Ep116 – That’s a Wrap on Season 3

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‘I flicked through all the episodes, and I saw one that was related to pizzas… I don’t remember talking about pizzas?!’ ~ Ben

‘I just feel like I’ve spent a large portion of this year inside an operating washing machine.’ ~ Lauren

Generating the majority of 2023’s content from their stellar new studio, Ben and Lauren unpack the most notable moments of what could be considered a scramble of sound, yet successful series: Season 3!

From their ever-growing Facebook group to the jam-packed chats with some of the best brands – tune in to your favourite gear gurus as they wrap up Season 3, and toss it under the tree!

The back of a woman in a camp chair with a hat on, sitting on wet sand at the beach.

Ben and Lauren unpack the most notable moments of Season 3.


00:00 – Intro

01:58 – How was your 2023?

03:28 – Fortnightly Structure

04:39 – New Studio

05:13 – Q&A Sessions

05:57 – Facebook Community

06:30 – YouTube Channel

07:34 – General and Car Camping

10:26 – ‘Snowys Camping Banter’

10:37 – Setup Developments

12:27 – ‘Hot Cross Buns’!

13:28 – Interviews and Brand Features

19:28 – Our Brendale, QLD Family

24:24 – Our Resident Camp Cook, Cam

27:38 – Vegemite, Promite, or Marmite?

28:01 – ‘Data Ben’

29:42 – Zempire Tent Tour

31:31 – The Copywriter

32:40 – The Most ‘Boss Camp Kitchen’ Lauren Has Ever Seen

35:24 – Ben and Lauren’s Dynamic

38:23 – A Christmas Surprise, from Ben and Lauren to You

39:49 – That’s a Wrap!

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Thanks for listening, tune in again on January 15, 2024, for next season!

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