Ep96 – Weird & Wonderful Camping Gear #2

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Remember when things got weird in Episode 57…?

There was talk of portable beer kegs for al fresco frothies, canned sandwiches, and even luminous loo roll – the camping gear on the cusp of clever and the tackle that barely tickles normal.

There’s more where that came from! Be it a barbecue from a galaxy far, far away, torches on your shoes, or full-body bug suits – in this episode, Ben and Lauren have 24 products, 52 minutes, 2 microphones, and a whole lot of laughs.

Tune in for the camping gear that’s too weird for words… until it’s not!

A Hard Korr multi-tool shovel opening a bottle of beer.

The camping gear on the cusp of clever and the tackle that barely tickles normal! Credit: Hard Korr


00:00 – Intro

00:16 – Weird & Wonderful Gear

02:24 – Star Wars Voyager BBQ

04:05 – YeCup

05:40 – Blub Blub Bottle

07:38 – ‘Random’ Multi-Tool

09:31 – Portable Wind Turbine

11:22 – Glow-In-The-Dark Rope

12:57 – Tree Tent

14:24 – Rainman Camp Shower

15:59 – Mystical Fire

17:44 – Inflatable Lanterns and Coloured Camp Lights

20:25 – Shoe Torches

22:36 – Waterproof Socks

25:19 – SUV Tent (or Dometic Tailgater)

27:42 – Motorcycle Tent

29:27 – Hiking Trailer

31:46 – Krapp Strap

33:28 – Trailer Hitch Lock Box

34:52 – Wearable Umbrella

38:30 – Survival Cards

39:34 – Unightie

43:00 – Clip-On Dragon Flies

44:42 – Full Body Mesh Bug Suit

46:54 – Vortex Blender

48:37 – Eco Camping Dishwasher

Mentioned in this Episode:


Ep57 – Weird & Wonderful Camping Gear


Weird, Wonderful & Disturbingly Strange Camping Gear


Star Wars The Fighter BBQ

YeCup Temperature Adjustable Mug

Blub Blub Bottle (Electric Drinking Portable Dispenser)

Hard Korr Multi-Tool Shovel

Portable Wind Turbine

Glow-In-The-Dark Rope

Tree Tent

RainMan Camp Shower

Mystical Fire Coloured Flames

Inflatable Lanterns and Coloured Camp Lights

Shoe Lights

Bridgedale Waterproof Socks

Dometic Tailgater AIR

Motorcycle Tent

Hiking Trailer

Krapp Strap

Trailer Hitch Lock Box

Wearable Umbrella

Survival Cards


Clip-On Dragon Flies

Full Body Mesh Bug Suit

Vortex Blender

Eco Camping Dishwasher

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