How to go to the Toilet When Camping or Hiking


Nobody really wants to talk about it, but going to the toilet in the bush isn’t as simple as dropping your dacks and letting nature take its course. There are a few things that you’ve got to keep in mind to make sure that you’re being a considerate camper (and crapper).

What are your toileting options?

While there are a range of portable toilets available out there ranging from the more sophisticated (and flushable) Portapotti for the glampers of the world, the easy to set up and very portable Thunderbox, and the Kookaburra Portable Toilet for quick emergency roadside stops for the kids – it’s still good to polish up on your bush toileting etiquette for those times when you’ve just got to go.

If none of those choices are available…

If you’re about to head off on a new adventure where the nearest long drop is miles away, or you want to leave your portable loo at home – then you might want to read our guide on going to the toilet when you’re off the beaten track.

Guide to going to the toilet in the bush


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