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Outdoor Connection

Sundowner Titan Camp Stretcher

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Our biggest stretcher, Outdoor Connection’s Sundowner Titan Stretcher offers bucket loads of sleeping space and stability.

The unique all in one frame has no end bars, is easily set up and features unique leg struts that enable a static weight rating of 170kg.

Generously padded for comfort and insulation, the Sundowner Titan Camp Stretcher is a roomy stretcher for campers who need lots of wriggle space when they sleep.

  • Dimensions: 218L x 102W cm
  • 170kg weight rating
  • Generously padded
  • Unique leg support struts
  • Easy all-in-one set up
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
Rated Capacity:
170 Kg
External Dimensions:
218L x 102W x 53H cm
Packed Dimensions:
100L x 23W x 20H cm
600D Polyester
Frame Material:
Powder Coated Steel Year
16 Kg
1 Year
Staff tip:The Sundowner Titan is long and wide enough to accommodate King Size swags.

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Sep 03 2018

5 Star Camp Stretcher 4 a Swag

Bought this to raise my Oztrail RS-1 Swag/Tent off the ground Super Comfy & Strong. Fits nicely Couldn't be happier..

- Perth, WA
Sep 22 2017

Can carry the weight

Got the Titan stretcher to support me, which it does with plenty to spare.

- Australind
May 27 2017

It may be a Titan but it's comfy

Well worth the price, which is very reasonable. I've only used it twice and can't fault it. Wish I had of found it and brought one earlier.

- Blackall QLD
Aug 21 2016


Very heavy duty stretcher. This thing is huge and also very tall don't underestimate it! Very good quality and biggest stretcher on the market. Very happy with it.

Mar 24 2016

Loads of Stretch room!

This stretcher weighs a bit, but for good reason. It's solid! Even with a human moving and big dog jumping up and down on it, I think this stretcher can hold up to practically anything. I love the square frame (as it's less likely to bend where it shouldn't) and it's easy to set up once you get the hang of it. The cover fabric is sturdy and easy to clean.

Oct 02 2015


The name should have given us a clue...Titan. Long, strong & comfortable. Very happy!!.. though could be more comfortable for shorties like me (unlike my 6' tall husband) if the long edges were rounded not squared...only because my feet couldn't touch the ground and one has to slide across the sharpish edge to get off. Also check the width of your tent. They are generously wide. We upgraded our new 4man tent to a 6man...but definitely worth while with no regrets. A good buy.

Response from Snowys Oct 02 2015

Thank you Judith for such a great review, very helpful!

Top to bottom wobble?2 answers

Although we know uneven ground will inevitably cause some wobble, we’re keen to start off with stretchers that don’t wobble on inside flat ground. 😊 Can you gauge roughly how much this one moves in the top to bottom direction? I presume from the leg design that it is quite stable in the side-to-side direction. Perhaps in comparison with the Oztrail Easy Fold Single? (Different sizes, of course, but we have been impressed by the top-to-bottom stability of the Oztrail.) Many thanks!

- Townsville, Qld(5 months ago)

G'day Karen, 

I've just checked the display models downstairs and given them both a test run and I would say that the Oztrail Easy Fold is a little bit sturdier if you give it a wobble in a top to bottom direction compared to the Outdoor Connection Sundowner Titan. I hope this helps Karen! 

- Snowys(5 months ago)

Thank you, Emily!

- Townsville, Qld(5 months ago)

Vs the Goanna in strength?1 answer

Hi team, just wondering how the oztrail goanna stretcher compares in durability to this unit. I see a lot of these stretchers wobble a fair bit and don't inspire confidence for a heavier bloke.

- Sydney(7 months ago)

G'day Pete,

There are a few key differences between the Outdoor Connection Sundowner Titan Camp Stretcher and the Oztent King Goanna Stretcher. You'll find that most stretchers tend to wobble a little when camping simply because the ground isn't even but either of these two stretchers will be great options for you. Both stretchers are made from the same frame steel and fabric. The Outdoor Connection has a 170kg weight limit, compared to the Oztent's 150kg. The Oztent has a 5-year warranty compared to Outdoor Connection's 1-year warranty which might give you some peace of mind. 

- Snowys(7 months ago)

Zempire Neo 41 answer

Will this Stretcher fit in a Zempire Neo 4 dome tent?

- Dubbo(7 months ago)

G'day Andy,

Looking at the dimensions it'd be a tight fit, my concern is that as the walls of the tent slope inwards you'd be pressed up against the walls at the head and fot of the stretcher. I'd recommend looking at something like the Oztent Gecko Stretcher that is a little bit shorter and will fit easily. 

- Snowys(7 months ago)

Will 2 fit into a Coleman Instant 6p tent1 answer

Would 2 Sundowner Titan Stretchers effectively fit into a Coleman 6 person Instant gold tent.

- Wollongong(7 months ago)

G'day Greg,

I've just given this a quick whirl with our display stock. You'll have no issues at all, the Outdoor Connection Sundowner Titan Camp Stretcher fit easily within the Coleman Instant Up 6P Gold Tent. 

- Snowys(7 months ago)

1100 wide swag2 answers

I have a Darche Dusk Till Dawn 1100 wide swag and am looking at the Sundowner Titan stretcher to lay it on. Clearly there will still be an overhang but will the frame still be rigid enough to support the swag?

- Brisbane(7 months ago)

G'day Glenn,

You can pop your Darche Dusk to Dawn Swag 1100 on to an Outdoor Connection Sundowner Titan Camp Stretcher. Because there's a small amount of overhang, the swag poles will sag a little over the edge and reduce your headroom a little but it should still work for you. 

- Snowys(7 months ago)

Thanks Ben. Awesome customer service as always from Snowys!

- Brisbane(7 months ago)

Mattresses1 answer

What mattress if any do you recommend to use with this stretcher

- Pakenham (8 months ago)

G'day Robyn,

You could use almost any self-inflating mattress with the Outdoor Connection Sundowner Titan Camp Stretcher. Depending on your budget you might want to go for an Exped Megamat 10 LXW, which are always very popular. 

- Snowys(8 months ago)

Does this fit in the oztrail portico 2.4?1 answer

Just wondering if this stretcher fits in the oztrail 2.4 portico

- Pakenham(8 months ago)

G'day Robyn,

Your Outdoor Connection Sundowner Titan Camp Stretcher shouldn't have any issues fitting into your Oztrail Portico 2.4. You just might not have much room for too much else. 

- Snowys(8 months ago)

Is the weight limit 180kg or is it 170kg1 answer

Is the weight limit 180kg or is it 170kg as per the outdoor connection website.

- 2320(9 months ago)

G'day Ben,

Good pick up! We've fixed up our website now to show the change of weight that Outdoor Connection are advertising for the Sundowner Titan Camp Stretcher. The correct weight limit is 170kg. 

- Snowys(9 months ago)

Darche1 answer

How does this compare to the Darche XL100 stretcher?

- 2209(10 months ago)

G'day Rob,

You're looking at a couple of great stretchers there! Let me quickly run through a couple of the key differences. The Outdoor Connection Sundowner Titan Camp Stretcher has 30kg extra in its weight capacity, is 2cm longer, 2cm wider & 3cm higher than the Darche alternative. Both are made from the same fabric. The Darche is made of steel & alloy whereas the Outdoor Connection is all powder coated steel. The Darche is 6kg lighter, which makes it lighter to carry around and both come with a one year warranty. I hope this helps with your decision making and if you wanted any further clarification, feel free to call our team on 1300 914 007.

- Snowys(10 months ago)

would this stretcher fit in oz trail rv41 answer

sundowner titancamp stretcher

- wollongong(1 year ago)

G'day Ray, 

We haven't tried fitting on in ourselves, but the Oztent RV4 is 240L x 240W cm, and the Sundowner Titan Stretcher is 218L x 102W x 53H cm - so it would seem that way from the dimensions. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

whats the best way to use the Velcro straps ?1 answer

Hi Just received my new Titan stretcher , easily looks the best made I have tried . Just wanting to get an idea of the velcro straps ?

- Grovedale(1 year ago)

G'day Bruce, 

We're so glad to hear that you're loving the quality of this stretcher, Outdoor Connection may not be the biggest brand, but they really do deliver on their products. 

I've just had a look at this stretcher myself, and it appears that the velcro straps are there to create more tension at the head of the stretcher. This is (we think) to eliminate the need for a bar across the top (which can be uncomfortable for some) and prevent it from sagging and straining your neck. 

I hope this helps, and do let us know how you get on with your Sundowner Titan Stretcher. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Swag on top1 answer

Would the Burke and Wills Simpson xl swag fit on this stretcher with out the swag poles sagging on the side of the stretcher?

- Perth(1 year ago)

Howdy Brad,

Having a look at the dimensions of the swag, I would suggest it wouldn't fit safely on the top of the Stretcher, without possible damage to the Swag over time. Another option ould be the Kamp-Rite series of Tent Cots, which may do the trick for you? It would work in a similar way

Another option ould be the Kamp-Rite series of Tent Cots, which may do the trick for you? It would work in a similar way and offer some ventilation below the cot and protection from the elements from above.

These cots do have a built in foam mattress however comfort can be improved with the addition of another mat on top.

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Does this come with a carry bag?1 answer

- Devonport(2 years ago)
Hi Warrick, I’ve just popped down and had a look for you and it does come with a zip carry bag with handles to carry and store your stretcher.
- Snowys(2 years ago)
Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
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