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Instant Northstar Dark Room 10P Tent

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Just because you like camping, doesn’t mean you love getting up at the crack of dawn. You can abandon that early morning alarm, and sleep right on through the dazzling morning sun thanks to the ingenuity of Coleman. The Coleman Instant Northstar Darkroom tent has a special coating on the rainfly which blocks out 95% of light, and reduces the heat your tent by up to 5° which means a comfortable snooze, and waking up when you please. 

You’ll be able to set up the inner in three minutes no matter how tired (or lazy) you are, as the Instant Northstar has an instant up frame – so it’s ready to go straight out of the bag. All you have to do next is chuck on the fly, and peg the guy ropes and you’re good to go. Spending time with family is great, but you still need a little bit of privacy now and then. The Instant Northstar has three rooms separated by zippered mesh and privacy doors - so you can spend time together, and have personal space when you need it.  

You’ll never lose your tablet or book again amongst the jumble, as the storage pockets on the sides of the tent will keep your gear safe and out of the way. With circle ventilation to keep you cool in the heat, and protection from water leakage thanks to the welded floors and inverted seams - you’ll stay cool and dry whatever the weather throws at you. Best of all, even on a bright summer night you can get the kids to bed quick smart as the tent will be dark – giving the illusion of bedtime.  

  • Coating on fly blocks out 95% of light and reduced heat by up to 5°
  • Circle ventilation will keep your tent cool
  • Welded floors and inverted seams keep water out
  • Mesh screen doors with awnings
  • Mesh and privacy doorways from bedroom to central living room
  • Plenty of storage pockets for essentials
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Sleeping Capacity:
10 Person
Recommended Capacity:
6 Person + Living Space
External Dimensions:
600L x 230W cm
Sleeping Area:
580L x 220W cm
Packed Dimensions:
125L x 30W x 30H cm
Max. Head Height:
190 cm
75D/185T Polyester
Inner Material:
Floor Material:
420D Polyester/PVC
Frame Material:
20 Kg
2 Year
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Oct 25 2016

Nice big dark tent, good for young kids.

This one has the same layout as the previous model (with the enclosed sides on the front), but with the dark fly. The stuff they coat on the fly can be a bit sticky, not sure if we did it opening and separating the fly, but some sections look like starlight from inside; lots of pinprick-sized dots where the blackout hasn't stuck, but not enough to light tent.It doesn't effect the waterproofness either. And it really is dark! It is indeed instant up, but make sure you test it before you use it, we managed to get one of the tent poles upside down (bending outward instead of inwards) and spent a while working out how to spin it. We should be fine next time. It's lovely and big and easily fitted our family of 5, with three kids in one section and us in the other. The front awning with the sides that zip out is great too. Looking forward to summer camping with proper bedtimes for the kids.

- Melbourne
Response from Snowys Nov 08 2016

G'day Stephanie, I've just had a chat to Coleman about your feedback on their Dark Room tent, especially your experiences with the fly. As there is a thicker coating on the fly it will have a slightly sticky feel but that is normal as the coating is denser than average. Coleman are a pretty receptive bunch, so if you do have any feedback on the range they’d be happy to hear from you as this is a newly relaunched product. I'm so glad to hear that you and your family are getting out and about and enjoying your tent - if there's anything else we can do for you though please let us know. Cheers, Emily

Where can I see one1 answers

Where can I see one

- Warriewood NSW(3 days ago)

Hi Carole,

If you're wanting to see a Northstar tent on display then you may need to ring around some of your local camping stores to see if they have one on display or are willing to put one up for you - unless you've got a trip planned to Adelaide sometime soon, then by all means let us know and we can arrange it for you here! 

- Snowys(2 days ago)

Is this tent easy for one person to put up?3 answers

I've watched the video and it looks like it would be okay for one person to manage - is that Snowy's opinion too? Thanks!

- Victoria(6 days ago)

G’day Suzanne,

While the instant up frame of the dark room is certainly easier to set up than a traditional dome tent, it will definitely take you longer to set it up on your own as you won’t have an extra pair of hands.

If you go back and watch the video you’ll see that with only one person you’ll have to go from side to side to lift each of the legs to lock them into place so that’s going to be a bit more time consuming with just one person – but it is doable!

- Snowys(5 days ago)

That's great, thanks Emily. Is it available with a normal fly? instead of the dark one? Thanks.

- Victoria.(6 days ago)

You're welcome Suzanne!

I've checked with the information from our supplier, and unfortunately there isn't a normal fly available in the Instant Northstar Dark Room 10P tent at this time.

You can always pass this onto to Coleman as this tent has just been revamped - so I'm sure they would welcome the feedback! 

- Snowys(5 days ago)

Room separation1 answers

Hi, are the room dividers fixed to the floor or able to be pushed aside to allow a queen mattress to fit across the side and middle room sections?

- Sydney (2 weeks ago)

G'day Michelle,

The dividers are fixed to the floor. And the sleeping areas are accessible by a zippered door. Have a look at pictures 10 and 11 on the product page to get a better idea of how this looks.

Each sleeping area measures approximately 180W x 230L cm. This is more than enough space for a standard queen sized mattress. You will have to position the mattress side on, though, which means you would only be able to access it from one side. Scampering over the top of one another is all part of camping though! :) 

Hope that helps. Cheers, Paul

- Snowys(2 weeks ago)

Heat reduction claims1 answers

Have you had any feedback on the claimed heat reduction? How does ventilation in general compare between dome vs cabin style tents (looking at this, the black wolf turbo twin 300 and the turbo cabin style). Also, what is the head height like in the side rooms?

- Sydney(2 weeks ago)

Hi Michelle,

We've not had any feedback on the heat reduction, I wouldn't count on your tent feeling like an airconditioned office on a hot day, but given the reduction in light transfer to the inside of the tent, you can expect a significant recuction in the interior temperature when compared to tents without this lining.

Height in the side rooms is pretty good, I'm a little over 6 foot and I need to bow my head a little at the ends, most of the height is in the middle of the tent. As for ventilation, it's comparable to other tents in the category, possible a little better given the extra low level vents that Coleman feature on their Gold Series tents.

The main difference between this and the Turbo range is in strength and durability, not to mention price. The Coleman Gold Series offer excellent strength and performance for their price category, but the Turbo range offer the next level of these characteristics, but this comes at a price.

If you only use it now and then, the Instant Up Gold is a good value choice, but for heavy use, the Turbo range may be a better long term investment.

Give us a call if you want to talk through these options with one of our sales staff - 1300 914 007.

- Snowys(2 weeks ago)

What is the product that makes it dark?1 answers

One of the reviews said it was sticky. What is it made of? Is it a chemical?

- Gisborne(1 month ago)

G'day Cam,

I've just had a chat to Coleman, and they’ve told us that it’s coating on the fly is what gives the Dark Room its light blocking and heat reducing properties.

They’ve also told me that the coating is made from polyurethane, which is the same as other fly sheets but just denser and more opaque. The coating will have a slightly stickier feel, but that's normal as the coating is thicker than average.

If you have any further queries about the Coleman range, feel free to give us a buzz on 1300 914 007 and one of our customer service staff will be happy to answer your questions. 

- Snowys(4 weeks ago)

Do the guy ropes have reflective bits?1 answers

Do the guy ropes have reflective bits in them for better visibility at night?

- Sydney(1 month ago)

G'day Mark, 

We actually don't have the Dark Room tent on display in store at the moment, but going off the information supplied by Coleman, reflective guy ropes don't seem to be a feature of this tent. 

If you are interested in buying some seperately, we do stock some Zempire brand Reflective Guy Rope and Glow Guy Rope, which you might want to check out. 

- Snowys(1 month ago)

ventilation1 answers

The windows on this tent look quite small. Is there plenty on ventilation?

- Preston(1 month ago)

Hi Amy. Great question. This tent has plenty of mesh windows and extra large mesh lined doors to increase the ventilation flow through the tent. It also features Coleman's Dark Room rainfly which reduces temperatures on a hot sunny day by a claimed 5 degrees to not only help you have a great nights sleep in summer but will also block out 95% of light, allowing you to wake up when you please, or even for that afternoon snooze. 

- Snowys(1 month ago)

Hi can i get this on more than 3 months interest free?1 answers

Can i get this on more than 3months interest free period

- East maitland(1 month ago)

Hi Jaime. Thanks for your question. Our long Lay-By terms are to a maximum of 3 months with easy installments in store :)

- Snowys(1 month ago)

Hi is this tent 100% waterproof?2 answers

Also with the easy payments can u get more than 3 months to pay this off thanks

- East Maitland (1 month ago)

Hi Jaime, that's a great question. Most of our tents have a waterproof rating and depending how high that rating is will depend on how waterproof the tent will be. This particular tent has a waterproof rating of 3000mm. A really good way of improving that rating is to purchase some Seam Sealer for less than $15 to prevent any seepage through stressed or highly exposed seams. Simply putting Seam Sealer on to these areas will significantly increase the water proofing of the tent. Good areas to consider would be where the poles are pushed in to or against the tents fabric or wherever there are pulling stresses on the seam. Also around the bottom of the tent where the tags are pegged to the ground can cause"wicking" of water from the outside in heavy rain. We do have some similar tents that have higher waterproof ratings, however there aren't any tents on the market that can claim 100% waterproof rating.

- Snowys(1 month ago)

Hi Jamie. Our longest term Lay-By is set to a maximum of 3 months and needs to be paid off within that time. As our prices are always at the best price, the best way to buy for Christmas would be to plan backwards from when you need it and purchase it at that time, still taking advantage of our low prices. The warranty doesn't start until the item is fully paid for and picked up from the store. 

- Snowys(1 month ago)

Hi there are you able up me what the current colour is of this tent the pictures show two colours. 1 answers

If possible please send a pic of the current colour. Thank you

- 4300(1 month ago)

G'day Sherrie,

Looking at the images we can see how there would be a bit of confusion about the colour, as it does look a lot lighter in the studio shots. 

I've just checked for you and the Coleman Instant Northstar Dark Room 10P Tent is definitely brown and green, and the accurate colours are refected in the lifestyle images linked above from the 3rd image down. 

We've contacted Coleman to get some better studio images of the tent, so we shold have those up for you to see very soon. 

- Snowys(1 month ago)

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