Ep101 – Evakool Fridges with Leana and Jaimie

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From the soft hum to the frosty compartment,

the humble fridge is a core component in a campsite setup. In this episode, Ben and Lauren keep their cool in an interview with Evakool’s Head of Marketing Leana, and Head of Refrigeration (and longstanding, qualified refrigeration mechanic) Jaimie.

Despite their long-established narrative and true-blue Aussie spirit, Evakool consistently generate fresh ideas. Tune in for a chockablock chat that unpacks all from their fruitful history to fridge efficiency.

An Evakool fridge on the sand at sunset, surrounded by beachy shrub.

Ben and Lauren keep their cool in an interview with Evakool’s Leana and Jamie. Image: Evakool


00:00 – Intro

01:03 – Introducing Leana and Jaimie from Evakool

03:29 – The History of Evakool

06:11 – Ownership

06:31 – Brands

08:10 – The Evakool Range

11:39 – ‘Marinised’ Defined

12:35 – Marinised Fridges

15:08 – Power Consumption and Efficiency

19:09 – The ‘Down Under’ Series

20:43 – Australian Manufacturing

23:53 – Fibreglass Vs Plastic Shells

27:51 – Compressor

31:05 – From Concept and Design to Manufacturing and Market

35:15 – Customer Feedback Avenues

37:28 – ‘For Aussies, by Aussies’

40:45 – Questions from Listeners (+ Ben and Lauren!)

52:33 – Summary

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