Ep118 – Campsite Q&A’s #7 with Ben & Lauren

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With the abundance of budding adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts across the country…

…comes a plethora of keen, campsite questions to be answered!

In this episode, your favourite gear experts prepare their notes, park themselves behind the poddy mics, and produce yet another Q&A episode, addressing your most common queries posed across our Snowys YouTube and social media platforms.

A group of campers around a campfire in broad daylight. There is a lot of movement in the shot - people moving, talking, interacting, a tent set up in the background, and a Ute parked with its tray down.

With the abundance of budding adventurers comes a plethora of keen campsite questions! Image: Companion


00:00 – Intro

01:52 – Cooking Options for Total Fire Bans?

07:28 – Advancements in the Outdoor Industry?

13:24 – Perfect Pop-Up, WP, Couple’s Tent for Overnight Boat and Island Camping?

17:11 – Bit of Kit That You No Longer Keep but Wish You Did?

24:36 – Next Guest on the Show?

25:20 – Best Way to Secure Gazebos in High Winds?

30:54 – Weirdest and Most Wonderful Camping Hacks: Genius or Ridiculous?

32:22 – What if Your Husband Hates Camping…?

37:40 – National Parks Annual Passes

39:49 – Pros and Cons of Camp Toilet and Shower Options?

46:08 – Summary

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‘”You’re Taking THAT?!” The 5 Weirdest Items in my Hike Pack’ by Kate Grarock

‘Weird, Wonderful & Disturbingly Strange Camping Gear’ by Ben Collaton


Westinghouse Single Induction Cooktop (2000W)

Swag Poles

Darche Dusk to Dawn Composite Swag Pole Set

Air Tents

Rooftop Tents

Solar Panels

Hard Korr Zeal 12V AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

Sleeping Mats

Sleeping Bags

Lightweight Sleep Gear

Dome Tents

BlackWolf Classic Dome


Down Sleeping Bags

Hard Korr U-Lite Dual Colour LED Lanterns 4 Pack


Supa Peg Polycarbonate Sand Pegs

Guy Ropes and Trace Springs

Coleman Instant Up Lighted Gazebo 3×3

Camp Toilets

Camp Showers


Wilderness Wash

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