Comparing the Black Wolf Turbo Lite and Canvas Tent

There is no doubt that the Black Wolf Turbo Tent is one of the most popular touring tents on the market. Its quick set up time, sizing options, and quality makes the Turbo a highly sought after, top-of-the-range tent. And with the Turbo Lite range, you can pick up one of these amazing touring tents for a very affordable price.

But, what are the differences between the Turbo Lite and the standard canvas tent? What compromises are made when purchasing the Turbo Lite option? Keep reading to find out all you need to know when comparing Turbo Lite vs Canvas.

Black Wolf Turbo Lite Twin 240 Tent

Turbo a highly sought after, top-of-the-range tent from Black Wolf. 


  • The canvas Turbo tents are made from a heavy-duty 230gsm poly cotton ripstop canvas with a 5000mm water head rating and a heavy-duty 600D Siliconised Polyester 10000mm rated floor.
  • The Turbo Lite tents are made from 150D ripstop PU coated polyester with 2000mm water head rating and feature a 500D polyester PU coated 5000mm rated floor.
  • The frame on the canvas version is a 25mm aluminium whilst the Lite version ustilses a slightly lighter 23mm aluminium tube.


  • Both versions of the Turbo Tents are very strong making these tents one of the few that should stand up in severe weather conditions.
  • The Canvas tents do offer a little more strength, durability and longevity when compared to the ‘lite’ tents. The canvas material also offers a higher level of weather protection.


  • Turbo tents carry a 3 Year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Both tents, when looked after and used correctly, should last many, many years.
  • UV rays will effect ‘lite’ material faster than the canvas. Whilst you will get exceptional life from any of the Turbo tents, this UV degradation will take hold sooner on the lite versions that their canvas counterparts. Of course, this is not covered under warranty as this would be deemed as the end of the tents life.
  • To get the most out of each type of tent you will need to ensure the tent is kept clean, always set up on a ground sheet, and never put away wet or damp.
  • Always wash your tent down with fresh water and allow to dry completely after each trip.


The Black Wolf Turbo Plus 240 canvas is more breathable compared to the lite. 


  • Canvas is a breathable material allowing heat to escape more easily from the tent.
  • This will make the canvas tents more pleasant during hot conditions as the ‘lite’ material tents will heat up and can resemble an oven in sweltering conditions.
  • All tents have great ventilation with vents in the roof and large gusseted windows. But you may find that the canvas tents are a little more bearable in hot conditions.

For me personally, I plan on being at the beach, the pool or the pub for those times the mercury climbs into the 40s!

Set up

We’ve been talking up the canvas tents in the previous topics but now it’s time for a win to the ‘lite’ material tents.

  • When it comes to setting up and packing down these tents the ‘lite’ material is a clear winner, especially in the larger sized tents.
  • The canvas tents with their heavy duty fabrics can be more cumbersome to set up. They’re also more difficult to get back into their bags, although Black Wolf have made their tent bags a sensible size so it’s far from impossible.
  • The lighter material tents make the whole process of setting up and packing down much easier. This is because you won’t have to wrestle with the heavy thick materials of the canvas tents.
  • For more on how to get the best of your turbo tent when setting it up, then check out this article here. 


  • Obviously, the ‘lite’ tents are the winner of this category as the whole point of them is to be lighter.
  • The ‘lite’ material tents are about 15% lighter than their canvas counterparts. This makes them much easier to manage during set up and pack down.
  • The lighter tents are easier to place on top of roof rack and help to lower the overall weight of your loaded vehicle.

Personally, I can lift the Turbo 240 Lite Plus on to my roof racks easily on my own, but I cannot lift the Turbo 240 Plus canvas tent above my head safely.


Finally, cost is an important factor with the ‘lite’ material tents costing less than the canvas versions! I believe both tents are great value for money but if you’re on a budget, the ‘lite’ material option may be just what you need. You’ll be able to get a high quality touring tent making your camping experience that much more enjoyable!

Turbo-Plus-300-Tent setup outdoors

The Turbo Plus 300 Tent ticks all the boxes but costs more than the lite version. 



  • At the end of the day, if you want the best of the best, the canvas tents will tick all the boxes. They’re one of the best touring tents on the market, but you will pay for it from both your hip pocket and the weight in your vehicle.
  • The Canvas Turbo tents are better suited to people who want a heavy duty tent, and are more likely to leave the tent set up in one location for a long period of time, especially in hot conditions.


  • The ‘lite’ tents provide a fantastic compromise of strength and durability while being a little lighter to use and easier on the hip pocket.
  • It is important to realise the limitations of the ‘lite’ tents when using them. Don’t expect them to perform to the high standards of the canvas tents.
  • The Turbo Lite tents are best suited for people who are constantly on the move. They are easier to handle when setting up and packing down, lighter to transport and see little UV light each trip.

Either way, if you’re in weather conditions that see these tents blown over, you have either set the tent up incorrectly, or you should have stayed at home.

Hopefully, we have answered any questions regarding the differences between the Black Wolf Turbo Lite and Turbo Canvas tents. Check out the full range of Turbo Tents on our website.