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Outdoor Connection

Easy Up 3 Pop Up Tent

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Outdoor Connection Easy Up 3 Pop Up Tent Watch video

The Easy Up 3 from Outdoor Connection is so easy to set up, that even Russell Coight could give it a fair go. All you have to do is take it out of its bag, pop it open and peg it out. Simple.

The Easy Up 3 has a cosy interior, a domed shaped roof, and best of all it has an integrated inner and fly, so it’s the ultimate in easy use tents. Outdoor Connection have really put everything in place to keep this tent waterproof, with a waterhead rating of 2000mm, taped sealed seams to prevent water sneaking in through the stitching, and a 5000mm+ waterhead floor you’ll stay nice and dry from whatever mother nature throws at you.

There’ll be plenty of air flow, and minimal condensation thanks to the ventilation panel and No-See-Um mesh covered windows on this tent. This is also a great option for time-poor holiday makers who can only get away for a day or two - that way you can spend more time adventuring and less time setting up. 

  • Fits 2 people
  • Taped sealed seams
  • Ventilation panels
  • No-See-Um mesh windows
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
Sleeping Capacity:
3 Person
Recommended Capacity:
2 Person
External Dimensions:
260L x 200W x 150H cm
Sleeping Area:
200L x 170W cm
Packed Dimensions:
90L x 90W x 6H cm
Max. Head Height:
140 cm
68D Polyester
Inner Material:
Floor Material:
Frame Material:
5000mm Floor | 2000mm Fly
5.2 Kg
3 Years
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Nov 13 2017

Pop up perfection.

Great small tent. We intended using it only for single night camps but ended up using it for longer stays as well. The only down side is that getting out of it in the rain does mean some water gets inside but this is a small price to pay. Worth every cent. We had it set up in less than a minute and it is easy to fold up if you watch the video instructions a few times.....although my partner still didn't really master it. A great buy.

- Stawell, VIC
Apr 07 2017

great tent

comfortable, waterproof, spacious, easy to set up and
pack, great ingenuity of snowy for this magnificent
tent, recommend it for all. I love it and I bought 3 of them.
God bless Snowy and the staff.

- the Ponds

Wind?1 answer

I take it this tent would not handle 70km an hour winds? I'm heading to the outback for 2 months. Would love the easy setup but might not have te strength for proper wind?

- 2480(2 weeks ago)

G'day Chris,

Whilst just pegged out, I wouldn't be too confident with the Outdoor Connection Easy Up 3 Pop Up Tent standing up to gusty winds like that, no. If you took the time to really peg the tent out tight and put plenty of guy ropes on, then you'd find that it would stand up a lot better. That might defeat the purpose of going for a quick setup tent though if you're going to then spend a lot of time making it more wind resistant. 

- Snowys(1 week ago)

Sleeping mat fitment?1 answer

I have a sleeping mat that measures 1.3 metres wide and 1.95 metres long, will I be able to fit his inside the tent? Thanks

- Victoria(3 months ago)

G'day Matt,

The sleeping area available in the Outdoor Connection Easy Up 3 Pop Up Tent is 200L x 170W cm, so your mattress should fit no worries.

- Snowys(3 months ago)

Trying to decide between the easy up 3 man pop up, Malamoo 3 man and the speedy 3 man? 1 answer

I’m in Queensland and we have hot humid and often stormy conditions, so wondering which would be the best tent !! And who makes the easy up thanks!!

- Brisbane(4 months ago)

G'day Deb,

I'd go with the Easy Up 3 made by Outdoor Connection. While differentiating the ventilation benefits of each of the 3 options would be quite hard to do, what separates the Easy Up 3 is that the entire tent is sealed and robustly supported with guy ropes. These sealed seams and with the correct use of guy ropes makes it an ideal option for stormy conditions. This isn't to say that the tent is stormproof, but it is likely to offer you the best protection and stability against the elements.

- Snowys(4 months ago)

Comparison q's EPE Pop up Sahara vs Outdoor Connection Easy up 31 answer

Hi there, I'm interested in this Outdoor Connection Easy up 3 and also the EPE Pop up Sahara. I was wanting advice and opinion around the advantages of one over another. Is the canvas on the Sahara better? Are the extra poles on the Outdoor connection better? Which would provide the best ventilation? Which would provide the best water proofing? Thank you in advance.

- 4059(8 months ago)

G'day Chris,

Great questions.

Material - The Sahara is made from a poly/cotton canvas which will breathe a lot better and is more durable than the polyester of the Easy Up 3. However, the polyester has a higher waterhead (waterproof) rating.

Poles - The additional pole set in the Easy Up 3 does give it a bit more structure. However with the Sahara, when pegged and guy roped out, this should be enough to give the tent plenty of strength in remaining upright.

Ventilation - without a doubt, the Sahara wins this one hands-down with a big open side mesh panel and the canvas, the tent is going to breathe a lot better than the Easy Up 3.

- Snowys(8 months ago)

exped lxw plus smaller mat?1 answer

Hi, i see someone has asked a similar question below, but still not 100% clear on the answer. Could you fit one exped lxw (bought from you - love it) plus a smaller mat side by side - our second mat is 183cm * 51cm? I don't mind if the exped LXW needs to have it's head and toes hard up against the inner doors (I'm a lot shorter than the mat - i bought it for the comfort and width). Thanks.

- melbourne(9 months ago)

G’day Emily,

The sleeping area dimensions of the Easy Up 3 is 200L x 170W, and the combined width of the Megamat 10 (77cm wide) your mat (51cm wide) equals 128cm. 

From there you have to then allow at least 20cm to accommodate the slope of the walls, so if I had to take a guess, it would seem like your mat megamat 10 will fit, but only just - and with no room for any gear. 

- Snowys(9 months ago)

Condensation 1 answer

Hi . How does this tent compare to the oz tent in regards to condensation and also does the inner door zip close for privacy or is it only the outer door not that it really matters i guess. Thanks

- via foster(10 months ago)

G'day Jenny,

The inner mesh door of the Outdoor Connection Easy Up 3 is attached on the same side as the outer door and does zip up.

In terms of condensation, it's likely that the Oztent Malamoo Tent will perform a little better as there are more opportunities for ventilation which have been designed into the tent. However, the catch to this is that the Outdoor Connection tent will likely perform better in wet conditions.

- Snowys(10 months ago)

Floor size?1 answer

Hi guys, I bought an oztent gecko stretcher from you a while ago, will that fit in this tent?

- Woodcroft(11 months ago)

G'day Chris, 

The sleeping dimensions of the Easy Up 3 are 200L x 170W and the Gecko Stretcher is 190L x 90W cm - so you would be able to just it in, but it would be right up against the inner of the tent which isn't going to be an ideal fit. 

- Snowys(11 months ago)

Outdoor Connection vs Malamoo X-Tra1 answer

Hello, I am looking at purchasing a 3 person tent for me and my wife. I'm not sure what to pick between this or the Malamoo X-tra as both look approximately the same on paper. Both tents have similar dimensions with this one being a bit smaller (internally) than the Malamoo and a bit more height. 2 Questions if I may, 1. - what's the difference between the two as they seem very very similar on paper. 2. - which one would you recommend and why ? Regards

- 3150(1 year ago)

G'day Julian, 

I can totally see where you're coming from - on paper they are a very similar looking tent. We've got both on display, so I've had a look to give you a first-hand comparison. 

The Easy Up three has an extra set of poles built into the frame, so it's structure is a little stronger and will hold up better in the elements. It also has two dual mesh/solid doors, and mesh windows on the fly that can be zipped up whereas the Malamoo has one door, and only a mesh panel a back for ventilation. The Easy Up also has a 5000mm rated floor compared to the Malamoo at 3000mm. 

Functionality wise, the Easy Up is going to be the better choice as you get more options for controlling the temperature/comfort of the tent, and it's got a more weatherproof floor. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

I assume this won't fit 2 Megamat 10 LXW, right?2 answers

But is it likely to fit a Megamat 10 LXW strapped to an ordinary full-length Thermarest (shorter and narrower than Megamat)? Not sure of Thermarest variety and exact dimensions, sorry.

- Perth(1 year ago)

G'day SingleMum, 

I've just tried this for myself in store (with a bit of help) and we found that we couldn't get two Exped Megamat 10 LXW's inside the Easy up 3 from Outdoor Connection.

You would be able to fit one plus your gear though if that helps.

- Snowys(1 year ago)

G'day Dariusz,

The specifications are accurate as all dimensions are based on the maximum space available. However, all designs aren't the same and in this instance, as you can see on the floor plan, the corners of the tent are quite rounded, hence why the Megamat 10 LXW struggle to fit comfortably.

- Snowys(3 months ago)

Seasons1 answer

Seasons rating?

- 5067(1 year ago)

G'day Peter, 

After checking with the information provided by the supplier, the Easy Up 3 actually doesn't have an official season rating. 

It does have a 5000mm Floor and a 2000mm fly so you will get good water protection, but due to the fabric and construction - I'd say it would be 2-3 season. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)
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