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Black Wolf

Tank Hydration Bladder - 3 Litre

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The Black Wolf 3 Litre Tank Hydration Bladder has evolved to include a host of features making it more reliable and user friendly than ever before and is ideal for long days on the trail.

Now equipped with a full length handle, capacity fill lines and top fill functionality, topping up your Tank Bladder is easier than ever, and can even be done without removing it from your backpack.

The naturally antimocrobial Metallocene (mPE) offers outstanding durability and delivers BPA, PVC and taste free water through a high flow bite valve that is kept close at hand with a magnetic retainer.

  • Magnetic bite valve retainer
  • Top loading
  • Fill length handle
  • BPA and PVC free materials
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In Use Dimensions:
44L x 20W x 5.5H cm
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44L x 20W x 2H cm
3 L
0.240 Kg
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Aug 19 2016

Supposed to be BPA Free

I was looking forward to have a BPA free & taste free Hydration Bladder, but unfortunately even after many times of changing water the bladder taste like plastic/rubber which is disgusting. I ended up using just the hose in glass bottles.

- Port Elliot
Response from Snowys Aug 19 2016

Firstly let me reassure you Agnes that the bladder is BPA free, Black Wolf don't want to mislead choices people make regarding their health. As for taste, it seems everyone is affected by a plastic/rubber taste differently, we sell tons of these and only get complaints now and then. This being said, Black Wolf have updated the Tank recently, so we are on the lookout for any increase in complaints, of which we feed back to the manufacturer. Let us know if there is more we can do for you. ~ Ben

May 03 2016

Great bladder

One of the best bladders i have used. With the magetic clip and its smart mouth piece design it can be used completely hands free also.

Jan 13 2016

Black Wolf Hydration Bladder

Didn't actually use it on our trip as it was too bulky to carry with all the other equipment.
Also, even though I soaked and washed tank prior to use, it still has strong plastic flavour - any suggestions on how to remove??

- Johns River
Response from Snowys Jan 13 2016

Hi Cheryl, it is common to have a bit of plastic taste in water bladders, usually this goes away after a few uses. Different people are bothered on different levels with the taste, with some people finding it never goes away. You can try to soak the bladder with a bicarbonate of soda and water or lemon and water mixture overnight, this usually fixes the problem.

Dec 24 2015


Fits my pack perfectly and holds more than enough for a good hike. Easy to fit and use and good price. Very happy with this product

Dec 13 2015

Black Wolf Hydration bladder

I purchased this 3l water bladder to go on a 3 day trip with my son.
We both carried on bladder each and the unit was sufficient for one person daily requirements. The pack fits snug in the sack compartment and the valve is very easy to operate with your mouth.

Sep 18 2015

Good hydration bladder

Have used this hiking a few times now. It's meant to be 'taste free' but it still has a plastic 'flavour' to it. I washed it out with bi carb of soda but it still has the flavour. However, this bladder is very tough and practical. Recommended!


Plastic taste1 answers

Hi, Have read reviews mentioning the plastic taste. I recently read in a forum about campers and people complaining about the test from the water tank. One suggestion that was confirmed by others was to rinse out the tank, bladder in this case, with red cordial of all things. But apparently it works. You might like to mention that in your reply to the relevant reviews. Cheers

- Brisbane(2 months ago)

G'day Neil,

Thanks for passing on the tip about the red cordial! We find that any taste will go away after a few uses, and that it can also depend on the individual - but it's good to have options if that's a concern.

I'll be sure to pass that on to anyone who has any queries about this bladder as I know that is a concern for some purchasing a product like this. 

- Snowys(2 months ago)

Hose1 answers

Hi Guys, I recently purchased this bladder and find the hose to be very stiff, making it a little annoying when clipped onto my bag. Does the hose become more flexible over time, or do you sell an alternative product that can be fitted to this bladder? Many thanks :)

- , (6 months ago)

G’day Waylon, I’ve had a look for you and Black Wolf don’t make or sell replacement hoses for their hydration bladders. Black Wolf and Camelbak make the leading hydration products, and both their hoses have the same flexibility. The density of the plastic is likely for durability purposes, so perhaps yours will just need to be used a little more to soften it up.

- Snowys(6 months ago)

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