Ep128 – Campsite Fun & Games

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I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…

Ben, Lauren, and two working microphones. The answer is Episode 128 of the Snowys Camping Show – where our outdoor experts work hard, so you can play hard!

This week, Ben and Lauren bring to the podcast table hours of car and campsite games, guaranteeing ongoing entertainment on every family getaway.

A family is sitting and laughing outside a tent.

This week, Ben and Lauren bring to the podcast table hours of car and campsite games. Image: BlackWolf


00:00 – Intro

03:15 – ‘I Spy’

05:12 – 20 Questions

06:57 – ‘I Went to the ___ and Bought a ___’

08:26 – The Story Game

10:35 – The Whistle Game

13:01 – Change One Letter

15:08 – ‘Did You Hear?’

16:20 – Shotgun

17:40 – Spotto / Punch-Buggie

18:37 – Murder in the Dark, Storm the Lantern, and Spotlight

22:17 – Alpha Challenge

23:47 – Target Practice

25:38 – Travel Documentation

28:00 – Charades

28:53 – Operation

29:50 – Monopoly Deal

30:26 – Uno and Yahtzee

30:52 – Five Crowns

32:52 – Checkers, Connect 4, and Chess

33:36 – Finska

34:30 – Summary

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