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King Single 4WD Mat

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Topped with cool and comfy air-sealed velour and filled with high density open cell foam, with the Oztrail King Single 4WD Mat all you need to do is open the caps and unroll the mattress.

It will suck in the air itself, no pumping or blowing necessary. When the mattress is inflated replace the caps you’re ready for the most comfortable night’s sleep you ever had at a campsite!

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Ideal for car camping
  • Never deflates…even when punctured
  • Available in 4 sizes – Single, Double, King Single and Queen
  • These mattresses are the ultimate in car and 4WD camping
  • All but the Single size (8cm) are a plush and luxurious 10cm thick when inflated
  • They’ll never go down even if they have a hole; they will remain in a lofted state
Snowys Code:
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External Dimensions:
195L x 80W cm
Packed Dimensions:
85L x 30W x 30H cm
Mat Thickness:
10 cm
Brushed Velour PVC Vinyl
Fill Material:
High Density Open Cell Foam
Self Inflating
6 Kg
Suggested Use:
1 Year
Staff tip:These mats come rolled tight from the factory and can take some time to fully inflate for the first time. We recommend giving them a couple of weeks to reach their fully inflated potential.
4.7 14
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Dec 13 2016

Super comfy!

Great product, comfortable, easy to pack.
Much better than inflatable mattress.

- 2602
Aug 22 2016

Sleeping beauty

Self inflating, comfortable
Thanks to the Snowy's Team for a fast hastle free transaction

Aug 02 2016

Great service

Ordered an Oz Trail King single self inflating mat on Saturday and received it Tuesday morning. Thanks Snowys

May 29 2016

Oz trail King single 4wd mat

I have try it out so far so good on oz tent stretcher good nights sleep going to Broome and gidd river road and on for 3 months will let you no thanks Snowys

- Longwarry north vic
Apr 19 2016

Really comfortable Self inflating mat.

I purchased 2 King single Oztrail self inflating mats for my wife and myself. We used them on top of stretcher beds and we both agreed that they were really comfortable, its real easy to set up and to pack up, after sleeping on this mat we will never go back to using air beds again.

- Epping, VIC
Apr 08 2016

Six Years Old and still in Use

I purchased two of these from a local camping shop (not Snowys) about six and a half years ago. Over the first year they were used for the odd camping trip or for a visitor to bunk down on the floor.

The next eight months they were used every night as that is what my wife and I slept on. After about 7 months of continual use my mattress was no longer air tight. I knew because I could now feel the ground when laying on my side. They both leak now but still are in service

- Tasmania
Feb 23 2016

Oztrail King Single 4WD Mat

Comfy mattress, delivered super quick. thanks Snowys

Feb 18 2016

Super comfort. Delighted!

These mattresses are comfortable and practical. They are definitely not for hiking as they are big but they are perfect for that family camping trip. I thought I was sleeping in a bed!

Jan 28 2016


Really comfortable; large but if you have room you will sleep well. Much better than on a blow up mattress

- Sydney
Jan 14 2016

Great night's sleep

Just came back from camping. Spent X3 nights on a blow up mattress then the last night on the SI mattress - bliss! Will never put myself through that again! Will be ordering more asap.
So easy to set up and pack away - love that the storage bag is big, so no need to roll up to factory compact size again.
Left them inflated for x2 weeks before using

- , WA

Main difference between this and the Exped? 1 answers

They share very similar specs

- Faulconbridge(1 month ago)

G'Day Stu,

The Exped 10LXW and Oztrail King Single 4wd mat may look pretty similar, but there are some differences. While they're about the same size, the Exped does pack down a bit smaller. The foam used in the Exped mats is a higher quality which is more comfortable. The Exped is a bonded mat, which means that the outer shell of the mat is attached to the foam. 

Overall, while the Oztrail 4wd mat is quite popular and a good affordable mat, the Exped Megamat is the highest quality, most luxurious mat that we carry. 

- Snowys(1 month ago)

Can you join two mattresses?1 answers

Is it possible to attach two of these together?

- Elizabeth Bay(2 months ago)

G'day Will,

There are no clips, or velcro attached to this mat, but it is possible to join two of these mats together if you get a bit creative. An option is to use a fitted mat sheet to put across both mats.

As this mat is 195cm long, and 80cm wide you'll need something that will accomodate a 195cm length and a 160cm width.

I've had a look at our range, and we don't carry any fitted sheets that will fit that length. The closest would be the Black Wolf Fitted Mat Sheet but it's a couple of centimetres off.

Sorry we couldn't be of any more help, but I'm sure you could find something if you have a look around (you might even have something already at home) that would suit. 

- Snowys(2 months ago)

When not in use, whats the best way to deflate these 1 answers

- Yulara (4 months ago)

G’day Judy, when you’re not using your Oztrail King Single 4WD Mat, you just undo the valves, and then roll it up slowly to squeeze the air out. After that it should be all good to store away until your next use.

- Snowys(4 months ago)

When rolled up1 answers

Does it secure itself if you roll with the bedding within it and what is the underside ie is it waterproof. My son requires a bed roll for camp but apparently needs a tarp on the outside of this mattress secured with straps..........

- Darwin(7 months ago)
This would probably be too bulky with bedding rolled up inside Jenn. It sounds like your son needs a swag, these are a mattress protected by a canvas outer, check out the Oztrail Cooper Expedition Swag on our website for an entry level option. Give us a call if you're unsure just what you need and we'll do our best to help.
- Snowys(7 months ago)

Can these be stored rolled up?1 answers

Do they have to be stored inflated or can they be stored rolled up?

- STIRLING, ACT(9 months ago)
You can store them rolled up Erica, this is far more practical than trying to find space for them when flat, but there are benefits to storage in an uncompressed state. The foam develops a memory over time, and if left compressed can take a long time to inflate at the campsite, whereas if the foam is stored uncompressed they are ready and more comfortable to sleep on sooner. I recommend trying to store them in a semi-compressed or folded manner, or alternatively keep them compressed and a week or two before your next trip take them out of storage and allow them to expand out so they are ready when you head off.
- Snowys(9 months ago)

Are these mats the 'bonded' type?1 answers

- PRESTON WEST, VIC(1 year ago)
Hi Louie, I assume by bonded you would like to know if the outer fabric is glued to the inner foam, which is not the case with these mats. The outer fabric simply covers the high density foam inside rather than being bonded to it.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

What's the R value with this mat?1 answers

- Stirling ACT(1 year ago)
Hi Serena, unfortunately Oztrail don't give an R-value for this mat. However, given other mats in our range of similar thickness and construction are rated R9 - R10, it would be safe to assume that the Oztrail Leisure mats carry the same ratings.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

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