Ep104 – Awnings for Adventure

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From a weather shelter to a private space…

the all-too-adaptable awning is the sail of your four-wheeled ship. In this episode, Ben and Lauren throw some serious shade in only the best ways, shedding light instead on the awnings designed for 4WDs and vehicles.

Be it how to mount, when to peg out, the types that pull out, or the styles that curve around – tune in for all there is to know about the ultimate setup extender ahead of your next escape!

A 4WD on a beach with the Supa Peg Outbound Shield 6 Freestanding awning expanded.

The all-too-adaptable awning is like the sail of your four-wheeled ship. Credit: Supa Peg


00:00 – Intro

02:19 – 4WD and Vehicle Awnings

03:22 – The Awning

05:39 – Ideal Vehicle Awning Setups

09:09 – Shade

10:33 – Installation

15:09 – Roof Racks

19:18 – Mounting Bracket Requirements

20:29 – Preventing Flexing

23:35 – Dual Cabs

25:45 – Mounting with a Roof Top Tent

27:20 – Pull-Out / Roll-Out Awnings

30:40 – 180-Degree Awnings

34:37 – 270-Degree Awnings

39:10 – Freestanding and Non-Freestanding

42:40 – Stick-On Awnings and Other Alternatives

45:14 – Pros and Cons of Awnings

46:40 – Summary

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4WD Awnings & Accessories

Darche Eclipse 180 Awning Gen 2

Darche Eclipse 270 Awning Gen 2

23ZERO Falcon 270 Passenger Side Awning

23ZERO Osprey 270 Awning

CampBoss Boss Shadow 270 XL Awning

Hard Korr 270 Degree Extra Large Freestanding Awning LHS

Supa Peg Outbound Shield 6 Freestanding Awning

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