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Jimmy's Thunderbox Toilet


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When nature calls out in the bush, grab the portable toilet favoured by many Aussies, the Campers Comfort Jimmy’s Thunderbox. Designed to match the height and seat size as the toilet at home so you can sit back and enjoy your morning ritual with ease.

Offering a comfortable wooden seat and sturdy and strong galvanised steel base that can handle a body weight of up to 230kg, Jimmy’s Thunderbox requires no assembly and takes just mere seconds to set up. Simply line the toilet with a bucket or In-viro™ degradable toilet bags to catch your, erm… deposits.

Super easy to clean with a bit of water and a stiff brush, Jimmy’s Thunderbox weights just 4.2kg and packs down very flat into the included canvas carry bag for easy storage and transportation.

  • Same height and seat size as home toilet
  • Comfortable, strong and easy to clean
  • Erects in seconds
  • Weight capacity of 230kg
  • Line with a bucket or In-viro™ degradable toilet bags
  • Packs flat into included canvas carry bag
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Black Melamine Seat
External Dimensions:
41W x 39H x 41D cm
Packed Dimensions:
41L x 41W x 4H cm
Seat Height:
39 cm
Galvanised Steel | MDF Seat
4.2 Kg
1 Year
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Nov 19 2017

My 2nd

Had one for years. This is its replacement, and the quality is still there. I haven't used the new one yet. The only thing I thought about (after ordering), is how hot will the black top get? My last one was mdf, which I put a laquer on.

- Loxton
May 31 2017

Get a Thunderbox!

As a baby boomer with shot knees, the normal 'shovel in the bush' dunny wasn't working too well. Enter Jimmy and his Thunderbox! Joy! Delight! No pain (in the knees!) Just get one, don't hesitate. And buy it from Snowy's, they are the duck's guts! Didn't take photos, for obvious reasons...

- Oak PArk
Response from Snowys May 31 2017

Haha, kinda glad you didn't! Laine :)

Apr 26 2017


Hi Guys,

This is our second Thunderbox and it is great.

As Track Care WA, we are a volunteer organization which looks after the Canning Stock Route and builds Toilets, Shelters, Campgrounds, and refurbishes wells. While we are camped at a well in one spot to build a Dunny, we need a Thunderbox until the new one is finished.

I also volunteer for Desert Discovery Inc. – another Volunteer Organisation which does Scientific Biological Surveys into the Desert every second year. We also have 2 Thunderboxes in use there, and we love them to bits.

The one you have just supplied us will depart for the CSR on 6 May and be in demand while we build a new Toilet at Well 15 for the Birriliburu Community.

It will be again called upon for the trip after, departing 1 June where we are planning to build a new Campsite for the Ngurrara Community at Well 49 on the CSR.

We will probably need more over time as we do more Projects simultaneously, so we might be in touch in the future.

- Singleton, WA
May 10 2016

thunder box

great toilet but got damaged in transit I fixed it up all good great to deal with snowys all the time thank you


Usage with bucket1 answer

In the description there is mention that bags or bucket can be used. I gather with a bucket (used by a female) your biodegradable bags would fit? Also is the thunder box easy to clean on the inside?

- Melbourne(10 months ago)

Hi Emmy, 

This toilet is designed primarily to sit over a hole in the ground. The In-viro degradable toilet bags mentioned in the description (which we don't stock at this time) are used to line the inside to keep it clean – the brand recommends that you cut a hole out of the bottom of the bag and place it inside– which you can read about in detail here.

The second method is to use a bag on top of a bucket and then put it under the Thunderbox. As far as I can find, this toilet isn’t designed to be used with just a bag attached to catch waste, so I apologise if the description is confusing. We do sell the Elemental brand biodegradable bags which are designed to fit over a bucket here.

As for cleaning, the manufacturer recommends that you use water and a stiff brush if it does get dirty. 

- Snowys(10 months ago)

So the dissposable bags fit into this1 answer

how do myou attach bags to collect the mess what weight can it support

- PORT MACQUARIE(3 years ago)
Hi Keith, these are best used over a hole in the ground, but you can put bags inside. The biodegradable liners we can get are not big enough for these toilets, we recommend purchasing large biodegradable bin liners from a supermarket large enough to fit over a 40 x 40cm box.
- Snowys(3 years ago)