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Gecko Stretcher

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Designed to suit tents with low ceilings, the Oztent Gecko Stretcher offers tons of width at a portion of the height of standard stretchers.

  • Wider and roomier than most stretchers available with inbuilt padding for extra comfort
  • Weight rated to a massive 150kgs
  • Fully padded cross legged stretcher
  • Easy folding system
  • Comes complete with zippered carry bag


Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
Rated Capacity:
150 Kg
External Dimensions:
190L x 80W x 48H cm
Packed Dimensions:
94L x 17W x 25H cm
Mat Thickness:
0.1 cm
600D Padded polyester
Frame Material:
Powder Coated Steel
11 Kg
5 Year
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Dec 01 2017

Good solid stretcher

Good quality and sturdy to sleep on.

- Sutherland, NSW
Sep 02 2017

First outing ...

is next weekend. Sure it will be fine. But just as important competitive pricing and excellent service from Snowys

- WA
Jul 06 2017

Do the job

frames are sturdy but a little shaky when get on and off. Still a good bed for camping and use as spare bed at home.

- Epping
May 24 2017

Goanna stretcher review

Ive had these stretchers for a few years now. In the bag its heavy but that also translates to me as heavy duty and sturdy. I found putting on the end bars very tight and difficult at times and kind of stopped using it. When I have the stretcher set up its a great bed, but my experience of them has me wondering if I can get same quality sleep from an alternative product thats not a struggle everytime you put the end bars on. I own Oztent RV5, the big goanna chairs etc and they are all great products with many years of use. The stretcher while sturdy/ heavy duty and confortable, I find difficult and at times fustrating fitting the end bars on a very tight stretcher. In hindsight maybe I should have other stretchers which are easier to asemble. Im a huge fan of Oztent and have many of their products, just the stretcher isnt winning big points with me over the struggle to fit the end bars.

- Newcastle, NSW
Response from Snowys May 24 2017

G'day Andrew,

We tend to agree, the end bars can be tricky as they can be a bit tight. I've asked a few of my teammates here who own Oztent stretchers and in case you weren't already aware, they've suggested attaching the shorter end bar first which will make it easier attaching the longer bar.

I hope this helps. Laine :)

May 14 2017


Great service as usual from Snowys.
Quality from Oztent.
Very stable and comfy.

- Armadale
Mar 15 2017

Oztent Gecko stretcher

I like Oztent gear - quality products.
Snowy's pricimg was great and delivery prompt.
Couldn't be happier - I'll be back.

- Dianella, WA
Mar 11 2017

High quality stretcher

Graduated from swag on the ground to swag on the stretcher. Easy set up and pack away. Some of my mates have now graduated to the swag on the stretcher as we are starting get on in years. Great value and high quality

- Hindmarsh Island
Mar 01 2017

Great, solid stretcher.

Previously bought the bigger version & they are both a good fit for our 6 person tent...2nd one took a bit longer to deliver, but it still arrived in time for our trip. My only beef with this stretcher is the struggle getting them back into their respective bags. Nonetheless like the stretchers, the bags appear to be very durable. Overall, pretty good units.

- Hobart
Feb 28 2017

Good sturdy camp bed

Well built, solid minimal sag, it's padded but I found a 2-3cm of extra padding made the bed very comfortable, would recommend this bed.

- 6056
Feb 16 2017

Great stretcher

Easy to set up and very comfortable. Rocks a little bit but that's no problem 😀😀👍

- Canberra
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Exped megamat or zempire bomberpad1 answer

Hi would either the zempire bomberpad or exped megamat suit this stretcher?

- 2127(1 month ago)

G'day Sonia,

I've just had a wander down to the shop floor to check this out for you. Both the Zempire Bomberpad and the Exped Megamat fit on the Oztent Gecko Stretcher really well. Both had a small amount of overhang and either end, but not enough to cause any sort of issues.

- Snowys(1 month ago)

Suitable for 2.5yr old?1 answer

Hi, we are looking for a stretcher bed for our 2.5yr old daughter when we go camping. We were looking at this one with the possibility of adding the Oztrail Camp Mat - Code 36276. Would these suit and go together? Would the mat tie to the stretcher so it didn't move around when she rolled? Thanks

- North Lakes(11 months ago)

G'day Jason,

These are great choices as the camp mat os 60cm wide so would fit well inside the side poles of the 80cm stretcher.  

In regards to tying the mat in, we don't have anything specially designed for this but you could simply use occy straps or webbing straps with adjustable closures at either end of the mat so your little one is comfortable in the middle.

- Snowys(11 months ago)

Two of these put together as a double bed, would there be a gap in the middle1 answer

We share blankets

- South Morang(11 months ago)

G'day Moana, 

I've just had a look at the display models, and the head and foot bar of the Goanna stretcher sticks out 4cm, so if you put them together there will be an approx 8cm size gap between the two stretchers.

You may still be able to share bedding if the blankets etc are a queen size but there will definitely be a noticeable gap due to the head and foot bars. 

- Snowys(11 months ago)

Can I ask what width matt would be best for this ? 76cm or 66 cm. What matts do you sell most of to accompany this stretcher ?1 answer

I have seen people using both widths. I do want the matt to fit inside the frame

- Sydney(1 year ago)

G'day Ian, 

If you're going to go for a mat that fits inside the frame (under 66cm) then the best option would be the Oztrail Camp Mat as it's going to fit the width and length of the Gecko really well without any overhang.

There is also the EPE Sim Camper F35 which is a self-inflating mat, but that option isn't going to provide as much cushioning as it's a little bit thinner than the Oztrail Camp Mat. 

Keep in mind that there is a little bit of padding inbuilt on the Gecko stretcher so the mat you use on top doesn't have to be very thick.

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Will two of these fit in an Oztent RV-3?1 answer

I've got an Oztent RV3, and currently use a pair of Exped SIM comfort 7 mats, but want to upgrade to something more comfortable (one of the mats keeps deflating!) and easier to pack away. Will two of these fit in an RV3 lengthways, not across the tent? (ie one end at the opening and the other at the sloped end? Thanks, Damo

- Adelaide(2 years ago)
You'll fit them in Damo, but they will push the back of the tent up and not leave much head/foot space. Realistically the RV5 is the only RV tent large enough to comfortably accommodate two stretchers. Have a look at the Exped Megamat 10LXW if you want something comfortable that will fit in an RV3 as a pair. These are amazingly comfortable, the only down side being that they are not raised. Failing that, you can fit two stretchers in an RV3 cross-ways.
- Snowys(2 years ago)

Would this work ok next to an air bed?1 answer

We have a tent that has a room 170cm wide. We have a 100cm wide aerobed mattress that is about 20cm high. I wanted to use this next to the air bed in the same room. Can you please let me know if you think they would fit. I think the air bed would need to go up the leg of the bed but I'm not sure that this would work?

- Greensborough(3 years ago)
Hi Jane, it's hard to tell without knowing just what your tent looks like. My feelings are that you could just squeeze them in but not very comfortably. The stretcher will be pushed right up against the side of the tent as will the mattress. You could slide the mattress up the angled legs of the stretcher, but this will probably cause the occupant to keep rolling off. I guess it depends on how squashed in you want to be.
- Snowys(3 years ago)

Hi there, just wondering if it is possible to fit 2 x Gecko Stretchers side by side in our Oztent RV41 answer

We'll have the stretchers right beside each other but are concerned that there won't be room for the length of the stretchers because of the shape of the back wall in the Oztent. Cheers!

- South West Rocks(3 years ago)
Hi Jenny, they will fit lengthways and will be just touching each end of the tent, whith minimal headspace on the window or sloped end. You can also fit them crossways, but there won't be much room to move around inside, and one occupant will have the rear wall close to their side. It is certainly a manageable combination of products though.
- Snowys(3 years ago)

Hi guys, would there still be a need for an air bed on top of these stretchers or are they comfortable enough without?1 answer

- PORT LINCOLN, SA(3 years ago)
Hi Matt, the Oztent stretchers already feature padding/insulation making them quite comfortable by themselves, but many users add extra matresses for increased comfort. I recommend a self inflating or open/closed cell foam mat, these will not slide around as much as an air bed.
- Snowys(3 years ago)
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