How to Get the Best Out of Your Black Wolf Turbo Tent

Love your Black Wolf Turbo Tent, or in the market for one? In this blog, I’ll share with you some tips on how you can get the very most out of your Black Wolf Turbo Tent so you can enjoy your trip away to the fullest extent!

The Black Wolf Turbo Tent is a fantastic tent that offers a large amount of space with a relatively quick set up time. When it’s not in use it packs down to a fairly compact size making it very easy to transport and store. I have put Black Wolf Turbo Tents up and down many times and after hearing lots of feedback from people using these tents I have a few handy tips that may help you to get the best out of your tent.

1. Pegging out the tent

  • After pulling the tent out of its bag, unfold the legs and lock the knuckles into place.
  • Before pushing the tent up, peg it out firmly. These tents do not stand up easily on their own as they are prone to twisting around putting a lot of pressure on the top pole connection.
  • Once you’ve popped the tent up, you may need to peg the tent out a little tighter.
  • Also, choose pegs to suit the medium you’ll be pegging into – soft soil may require longer pegs, sand may require sand pegs, and so on.

2. Using the guy ropes

As with any tent, the guy ropes will need to be pegged out tightly to hold the frame securely. In windy conditions, the tent may twist and bend putting unnatural pressure on the pole knuckles and joints. By putting the guy ropes out correctly, the tent will not be allowed to twist around, giving it the best chance to stand up to windy conditions. (We recently published a blog on storm proofing your tent. Check it out.)

3. Attaching the fly

As mentioned above, putting the guy ropes out is very important. The Blackwolf Turbo tents only have guy ropes attached to the fly. This means that the fly almost always has to be put on in order to secure the tent. In fair conditions, you may get away with not putting the fly on, in which case you may like to tie some ropes to the frame and make your own guy ropes just in case the wind picks up during the night.
Black Wolf Turbo 240 Tent

Handsome looking tent is the Turbo, don’t you think?

4. Using the awning

The 3 pole awning provides sun and rain protection but it does not have the option of being zipped down/closed completely, you need to set it up every time. If you fit it with side and front panels you can create another weatherproof space for storage or a room to bunker down in if the weather is bad.

5. Additions to improve your turbo set up

Along with side and front panels the 3 pole awning, there is a host of other accessories you can add to your Turbo Tent to customise your set up. A Turbo Groundsheet will not only protect the floor of your tent but provide covered ground under the awning, whilst a Turbo Awning Screenroom creates a bug proof space.

If you want more space undercover, add a Turbo Extenda Awning to increase the sheltered space in front of your tent. Furthermore, the Extenda Awning is also compatible with side and front panels so you can create an even larger enclosed living space in which you can remain protected from bad weather.

6. Get an extra bag

Unfortunately, these tents can be a real hassle to get back into their bags. If possible, purchase another large good quality canvas bag that you can put the fly and the poles/pegs into. This not only makes it easier to get everything into the bag but as you will have two smaller and lighter parcels it makes it easier to carry.

Black Wolf Turbo 210 Groundsheet

A Groundsheet is a great idea to put under your Turbo to protect the floor of the tent.

7. Use extra straps

After collapsing the poles when packing up the tent, you’ll need to lay the tent down on the ground and roll it up. The strap that has been provided, to stop the tent from unravelling, is not the greatest option. If possible, purchase a couple of good quality straps to wrap tightly around the tent. This will hold the tent together and pull it all in smaller to make it a lot easier to put back into its bag.

8. Ground sheet/footprint

Even though these tents come with a very strong floor, it’s a great idea to put a tarp or ground sheet down to protect the floor of the tent. The last thing you want is a sharp stick or rock to puncture your new investment.

The Black Wolf Turbos are really brilliant tents. Using the above tips will hopefully allow you to get the best out of yours, and have an even more enjoyable experience using it to its full potential.

If you have used a Blackwolf Turbo Tent or know someone who has, please feel free to add any other useful tips in the comments section below.

Do you have any Turbo Tent tips to add to this list?