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Quickpump Rechargeable 12V/240V

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If you can’t decide whether 12V DC or 240V AC is best for you, why not get a Coleman Quickpump Rechargeable and take both options with the added benefit of a built in rechargeable lead acid battery.

 Suitable for inflation and deflation of large and small inflatables, the Quickpump rechargeable comes with boston and pinch valve adaptors, as well as both 12V DC and 240V AC charging adaptors for the ultimate in air pump versatility.

  • Suits small and large inflatables
  • 12V DC and 240V AC power adaptors
  • Sealed Lead Acid rechargeable battery
  • Inflate and deflate ports
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External Dimensions:
22L x 11W x 15H cm
Packed Dimensions:
22L x 11W x 15H cm
Input Power:
12V DC/240V AC
Built in
1.3 Kg
1 Year
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Feb 04 2018

It works

It's very loud but the recharge side is awesome. only use it a small amount but dose make lig camping a hell of a lot easier.

- Sydney
Jan 03 2018

Tow tube must have.

Purchased to inflate a 3 person Toe Tube. Works well eliminating the need for power point or 12v outlet while outdoors. Would be better if the attachments clipped into the unit for storage convenience.4/5

- Brisbane City, QLD
Dec 31 2017

Does the job, but only the job

As the Q&A says, this pump can deliver a lot of air volume, but not much pressure. The sealed lead acid battery should be good for about 5 years before needing to be swapped, if it is kept charged per the instructions, but the "lead" in "sealed lead acid battery" gives a hint about how much it weighs. It is quite noisy when running, and the on/off switch has a hair-trigger so it sometimes turns on when bumped making a huge unexpected noise.

- Yarraville, VIC
Dec 12 2017

Ready for take off !

This little thing is amazing at inflating, and more importantly deflating, a Coleman Airbed!

NOTE; When powered on it sounds as though your living under the flight path of Sydney Airport... But I Love It..

Oct 22 2017

keeps on going

Seems the battery lasts a while. Noisy but expected for the amount of air produces.

- North Wahroonga, NSW
Jul 30 2017

Very Efficient-Does Scream A Tad

Yep agree,very good at its job,love the fact that when deflating the coleman queen durabed you can rest the pump on the ground-its the perfect height.
Yes it is a bit harsh on the senses,with that knackered wheel bearing whine.

- Goolwa
May 31 2017

Works as advertised

Does the job perfectly.
Queen size Coleman mattress up in about 1 minute. Lasts for ages on a single charge.
Only down side is lack of storage for the adapters that the previous model had.
Please bring those back Coleman.

- Mill Park
May 15 2017

Works like a charm

Awesome pump! Had no trouble inflating queen double high mattress and a single mattress. A little noisy but it does a fantastic job so who cares!!. Thanks Snowys

- Kurri Kurri NSW
May 05 2017

Fast, Powerful

Great pump, bought to go with my new double high mattress. Pumped it up in minutes. Very Easy too use. Can't wait for next time.

(WARNING! Not to be used when you have dangles/ties on shirt it's a hungry little devil. It eats them! Who would have ever thought pumps suck before they blow. Derrr. I thought I killed it first time out - no fault of pump, but all's good, it was only the fuse. All Better Now!)

- Mid North S.A.
Apr 26 2017

Coleman quickpump

Super fast, loved it!

- Altona
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how long is the dc cord?1 answer

how long is the dc cord? I don't want to have to drag the whole mattress inside the car to pump it up. Also is it well built? the last 2 pumps I have bought have broken very easily

- frenchs forest(1 month ago)

G'day Welly,

Cord length is 1.5m however as the pump has a rechargeable battery, you won't need to have it connected to a power cord. So you can take it and use it wherever you need to.

We've found these pumps pretty reliable and don't often see many returns because of manufacturing issues.

- Snowys(1 month ago)

Will this work with Kayacat, inflatable kayak?1 answer

- Epping(4 months ago)

G'day Adam,

We've never sold or worked with Kayacat so I honestly couldn't answer your question with confidence. I think you're best option would be to speak to them and enquire in regards to what kind of pump is required.

- Snowys(4 months ago)

First use1 answer

Does this unit come ready to use ir does it require charging

- Albion park(7 months ago)

G'day Darren,

There will be a little bit of power in the Coleman Rechargeable Quickpump to preserve the battery, however, it is recommended that you give it a full charge before using for the first time.

- Snowys(7 months ago)

Charging Time1 answer

How long does it take to charge on 240v?

- Sydenham (7 months ago)

G'day Mariz,

This is a tough one to answer as even after speaking with Coleman, they say there is no official timeframe. Previously we've been told that it takes about approximately 12 hours when plugged into 12v. My estimated guess would be that on 240v it would take around 6 hours. Sorry I can be much more help.

- Snowys(7 months ago)

Does it come with a psi meter?1 answer

I want to use it for inflating tyres. Is there an attachment to display the current psi reading of the connected object?

- 4670(8 months ago)

G'day Greg,

Unfortunately, the Coleman Quickpumps aren't designed to generate air pressure, only air volume. There simply isn't enough 'guts' in these pumps to achieve what is required for inflating tyres or notably air tents, which is why there is no gauge.

- Snowys(8 months ago)

Deflate Exped1 answer

Hi, Will this help deflate the exped megamat duo and if so does the nozzles fit the deflate valves on the mat? Also the same with the Kings queen self-inflating mat?

- Toowoomba South(11 months ago)

G’day Oskar,

The Coleman Quickpump Rechargeable 12V/240V pump sure can be used to deflate the Megamat Duo, and it should be compatible with most airbed valves.

We haven’t heard of a Kings Queen self-inflating mat, but this pump does come with a few different nozzles so there should be something to fit that mat. 

- Snowys(11 months ago)

Time to recharge?2 answers

Approximately how long does it take to recharge on 12v please?

- Marrawah(1 year ago)

G'day Bruce, great question! Coleman don't seem to list this information anywhere, so leave it with me and I'll see what I can find out for you. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Hi Bruce, 

I've just spoken with Coleman and they say there is no official timeframe, but they've said that it would be approx 12 hours as it's slightly longer compared to 240V. Just to note, we always recommend that if you charge via 12V that you do it while it's running so that you don't flatten the battery of your car to be on the safe side. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Direct power function1 answer

Hi, When battery is fully drained, does it start working as soon as connected to any power source or will have to wait for battery to recharge ? Thanks

- 3060(1 year ago)

G'day Imran, 

I've just had a look at the instructions, and they say that the pump won't operate when the charger is plugged in - so you will have to recharge the Coleman Quickpump before you use it again. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

12 volt ?1 answer

G'day, i see the 240 volt adapter. Just wondering if it has a 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter as well?

- Lake Tabourie(1 year ago)

G'day Jono,

Yes this fantastic Quickpump comes with both the standard plug-in 240 volt cord for using where you have mains power as well as a cigarette 12 volt power adaptor for use in your vehicle.

The beauty of this premium Quickpump is that it is rechargeable, allowing you to use it where you don't have direct access to your car lighter socket or mains power. Verstility in a little red package!

- Snowys(1 year ago)

How long will a full charge last?2 answers

Say you go on a trip and set up and pack up at a few different spots. Will this pump a queen double height durarest mattress up more than once? thanks

- alkimos(1 year ago)
G'day Aaron - That's a great question. I haven't any official numbers for you - Coleman don't seem to supply them. But, from what I've heard, you'd probably get a handful of inflates and deflates on a change. I have put the question to one of our blog writers who happens to have - and swear by - one of these. I'll see what he has to say and will get back to you. Hope that helps. Cheers, Paul
- Snowys(1 year ago)
G'day again Aaron - I have heard back from Barry Peters who is one of our blog writers. He owns one of these pumps and has this to say of the battery capacity: "On this trip [they're up visiting sections of the old Ghan railway] we so far have had 5 inflations and deflations and it is still going strong. Average inflation time is 1 minute 7 seconds and deflation about 20 seconds." Hope that helps. Cheers, Paul
- Snowys(1 year ago)

what is max psi and flow rate?1 answer

what is warrantee?

- brisbane(1 year ago)
Hi Noel, that's a good question. Unfortunately that sort of testing has not been done on this pump so we're not able to give you a figure. It will vary depending on the size of the airbed you're inflating, but you could expect it to take a couple of minutes. I hope this helps, please give us a call if you need further information. 1300 914 007
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Fit?1 answer

Hi does "Coleman Quickpump Rechargeable 12V/240V" fit "Hi-Country 4WD Mat Double"? Assume it inflates and deflates? Also free post to Mornington Vic 3931?

- MORNINGTON, VIC(2 years ago)
We are not familiar with the Hi-Country 4WD mats sorry Nicole. It looks like they are self inflating which negates the need for a pump. That being said, this Coleman pump has adapters to suit most inflatable products, and has a side valve for deflation also. As for delivery, it's free anywhere in Victoria.
- Snowys(2 years ago)
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