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Is camping therapeutic?

Is camping a type of therapy?

by Ben Collaton on 22nd August 2013 in Camping Tips | 6 comments

“Research conducted by the Liverpool John Moores University in the United Kingdom shows that 93 per cent of campers believe the experience makes them happier.”
Source: SA Caravan and Camping Show website

I don’t think I have ever used the words “camping” and “therapy” in the same sentence before.

I have always gone camping simply because I enjoyed it, I like using all my gear, sleeping in my tent, spending time with my family, and food always tastes better cooked on the campfire.

Following recent events in my life, I felt the need to be somewhere where I had some space, silence and simplicity, somewhere to rationalize my thoughts. I needed to be in the outdoors, I needed a camping trip.

Due to the unorganised state of my camping gear, a small window of opportunity, and really, really bad weather, I did not manage the impromptu camping trip I needed.

Space to collect your thoughts

But it did highlight to me that I get much more out of a camping trip than I realized. I don’t just go camping for fun, I also need it as a type of therapy, to bring my self back to a sort of reality, to keep perspective on the important things in my life.

I needed to use my camping gear, I enjoy packing my car, pitching my tent, using my headtorch and lighting a fire. I wanted time to appreciate the small things, like the sound of light rain on my tent fly, cold morning air on my face, and the way the stars shine brighter in the wilderness.

I looked forward to getting up early so I can see my breath in the icy cold air while I make coffee, and I craved some really simple camp food. The type that would taste somewhat ordinary at home, but is an incredibly mouth watering delight when prepared on a campfire.

The best part of camping though, is the quality time I spend with my family.

There are no distractions that day to day life tempts us with, you don’t get reminded of your “to do” list every time you walk past it, no television, radio, no phone… if you turn it off. You can focus solely on yourself, and your family.

I now think of camping as a “natural therapy”, one which is much cheaper than many prescribed therapies offered to us nowadays. It is also very accessible, and it’s simple to get started, just ask the staff at Snowys how you could be enjoying the great outdoors next weekend!

Share this article with anyone you think could do with a dose of “camping therapy”.

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Ben Collaton

Ben Collaton

Trekker, climber, mountain biker, runner, camper, participator in most things, master of none.

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  • Morgan says:

    Nice one Ben! Totally want to go camping now!

  • Jake Taylor says:

    Yes, you can say that camping is kind of a therapy. There are many things that need to be done in camping, which are like an mental and physical exercise. I f you have someone with you who could guide you through camping like an therapy, it could also work like it.

  • Bea Myers Bea Myers says:

    Hi Ben,
    I totally agree there is nothing like getting into the great outdoors for some “Natural Therapy”. Really feeling the earth under your feet, listening to the dawn chorus as the birds begin their day, your mind focused on the sound of running water, the magical display of a sunrise or sunset. Moments that can be relive anytime you need them.


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