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Twin Speedy Stretcher Bed

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There’s nothing worse than sleeping on the cold floor of your tent. For your next off the grid expedition, put some distance between you and the ground with a Twin Speedy Stretcher from Zempire.

With the flick of the wrist you can get your bed sorted out for the rest of your trip, as this stretcher folds out in seconds. The Twin Speedy is much sturdier than your average bed because of its leg configuration, which uses opposing angles to ensure the middle of the bed stays sturdy. The top of the stretcher has two padded headrests, so you’ll have that extra comfort while you sleep even if you forget to bring a pillow along. And as a plus, you can get more out of your living space by chucking your gear or boots under your bed out of the way.

The elastic straps attached to the corners allow a camp mat to be used on top, which means no more sliding around in the middle of the night. The heavy duty surface is built to survive a thrashing from you, the dog or the harsh outdoor conditions so it'll see you through many future trips. For your next camping trip, take a Twin Speedy along so you and your partner can get a good night’s sleep away from your cold tent floor.

  • Fully folding
  • Leg locks
  • Two padded headrests
  • Opposing leg angles for stability
  • Corner mat straps
  • Storage capacity underneath
  • Carry bag included
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
Rated Capacity:
200 Kg
External Dimensions:
193L x 132W x 47H cm
Packed Dimensions:
99L x 23W x 17H cm
600D Polyester
Frame Material:
Powder Coated Steel
13.5 Kg
1 Year
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Feb 08 2018

So comfy

Light (relatively) and easy to set up and put away. Wouldnā€™t camp without it!

Jan 01 2018

The Best Camping Sleep Ever!

I ordered this because I like to be up off the ground (also good if you spring a leak) I put a 4x4 Camp mat on top and had great sleep. I don't mind the bar in the middle because it meant my partner cant roll onto me

- East Jindabyne, NSW
Oct 28 2017

Very Happy

Very easy to put up. Also felt safe that the bed wouldn't tip over when a person got out. It will make camping much more pleasurable, rather than an airbed on the ground - easier to get in and out, and away from crawlies on the ground! Easy to fold back up, but a little bit tight getting it back in the bag. I think that will improve. Overall very happy with product and Snowy's service. Thank you.

- Tasmania
May 04 2017

Twin Speedy Stretcher Bed

Great bed easy to open and put away, very sturdy, had it with a 5cm mat, wasnt comfortable needed to be thicker

- South Morang
Jan 30 2017

Good strong bed

Use it daily with a double mattress and pillow topper. Hardly feel the centre ridge. Can sleep across it. Great bed for just being on the move. Easy and quick to put up. Very happy with purchase. Thanks Snowys.

- Brisbane
Jan 27 2017

Great investment

The bed was easy to fold out and pack up. It made for a much more comfortable nights sleep... much better than an airbed on its own.

- Currumbin

What type of mat wouod be best suited?1 answer

Hi Guys, just wondering what type of mat would be best suited to pair with this matress? We currently use a eusobed airmatress, but thinking it would make it too high? So seeing most ppl use 4wd mats, but being price conscious, would a yoga mat do the job? Thank you for any help Jamie

- Wollongbar(1 month ago)

G'day Jamie,

At risk of sounding like I'm sitting on the fence, it totally depends on what level of comfort you're wanting. A yoga mat will definitely do the job but wouldn't be as comfortable as a 4WD mat or self-inflating mattress. Zempire make a great mat called the Bomber Pad that fits really nicely that might interest you. 

- Snowys(1 month ago)

type of mattress1 answer

can this be used as a temporary/foldaway base for a normal double mattress for my guest room?

- Sydney(7 months ago)

G'day Sarah,

While there is nothing stopping you from using the Zempire Twin Speedy Stretcher as a temporary base, the one thing to be aware of is the support bar that runs through the middle of the stretcher. This bar can sometimes disrupt the comfort of the double mattress by raising it where the bar is and then falling away to where you would lie. We often recommend it is a more comfortable solution to use two single mattresses with the double stretchers.

- Snowys(6 months ago)

Are the legs rust proof for use in the open outdoors?1 answer

We want to put a swag on top to camp as I currently can't use our roof top tent šŸ˜” - but would like to know if these stretchers are built to be exposed to the outdoors ...

- South Yarra (9 months ago)

Hi Carolynne, 

The stretcher beds are made from powder coated steel which is crack/peel/chip etc. resistant. While this coating is far more durable than paint, it is not totally immune to abrasion. These products are durable and built for the outdoors, but as with any steel product, once the surface is exposed, rust can/will appear and if left unchecked will spread. Having said that I would not hold any great concern that rust is likely to become an issue given how long it would take for it to spread extensively - if it is of great concern you can always spray any exposed surfaces with a little Rustoleum or a similar product which would inhibit the rust from spreading. 

- Snowys(9 months ago)

Could you put a dble swag on top. 1 answer

Or are there more appropriately designed stretchers for swags.

- Portland(10 months ago)

G’day Velia,

It’s going to depend on how big your double swag is, you don’t really want the swag to hang over the stretcher. Also keep in mind that there is a bar down the middle which some people find uncomfortable as it may raise your swag slightly in the middle. This stretcher is 193L x 132W x 47H cm so grab a tape measure and compare it to your swag.

We’ve only got one double stretcher (this Twin Speedy) and one queen stretcher (Oztrail Easy Fold) in our range so there isn't a lot to choose from. 

As long as the swag fits (without overhang) and the combined weight of swag weight of two people doesn’t exceed the rated capacity - then you could use them together if that’s what you prefer. 

- Snowys(10 months ago)

Two adults, total weight combined 210kg, is this bed ok or the oztrail easy fold double stretcher bed1 answer

The legs look stronger on this bed, but it is smaller then the oztrial one

- South Morang(11 months ago)

G'day Moana, 

Both the Oztrail Easy Fold Quen and the Zempire Twin Speedy Stretcher have a weight rating of 200kg, we wouldn't recommend using either stretcher if the combined weight is 210kg - as it wouldn't be a safe thing to do. 

You may want to consider using two single stretchers, such as the Outdoor Connection Titan, or the King Goanna as they are both really well made and robust models. 

- Snowys(11 months ago)

is there a bar in the middle? how comfy?1 answer

is there a bar in the middle? how comfy is this as is? how quick and easy is this to set up? is this better then the oztrail queen? would an exped double mat fit on this??

- wollongong (1 year ago)

G'day Emma,Ā 

I've just checked the display model, and theĀ Zempire Twin Speedy Stretcher Bed does indeed have a bar down the middle.

In terms of comfort it is a flat sleeping surface with no cushioning, so most people would prefer to use it with a mat on top, but that comes down to personal preference really.Ā 

This bed just unfolds out, so you don't have to put anything any parts together so it's very easy to set up.Ā 

TheĀ Oztrail Easy Fold Queen is a little wider and longer than the Speedy so its probably more comfy for 2 adults asĀ you'll have a bit more room.Ā 

An Exped Megamat duo will be slightly too big on top of the Twin Speedy but thatā€™s not going to effect your sleep that much as it will only overhang a few centimetres.Ā 

- Snowys(1 year ago)
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