Outdoor Gas Heaters for Warm Winter Camping


It’s the end of the fire ban season, time for cosy nights around the campfire, toasted marshmallows and camp oven cooking.

We still need to respect certain restrictions put in place by national parks and campsite operators. This generally means using fire pits, bringing your own firewood (and keeping it dry), and then there are safety considerations, especially with children around.

So, keeping warm in the campsite is not as straightforward as striking a match. It’s simpler, with a portable gas heater!

Which gas heater is for you? Let’s have a look at the Snowys range of portable gas heaters.

The ultimate in campsite heaters

If you have plenty of storage space, maybe a caravan or camper trailer, the Mr Heater Portable Buddy gas heater is a luxurious choice.

With heat output ranging from 4000 BTU up to a massive 9000 BTU, the Buddy Heater is a robust and lightweight option to keep the whole family warm on a cold winter’s night.

Peace of mind comes with low oxygen and tip-over shut off safety systems, while ease of use comes from simple push button ignition.

Mr Heater Buddy Heater keeping our hands warm

The Buddy Heater is compact, nice to look at, and is oh-so-powerful!

Mr Heater Portable Buddy Heater runs from disposable 450gm propane cylinders and has the benefit of operating from your LPG gas cylinder with an optional gas hose for economical heating, and fewer cylinders to dispose of.

A smart choice for families with its built-in safety features, or great for use on the backyard patio.

Powerful, and connects straight to your gas bottle

Companion have released a powerful heating option, the Portable LP Gas Camp Heater. It boasts 12,300 BTU of heat and eliminates the need to carry disposable canisters on your travels by connecting straight to your gas bottle.

It has built in oxygen depletion and anti-tilt shut-off safety features making it a great addition to our camp heater range.

Companion Portable LP Gas Camp Heater

The new and blue Companion Portable LP Gas Heater.

Gas Heaters in tents and caravans

A common question we get asked is regarding the use of gas heaters inside tents and caravans. At Snowys, we DO NOT recommend using any portable heat source in an enclosed environment.

There should always be adequate ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is an odourless gas that will make you feel sleepy, tuck you up in bed and never come back to wake you up again. The other reason is to prevent oxygen depletion in the air. This is something that’s already occurring in a confined space as we breathe the oxygen in and breathe carbon dioxide out.

The only exception to this are catalytic heaters that are specifically marked for use in confined spaces. We’re sorry to say but the heaters available from Snowys are not marked as such.

What do you do to keep warm when camping in winter?

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