Ep23 – Campsite Q&A’s with Ben & Lauren

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In this episode of the Snowys Camping Show, we’ve got something a little different for you…

A special Q&A session with our hosts, Ben and Lauren!

This week, you guys asked them all kinds of things, from their favourite gear and the best sleeping bag, to tips for solo campers and buying a camper trailer. There’s even discussion on the future of Aussie outdoor gear manufacturing, and what is the easiest tent to set up. Tune in, or check out this blog for a written version.

EP 23 - Campsite Q&A's with Ben & Lauren

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1:25 – What is your favourite piece of camping equipment?

5:26 – How do I figure out the best small option for recharging my phone when camping?

6:53 – I currently have 50mm thick self-inflatable sleeping mats for my family car camping trips. I was thinking of going for hiking air mattresses with insulation so they can be also used for canoe camping and the odd hike. Do you think these would be a good option?

11:55 – Would love your opinion on the outdoor connection air tents as there is not much unbiased information out there.

14:52 – Beds, stretcher vs air vs self-inflating – particular consideration for those with back, knee and hand issues?

19:05 – How can we limit the amount of sand and dirt little feet bring into our swags?

20:52 – There is a lot of women camping solo these days. What are some products that make camping easier and safer?

23:16 – What are your thoughts on camper trailers vs tents for young family camping?

25:46 – For men and women, what is the: Best rain jacket? Best down jacket? Best sleeping bag?

29:37 – I recently bought a brand new down sleeping bag but noticed that it has a strong smell. It kind of stinks like a wet dog and I’m wondering if the down inside is bad or something’s wrong with the bag? Is it normal that new down bags stink?

31:07 – Would you take a hiking tent on your regular car camping trips? Or do you use a larger tent for those trips? Also do you have an AGM battery in the car or Lithium? If not lithium, will you make the switch eventually?

33:12 – Which tents on the market are the absolute easiest, quickest to put up and down for a newbie?

34:39 – What are your thoughts about the future of Australian manufacturing within the camping/hiking and touring sector?

38:10 – What do you think of the really cheap Kmart and Big W tents?

39:39 – What are both of your setups?

Mentioned in this Episode:




Solar panels

Sea to Summit X-Pot Kettle

Scrubba wash bag

Hillbilly cookstand

Air Mats & Self-inflating hiking mats

Sea to Summit Ether Lite Mat

Outdoor Connection air tents

Zempire air tents

Stretcher beds

Foam mat and tarps

Coleman Instant Up tents

Sea to Summit Sleeping Bags

Australian-made camping and outdoor gear

Portable power

RV5 tent

Zempire Neo tents


Guide to Buying a Camper Trailer


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