Ep65 – Campsite Q&A’s #4 with Ben & Lauren (Part 1)

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To the foodies looking to expand on their campsite cuisine, the gadget geeks busting for another JetBoil in their cookware collection, and the ever-evolving outdoors people looking to match the standards of our Snowys fam…

We see you. We hear you.

In Part One of our fourth Q&A episode, we take a handful of your campsite questions from the metaverse to our podcast room, where they’re answered by your trusted Snowys gear experts.


00:00 – Intro

00:31 – Q&As

03:39 – Can you repair a sleeping mat if it leaks at the seams or valves – and if so, how?

06:39 – Will the JetBoil Genesis Basecamp come to Australia – and if so, when?

09:29 – What are the essential spare items that Kev would take for extended caravan traveling, off-road?

11:42 – Do you two each have an Instagram account, so we can see your setups as well?

15:10 – What are the recommended meal and preparation ideas for camping, specifically for stove cooking?

17:32 – Personal camping essentials, upgrades, original gear, current gear, and reasons behind any alterations?

26:04 – Use-case tips on Dometic icebox sizes – including packing standard-sized items to assess how they fit, and how to subsequently determine a suitable size?

27:38 – When are you going to come and visit all your fans at the Brendale store?

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Categories and Brands:



Caravan Accessories


Hiking Socks


12-Volt Camp Lights


4WD Awnings

Drawer Fridges

Eskies and Iceboxes


MSR PocketRocket 2

Supex sullage hose joiner

Dometic 12/240-Volt vacuum sealer

Dometic vacuum sealer roll 2-pack

Blacksmith Camping Supplies Australian-made coffee kit bags

Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash

Nature Play SA bird and wildflowers book

MSR multi-fuel bottle

Gasmate gas cylinder

MSR multi-fuel stove

Companion gas hose

Campfire cast iron camp oven

Southern Metal Spinners Aussie camp oven

myCOOLMAN dual-zone portable fridge/freezer (85L)


The Australian Gas Association (AGA)

The Australian Camp Oven Festival

Outside their tent, two campers are sitting in camp chairs and one is standing nearby. All three are eating lunch and chatting. The campsite is green and leafy, and the campers are rugged up in dark clothing.

Lauren is keen to produce an episode purely centred around campsite meals. Credit: Oztent

A Blacksmith Camping Supplies coffee kit bag sits on a wooden table,  unzipped. Beside it is a percolator, insulated mug, and some coffee beans resting on their brown paper bag.

Among his must-have hygiene essentials, Ben’s personal camping essentials include his beloved Blacksmith Camping Supplies coffee kit bag! Credit: Blacksmith Camping Supplies

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