Why Your Next Holiday Should be an Adventure


We all love a leisurely holiday where we can hang up our feet and relax to forget our worries about work or studies. It’s common for people to choose a short stay on a tropical island sipping on cocktails and sleeping in a bungalow while eating seafood at the local fine dining restaurant.

However, we think that your next travel would be better if it was an adventure holiday – and here’s why…

Man looking out at the scenery from high up in a mountain top

Do something every day that scares you!

What is an adventure holiday?

First, what is an adventure holiday? Well, we would say that an adventure holiday can be a range of activities but probably doesn’t include martinis at the local Hyatt. An adventure holiday is an exciting experience that is typically a bold, sometimes risky undertaking that usually involves some kind of physical and challenging activity. There’s an endless list for adventure holidays, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Hiking/trekking
  • Camping
  • Climbing
  • Kayaking
  • Cycle touring
  • Backpacking
  • Overland road trip
  • Horse riding
  • Winter sport activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice climbing, etc.
  • Camel trekking in the desert
  • Canyoning
  • Learning a water sport such as surfing, diving, wakeboarding, etc.
  • Skydiving
  • Abseiling

People in the snowy mountains in Georgia

Hiking in the snowy mountains in Georgia.

10 reasons why your next holiday should be an adventure

On an adventure holiday, your priorities tend to shift. You’re no longer focused on treating yourself and indulging in cocktails and local delicacies at fancy restaurants. Instead, you are getting back to the wilderness and learning to re-ground yourself. Possibly, you are learning new skills, keeping active and enjoying your natural surroundings.

1. It’s good for your health

An adventure holiday will usually include some kind of challenging physical activity. You will likely be tested physically and will probably be in better shape after the holiday than when you left. Why get a belly on a holiday when you can get a 6 pack (and we don’t mean beer).

Additionally, being outside in nature with fresh air and getting peaceful sleep will be great for both your physical and mental wellbeing. You might even feel more refreshed after an adventure holiday than a leisure holiday where you go home with a full stomach and a massive hangover.

Woman driving off amongst flora and fauna on a bicycle

The fresh air and exercise will do wonders for your mind and body.

1. You get to try new things

The 9am to 5pm daily grind can make life feel stagnant with no flavour or excitement. Eventually, you can get lost in the repetition and your daily drive begins to slow down. An adventure holiday could be your ticket to pop the bubble of this mundane routine.

There is nothing that can get those endorphins running like trying new things and visiting new places, reminding us why we go to work in the first place.

Woman pushing snow out of her hiking tent near her two bikes

The memories you create will last a lifetime. 

3. You’re able to create lasting memories

You can create your own individual experience that diverts away from the generic holiday. Do something that your friends and colleagues don’t do when they are on holidays. Provide yourself with a story and a memory rather than eating, drinking and sleeping at an expensive resort or hotel.

A woman sitting down on the ground cooking a meal at her hiking campsite

Challenge yourself by not using traditional accommodation.

4. It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself

We’ve all heard the saying “do something every day that scares you!”. We are not so sure that you can actually find something to scare you every single day but you could organise an adventure holiday that will be challenging enough to scare you out of that comfort zone and snap you back into reality.

If you’re excited by the unfamiliar just as we are, you will find it extremely rewarding when attempting a real challenge that makes you think “should I?” or “can I?”. Before you know it, you will have reached your goal.

Woman on rocks in Cave city in Turkey

Discovering Cava city in Turkey.

5. You will discover so much

There’s a wide range of new fun activities and places to explore out there. An adventure holiday could take you to discover new countries and cultures or learn something new about a country you already know. What does Australia look like just before you jump out of a plane?

You might be inclined to discover more about yourself. Whatever it is, an adventure holiday is all about the word discover.

Black and brown horses eating in a field

Getting back to nature will reset you. 

6. You can reconnect with nature

We believe everyone needs a regular fresh dose of nature. Adventure holidays and nature go hand-in-hand. You will be refreshed and centred after re-connecting with nature and all it has to offer.

7. It’s a chance to reset yourself

It’s typical for people to plan to return from holiday feeling relaxed and stress relieved, but what about feeling soul nourished, strong and proud. An adventure tour engages your body, mind, and soul in a way that is otherwise hard to experience both in your daily life or on a luxurious vacation.

Man lying in tent with a dog peaking through the door

You can save money on an adventure trip. 

8. You can save money

Adventure holidays can be very cheap! It’s common for adventure tourists to be self-supportive during their travels. Therefore, you won’t spend money on expensive restaurants or sometimes you might not even have to worry about hotels if you’re camping.

People kneeling around a long sheet in the shape of a dinner table whilst eating

Meeting and eating with the locals.

9. It’s an opportunity to be intimate with the local culture

Adventure holidays will usually take you away from luxury tourist centres and into the local areas. This gives you an opportunity to experience new cultures and traditions. Travelling overseas in a country with a different culture to your own provides you with an insight into what can seem like a whole new world.

Meeting and hanging out with the locals is an adventure within itself as you may get the opportunity to see different traditions and ceremonies.

Person doing a handstand on a large rock by the sea

You only live one, so seize the day!

10. You only live once

You only live once. We don’t want to get to the end of your life wondering what if? Instead, say yes to those opportunities and adventures now that you will be proud to say you achieved.


What’s the best adventure you’ve ever been on? 

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