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Multi Camp Mat

8 sizes available from: $ $119.90
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Originally, and successfully designed as a tactical deployable helimat for the armed forces, the dirt and dust suppressant features of the C-Gear multimat can now be enjoyed by campers and 4WD alike. It's made with multi-layer knitted technology that enabled sand and dirt to fall through the mat and not return to the surface.

This significantly reduced the amount of dust stirred up by a landing helicopter, but in your campsite this means comfortable, dirt and dust free flooring for your camp kitchen, annex or shelter. It is also a preferred mat by caravan parks as it allows the grass underneath to breathe and won't leave a large dead patch upon departure. 

The Multi-Mat is super long lasting with UV stabilisers, rip-stop construction and durable terminations around the edges. Once you've used a C-Gear Multimat, you'll never go back to a regular tarpaulin.

Unfortunately, footwear is unavailable in our Brendale, QLD store.
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