Ep66 – Campsite Q&A’s #4 with Ben & Lauren (Part 2)

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From putting a stop to sandy sleeping bags, to advice for averting mice from your Tupperware,

your campsite questions are covered in Part 2 of our fourth Q&A episode!

Sweep off the sand, butter the damper – and prepare to get bogged down in campsite fails, the camp food we praise, and the clobber we’ve bailed on.


00:00 – Intro

01:09 – Will Snowys ever open a store in Victoria or Sydney?

02:15 – Essentials for Beach Camping, and Tips for Keeping the Sand out of the Swag / Tent?

07:31 – Advice on Tent Security (and Storing Spare Keys)?

11:42 – Items you Thought Would be Useless but Were Useful, and Vice-Versa?

15:56 – Funniest Camp Fail?

21:32 – Gazebos – Necessary Additional Family Shelter, or Storage Space Waster?

22:14 – Any Chance of a Review of the 23Zero Duck Down Trail Blanket?

23:24 – Practicality of Extended Overland Trips in an SUV/Wagon/Car, Versus the More Built-Out 4WDs/RVs/Camper Vans/Caravans?

25:39 – Favourite Meal to Cook When Camping / Meal Ideas?

27:44 – What is Safer: to Keep Your Lithium Battery (Plugged Into Solar Panels and a Fridge) in a 6 x 4  Trailer, a Tent, or on a Blanket on the Ground?

30:06 – Securing Food from Pests?

32:51 – Do Either of you Own a Camper Trailer or a Caravan? What are Your Hacks?

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4WDing in the Wet

How to Make Damper in a Camp Oven


Supa Peg Standard Guy Rope Trace Springs

Supa Peg Polycarbonate Sand Pegs

Collapsible Space Saving 30L Silicone Storage Tub

OZtrail EVA Foam Floor Mat

Oztent Mesh Floor Savers

Collapsible Space Saving Rectangular Tub Set of 4

Jaffle iron

Companion Rover Lithium Power Station

Category Pages:

Pegs, Poles & Repair

Sleeping Gear


Roof Top Tents & Awnings

Fridges & Coolers

A tent is set up on the sand in the afternoon sun. There are two camp chairs positioned to the right, a blue esky to the left, and some pop-up storage shelves by the entrance. Inside is an air mattress with bedding.

For beach camping, Ben and Lauren recommend choosing tents with fine mesh. Credit: Coleman

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