Ep111 – Hiking Stoves for Compact Cooking

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In this episode, Ben and Lauren keep it light.

Of everything on your lightweight pack list, your hiking stove is the essential bit of kit! Turning the dry into rehydrated, it’s your cooking comrade on every alfresco escape.

In this episode, our gear experts throw everything into the pot, touching on fuel types, burners, and tips on how to make the most of your compact cooking package. Let’s crank the heat!

A lightweight hiking stove is sitting on the leafy ground just beyond a camp tent doorway. A pair of feet are in the foreground.

Turning the dry into rehydrated, the hiking stove is your cooking comrade on every alfresco escape. Image: MSR


00:00 – Intro

01:01 – Hiking Stoves

02:56 – Multi-Functions

04:28 – Blog

05:11 – Types of Stove Burners and Systems

06:30 – Types of Fuel

09:25 – Canisters

12:08 – Efficiency

14:09 – All-In-One Systems

16:55 – Ultralight Hiking

19:10 – Single-Burner Stoves

22:11 – Wind Protection

23:01 – Liquid Fuel Stoves

30:27 – Carrying Liquid Fuel

31:12 – Don’t Try This at Home…

32:46 – Other MSR Stoves

34:56 – Other Brands

35:50 – Camping and Hiking (Crossover Features)

38:31 – Stoves for Compact Car Camping

46:00 – Summary

Mentioned in this Episode:


The Basics and Best of Hiking Stoves for 2023


Hiking Stoves

JetBoil Genesis

JetBoil Flash

JetBoil Zip

JetBoil MiniMo

MSR Windburner

MSR PocketRocket 2

MSR PocketRocket Deluxe

MSR Whisperlite

360 Degrees Furno Stove and Pot Set


Dometic Cadac Safari Chef 30

Fuel Bottles


Product Review (YouTube): Dometic Cadac Safari Chef

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