Ep114 – Roof Top Tents with Dave & Jacob from Snowys Brendale

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A true sanctuary under the stars, the roof top tent quite literally elevates any camp setup.

In this episode, Ben and Lauren call on the RTT experts to expand on everything from the racks to the roof! Dialling in from arguably the largest roof top tent display in Australia, Dave and Jacob from the Snowys store in Brendale touch on the styles, systems, setup versatility, and vehicle suitability of those cabins in the clouds raising expectations across the country!

A Darche RTT setup at a campsite, with a man sitting in an arm chair nearby.

A true sanctuary under the stars, the roof top tent quite literally elevates any camp setup. Image: Darche

Mentioned in this Episode:




Hard Korr



Darche Ridgeback range

23ZERO Saber range

Hard Korr Dual-Lift Hard Shell range

CampBoss Boss Shadow 270 XL Awning with RTT Zip Entry

OZtrail Overlander range


00:00 – Intro

00:55 – Introducing Dave & Jacob from Snowys Brendale

02:53 – Dave & Jacob’s Camping Setup

03:48 – Brendale’s Roof Top Tent Display

04:31 – Why a Roof Top Tent?

06:58 – Pros and Cons of Hard-Shell and Soft-Shell

08:43 – Aerodynamics

09:44 – Roof Rails

10:26 – Dave’s Hard-Shell Vs Soft-Shell

11:08 – Packing Down with Bedding

12:53 – Brands of Roof Top Tents at Snowys

13:52 – Vehicle Suitability

17:06 – Mounting a Roof Top Tent

18:28 – Managing GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass)

22:01 – Installing a Roof Top Tent

23:04 – Roof Rack and Rail Systems

26:18 – Different Styles for Different Setups

28:56 – Independent Tent Capacity and Weight Limit

30:49 – Mattresses

32:18 – Check Out Brendale’s Roof Top Tent Display!

33:37 – Summary

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