Review – Coleman Rechargeable Quickpump Air Bed Pump

When tenting, our bed of choice is our Coleman queen size air bed, pumped up by our trusty Coleman 12V pump. We had both for years with trouble-free service. We certainly have come to trust the Coleman brand. So, after our pump mysteriously disappeared in a recent house move it was easy to decide on a replacement.

The previous pump required a long cable to the vehicle or a power pack in the tent to fire it up but we soon realised technology has moved on. Sure, you can still buy a pump with a cable, and they are pretty cheap, but rechargeable battery technology now provides much more flexibility and convenience.

Coleman Rechargeable Quickpump Air Bed Pump with Accessories

This is what you get when you buy the Coleman Rechargeable Quickpump. The pump, of course, two adapter nozzles, and a 240V and 12V charger, and the usual instruction manual and warranty information (not pictured). 

So, our recent trip to Snowys saw us leaving with a new Coleman Rechargeable Quickpump. It comes complete with the pump, a 240V and 12V charger and adapter nozzles, and is designed to both inflate and deflate your air bed.

Coleman Rechargeable Quickpump Inflates an airbed in about 1 minute

No more cords. This makes the Rechargeable Quickpump easy to use in a confined tent. 

Now there is nothing like a real world test, so on a recent trip to Alice Springs, the unit was put through its paces. We were really pleased and here are the results:

Average inflation time

About 1 minute, 8 seconds.

Coleman Rechargeable Quickpump Deflates an airbed in 25 seconds

Note the two adapter nozzles. This makes this pump compatible with most air beds and mattresses.

Average deflation time 

Around 25 seconds (if you let it go down naturally first, deflation is much quicker).

Number of inflation/deflation cycles before recharge

After 10 cycles the pump was slowing down but still going. (Pro tip: On your way to your destination, have it charging off the 12V socket in your car. This will ensure you have a fully charged pump by the time you set up camp.)

This pump was so much more convenient than the old cable one and the results impressive. It appears to be solid and robust and if stored in its box should provide long service. Hopefully, we don’t misplace this one!

What’s the best air bed pump you have used?