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Vanquish Spin 550 LI Lantern

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You know what scented candles are for? Creating a fragrant ambience. Not for lighting up your house in a power blackout. Make sure you’re not trapped in the dark during an outage, by getting yourself a Vanquish Push 550 Lithium Lantern from Coleman.

Not only is this lantern great to keep in your store cupboard – it’s great to take along on your next camping trip it can be hung up or set on the ground for a reliable source of light at night.  This bad boy is rechargeable, which means you’ll never have to buy batteries for your lantern again. To charge this thing up, all you have to do is plug it in using a micro USB cable, and the indicator will tell you when you’re good to go.

The comfort grip top handle is good for taking along on a night ramble or for when there’s a blackout and you need to carry it around with you. With 4 light modes, you’ve got every setting you need including flashing for emergencies.

  • Charge indicator at the top of the lantern
  • Micro USB rechargeable
  • 4 modes- high, medium, low and flashing
  • Uses rechargeable Li-Ion battery – spin to turn on and off
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
External Dimensions:
15.5W x 13.5D x 28H cm
Packed Dimensions:
15.5W x 13.5D x 28H cm
Plastic with over-moulded edges
Light Source:
High 550 | Low 50
Integrated Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Run Time:
High 4 hrs | Low 80 hrs
Approx. Weight inc. Batt's:
0.955 Kg
Suggested Use:
1 Year

(4 reviews)
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Jan 04 2018

Poor Light Output

For a camping lantern this one ticks most boxes. It is convenient to use and the battery locking function is great.
The USB charge slot is also great for piggybacking other LED lights.

The one downside though - light output. This thing sucks. The light is dull and really annoying in your eyes. It seems that the frosting needs to be deeper and the full height of the clear panel. It just gets in my eyes too much.

- Meadowbank, NSW
Aug 06 2017


Arrived next day - great service.
Lantern is excellent. Recommended.

- 5048
Jan 21 2017

Nice Lantern

After looking online at the many options of rechargeable lanterns i chose this one. Only using it around the house when we have blackouts. Great bang for your buck if you can get it on special like i did $89.90. Everywhere else was $130. Probably wouldn't of got it if i had to pay full price though. What really blew me away was the service. I ordered it online one night about 1am in the morning & 12 hours later by about 1.30pm it was at my front door by courier. AMAZING service. would of given 5 stars if it was dimmable but the 4 light modes still make it pretty awesome

- Adelaide
Jan 14 2017

Pretty good

Pretty good lantern, when it attracts bugs they do all seem to get inside the lantern so you then need to dismantle it to clean it out after a trip. USB charge is handy but charging an iPhone will run it flat real quick.

- 3095

Turned on while charging1 answer

Hi Snowys, Can this run continuously while plugged in? Or does it have a mode to bypass the battery entirely.

- Melbourne(1 year ago)

G'day Gareth, 

I've just spoken with Coleman, and they've said that you will be able to turn the Vanquish Spin 440 LI lantern on while it's charging, but just keep in mind that will not charge as quickly as when it is turned off. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

What car chargers work with the Coleman?1 answer

What attachment do I need to be able to charge the Coleman Vanquish from the car lighter? Do you sell any that fit?

- Gunderman(1 year ago)

G'day Liz,

Any USB Car Charger will do the trick if you're wanting to charge in the car. The cable included is USB (car end) to Micro-USB (lantern end).

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Lithium Ion battery capacity1 answer

Hi, How much is Lithium Ion battery capacity?

- Runcorn(1 year ago)

G'day Joe, 

So I've just had a look at the display model, and it says that the lithium Ion battery is 3.7V or 16.3wh. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Can a mobile phone power bank be used to charge this lantern?1 answer

Hi Snowys, can I use a battery power bank that you'd use to charge an iPhone to also charge this lantern? Just trying to think of ways charge the lantern if there isn't a 240V wall socket nearby.

- Lane Cove(1 year ago)

Howdy Daniel. Yes a power bank should be able to charge this lantern, however it may not take it to a full charge. The best way to charge one away from home would be to purchase a reputable in car phone charger which will take the lantern up to full charge. Cheers!

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Does the lantern come with a charger?1 answer

Hi Snowys does the lantern come with any charging accessories? Thanks.

- Melbourne(1 year ago)

G'day Dan, 

It sure does! The Coleman Vanquish Spin 550 LI Lantern comes with a charger, as well as a battery and USB cord. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

How long does it take to charge from being flat1 answer

Hi team....on 240v can u tell us how long it will take to charge. Also, can this charge from a USB car socket or 12v lighter socket...thanks JJ

- Hampton(1 year ago)

G'day JJ,

Yes, this lantern can be charged via a Micro USB cable. You can also purchase a generic car charger and plug in a Micro USB cable if you would like to charge it from your lighter socket in your car.

Charging time for the first charge should be a minimum length of 24 hours to really condition that battery, then it should only take around the 6-10 hours each time after that.

It is always best to give your lantern a charge every 6 months regardless of whether you use it or not, just to ensure that the battery is kept in great condition. Cheers!

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Battery life & charge time1 answer

Hi Snowys, first, thanks for your time to answer me. My question would be quit common. Can I purchase a replace battery ? How much is it? How long can I use the better? How many hours would be a full charge? Can I use my cigarette light power charge it ? Cause I am not traveler. I may use it 3-4 times a year. So what type of lantern will you recommend? (550 Li lanter or Vanquish Push 450 Lantern ?) Which one will be long time using? I look forward to hearing your response. Thanks Gary

- QLD(1 year ago)

G'day Gary, 

The Vanquish Spin 550 Li Lantern has a rechargeable battery so theoretically you won't need to replace it. A replacement battery isn't an off the shelf item, but if you had an issue with that - we could sort it out for you. 

This lantern will last you 4 hrs on high, and 80 hrs on low, and it recharges using a 240V power source to charge. 

The main differences between the Push 450 and the Spin 550 is that the push has less lumens (450 lumens) and is not rechargeable.

I'd say that one isn't better than the other, it will just come down to whether you would prefer to recharge your lantern, or purchase new batteries when they run out.

- Snowys(1 year ago)

How much light does this lantern produce on the 50 lumens setting (50 lumens clearly!) - but is this enough to light up a four person tent and allow the occupants to read at night?1 answer

How much light does this lantern produce on the 50 lumens setting (50 lumens clearly!) - but is this enough to light up a four person tent and allow the occupants to read at night?

- Macleod Vic(1 year ago)

G'day Patrick,

From testing the Vanquish Spin 550 Lantern in store, I’d say that I would personally find the low setting (50 lumens) not bright enough to read in a dark space – but it really is going to depend on what you prefer personally.

On low, you would have to hold your book/tablet quite close to the lantern to see really well, I would say that a higher setting may be better to avoid straining your eyes.

Keep in mind that the average 40 watt lightbulb equals 450 lumens – so if you think about how bright a whole room is with 40 watts, 50 lumens is going to be significantly less than that if that helps. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)
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