a long time. Jump ahead of the back-to-school rush and pop one of these under the tree. 

The Anywhere Hammock Double with Frame is set up on a lawn with garden bed in the background. A young child is wrapped up inside the hammock, laughing with legs and arms poking out.

Around $100

Ahhh… lazy days await! Gifting the Anywhere Hammock Double with Frame from OZtrail to the kid or kids in your life is going to bring a smile to their dial!

You don’t even need a tree for this hammock, nor do you need a big backyard or campsite. With the frame included, this chillax zone could just about be set up in a kid’s bedroom. Any child will be stoked to receive one of these for Christmas and whether it’s used for hours of fun* with siblings, or for a quiet reading nook, what better way is there to see out the summer holidays than lazing in a hammock?

*We say ‘fun’ but all of us adults know that sometimes… ‘what starts in fun ends in tears’ so, maybe one for each kid? 😉

A close-up shot looking over a child's shoulder at their raised hand holding a GME UHF CB Handheld Radio. There's a burred background of bark chips and a small bush.


Show us a kid who doesn’t have a ball using a walkie-talkie and we’ll give you a million bucks! Nah, just joshing, but the TX667 UHF CB Handheld Radio from GME makes a terrific gift for adventurous kids – especially older ones who like to go off exploring with others when you’re camping in a group.

Parents can relax while kids have their independence and a quick check-in radio call is all that’s needed for peace of mind. These radios are practically bombproof and are brilliant for when there’s no mobile signal. Even younger ones can have a bit of fun around camp hiding behind trees at opposite ends, or in different tents conducting secret conversations. What’s more, GME actually make rip-snorting radios and this one is a great entry-level option for adults too. 


That’s the roundup folks, what’s your pick this year? If you still can’t decide, check out more Christmas pressie ideas, here.

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