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Tourer 450 Fast Frame Tent

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If you love to hit the road and explore, but you just don’t have the time to do it as much as you would like - then the Fast Frame Tourer 450 Cabin Tent will give you the space and convenience you’re after but minus the hefty price tag. With two spacious rooms, you can house 10 adults at full capacity or you can use one for sleeping and one for living. The large awning can be used as a shady spot for hot days, or with the aid of an optional floor guard, you can create an extended living area.

The Fast Frame 450 has a strong steel pole frame with durable non-corrosive plastic hubs and reinforced peg and guy rope points for stability. The inner tent and fly is made from light and durable polyester that protects from UV rays and helps to make this tent completely waterproof. The heat taped seams and PVC coated polyester bucket floor with reinforced corners will keep you dry in wet and windy weather conditions – so there’ll be no damp and disgruntled campers in sight. 

Each window has a storm flap that can be shut with Velcro which will keep out wind-driven rain. You’ll also get plenty of airflow from the No-See-Um mesh which will prevent any insects from making a surprise appearance inside your tent. To set up simply lay it flat, unfold the knuckles, extend the legs out, add the fly over the top and then set up the awning and you’re good to go!

  • 2 rooms
  • Mesh and Fabric zippered panels on the D-shaped easy entry door
  • No-see-um mesh for insect protection
  • Side and front walls to enclose front awning are available separately
  • Power cord access point, light attachment point, wall organizer pocket and loft organizer included
  • Carry bag included
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
Sleeping Capacity:
10 Person
External Dimensions:
450L x 480W cm
Sleeping Area:
430L x 280W cm
Packed Dimensions:
123L x 29W x 29H cm
Max. Head Height:
190 cm
150D Ripstop Polyester
Inner Material:
Polyester | No-See-Um Mesh
Floor Material:
150D PVC Coated Polyester
Frame Material:
16/20mm Steel
26.6 Kg
2 Years

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Sep 12 2017

Tourer 450 Fast Frame Tent

Great tent love the design, it is big enough for our family of 6. The side and front walls add a lot of room and privacy and the ground mat is great quality although they do add a fare bit to the price. Overall very happy with the tent. The reason I only give it 4 stars are the floor material seems a little bit to light duty so definitely recommend getting the ground mat, and a poor design on the telescopic poles at the back with the lock button against the fly made the poles collapse a couple of times on our first weekend camping. Made two small caps that fit over the buttons so we shouldn't have that problem again. But a pretty silly design floor that oztent should have picked up on. Would still recommend though🙂

- Gympie

Close windows from the inside1 answer

Just wondering if the windows can also be zipped closed from the inside like the Coleman gold tents to save you going around the outside closing them if you just want to do a quick change?

- Newcastle(3 months ago)

G'day Ash,

I've just given Oztrail a buzz to confirm this for you. They told me that the Oztrail Tourer 450 Fastframe Tent does have some privacy screens on the inside, so you can get changed without needing to go and close the outside windows. The inside privacy screens don't offer any protection from rain though. 

- Snowys(3 months ago)

Oztrail Fast Frame versus Coleman Instant Up1 answer

Hi, I am trying to find the best tent for our family of 5 and prefer the awning and side wall options of the Oztrail Tourer 450 but reviews seem to suggest that the quality/ventilation of the Coleman Instant Up 10 is better than the Tourer 450?? Do you think this is right especially as the Tourer is more expensive than the Coleman?? Also do you know if there is any set up time difference between the Oztrail Fast Frames and the Coleman Instant Ups? Finally I've read that the floor divider in the Coleman can be a trip hazard, does the Oztrail have the same room divider design? (I realize the Tourer is out of stock until July but I'm happy to wait if it is the better tent for us). Thanks so much for your help!

- Burleigh/QLD(4 months ago)

Hi Dee,

In terms of ventilation, the Instant Up does have floor vents which will give you more air flow in comparison to a Tourer tent.

It would seem that the Tourer has a higher price as it does come with the option to add accessories to the awning.

In terms of setting them up, there isn’t going to be a huge difference as they are a similar size and layout, so we couldn’t say that one was faster than the other.

Both tents have a room divider. The Instant Up isn’t stitched into the floor though (you can see this in the 4th image on the prod page) but we do believe that the Fast Frame is sewn in (though we don’t have one set up to confirm this). You will have to step over the room dividers in both tents, so you won’t be able to avoid that. 

The main difference here is the usability of the awning, so if you want to be able to extend your living area then the Tourer would be the better choice.

I hope this was helpful and answered all of your questions, but you have any other queries, feel free to give our customer service team a buzz on 1300 914 007 and they’d be happy to talk you through the range. 

- Snowys(4 months ago)

Centre divider1 answer

Is the centre wall divider in the Oztrail Tourer 450 just flyscreen mesh or does it have a non-see-through option too? And is there access through the divider from room to room internally? Thanks.

- 5127(6 months ago)

G'day Sel,

One of our staff member's sons have this tent, so he was able to answer this one for you. He let me know that the dividing wall is a solid wall, so you can create two rooms. It also zips down the middle to create a curtain type door so that you can move from one room to the other if you'd like to.

- Snowys(6 months ago)

Poles Strength 2 answers

Hi, I hear one of the most important things is the strength of the poles. How do you rate these poles? For whatever reason a pole breaks or snaps, can you get replacement poles from Oztrail for this tent?

- Melbourne (9 months ago)

G'day Troy,

The strength of the Oztrail Tourer 450 Fast Frame Tent poles is definitely far less than that of other similar types of tents in our range. In any strong wind or stormy weather, I would be encouraging that you consider pulling any Oztrail Tourer Fast Frame Tent down to avoid damage to the poles. It really is a case here that you get what you pay for and pole strength is a key determining factor in the price point.

- Snowys(9 months ago)

G'day Bobby,

If you're looking for a slightly stronger tent in a similar mould, then I would suggest either one of the Oztent RV Tents or a Black Wolf Turbo Tent.

- Snowys(4 months ago)

do you have a video on the setup of the fast frame 450.1 answer

Can onloy see a video on the smaller fast frame models. nothing on the 450 or 420.

- VIC(11 months ago)

G'day David, 

I can't seem to find a video of the Fast Frame 450 online, and we don't have one on this tent ourselves. We do have quite a busy video schedule at the moment, but I will let our videographer know so he can add it to the list. 

- Snowys(11 months ago)

Accessories1 answer

Does the tent/floor guard etc include pegs or do you need to get them separately?

- Winston Hills(1 year ago)

G'day Belinda,

The Oztrail Tourer 450 Floor Guard does come with pegs included.

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Oztrail media centre pocket1 answer

Hi I have the previous model fast frame tourer 450, I was just wondering if the oztrail media centre pocket will fit.

- Brisbane (1 year ago)

G'day Darren,

I've just called Oztrail and while the old model Fast Frame Tourer 450 isn't listed as a compatible tent, they believe it will fit. However, they also pointed out that they don't know of anyone who has tried. Unfortunately, we don't have any more old model Fast Frame Tourer or the media centre in stock (although we can order the media centre in) for me to double check this.

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Head height- where measured? And can the front awning be folded away when not needed?1 answer

After where the head clearance is measured from e.g. Centre or side wall edges?

- Silverdale(1 year ago)

G'day Matt, 

The Design of the Fast Frame means that you can't pull it back when you don't want it there, you'd likely have to take the whole fly off (which we probably wouldn't recommend). As for height - we measure the maximum height from the highest point of the centre of the tent, not the sides. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Tent floor size1 answer

I thought tent floor size was 450x300 - seems to be backed up by labels on product and Oztrail website. Are the floor dimensions equal to the Blackwolf 450?

- Orange(1 year ago)

Howdy John,

The footprint for both these tents are almost identical, with an extra 10cm in length on the Black Wolf 450 Cabin tent. The difference comes in the sleeping area with the Black Wolf being a bigger unit inside.

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Comparison to Black Wolf Turbo Lite 4502 answers

Hi, I am just wondering if you can highlight some of the differences between the Fast Frame 450 and the Black Wolf Turbo Lite 450. They appear to be very similar tents, but at vastly different price points. Essentially trying to work out what the extra $$ gets you and if it's worth it. Thanks!

- Melrose Park(1 year ago)

G'day Travis, 

The Turbo Lite overall is going to be a more hardwearing than the Fast Frame as the poles are stronger, and the materials are a step up in terms of quality compared to the Fast Frame.

That’s not to say the Fast Frame is a bad tent, but it is a more wallet-friendly option that’s probably more suitable for occasional use.

The Turbo Lite tent also has more options available for accessories such as the mesh screen room, extenda awning, deluxe side panel options etc. so down the track if you want to add more to your tent that might be something you want to think about.

If you are intending on using your tent a lot, the more robust option is definitely the Turbo. But if you’re planning on keeping it simple, and you only go camping a couple of times a year - then the Fast Frame is the way to go.  

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Hi Emily, Thank for that info - it's greatly appreciated! Cheers, Travis

- Melrose Park(1 year ago)

In Stock?1 answer

Hi there. Do you have these currently in stock?

- Oxley(1 year ago)

Hi Jenny,

I've just looked into this, and it looks we have run out of the Tourer 450 Fast Frame Tent (we just found out yesterday).

We don't have a date of arrival from the supplier, so as far as we know it will be around a 3 month wait - so I do apologise about that Jenny. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Fly3 answers

Is the awning in one piece with the fly? Or separate?

- Oxley(1 year ago)

G'day Jenny, 

The awning is connected to the fly on the Tourer 450 Fast Frame Tent, so they're not seperate items which is what makes setting up this tent so easy. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Sweet! My concern was that rain could come down between the fly and the awning (it looks kinda separate in the pics), but glad to hear that can't happen. :) Do you have these in stock at the moment? If so, how long would it take for delivery to Qld?

- Oxley(1 year ago)

G'day Jenny, 

Delivery to Queensland is approximately 2-4 business days from dispatch, but if you live in a regional area we'd add about 1 extra business day. 

As for stock, I've just checked with our purchasing manager and it looks like we have just run out of this tent. As far as we know we don't have a solid ETA, but it will be approximately 3 months according to the supplier. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Awning size2 answers

Hi, can you please tell me the approx awning size on this tent..

- Cockburn Central(1 year ago)

G'day Jan, 

We couldn't get an answer from Oztrail, and we don't have a 450 on display in store but if we had to hazard a guess we'd say that the awning would extend about 1.8m and the length would be about 4.3m long as the sides do slope a little bit.

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Hi Jan, 

Oztrail have managed to track down the details from their factory and they say that the awning on the Fast Frame Tourer 450 tent is 460cm long and 170cm wide but the length will taper towards the top - so we weren't far off! 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Old vs new model3 answers

Whats the difference between the new model and the older 450? And is it worth the extra dollars? Can pickup the older model for about $100 cheaper

- Ballarat(1 year ago)

G'day Graeme,

The main difference between the two Tourer tents is the size. The new Tourer 450 now claims a capacity of 10 persons, in comparison to the older 420 model capacity of 8.

Also the dimensions have increased to 450L x 480W inclusive of the awning with sleeping area of 430L x 280W, in comparison to the Tourer 420 being 420L x 420w inclusive of the awning with a sleeping area of 400L x 220W. Cheers!

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Nick. You are comparing the 420 with the 450. Not the old 450 with the new 450

- Leichhardt(1 year ago)

Hi Harry, 

I do apologise about the mix up there, I've had a deeper look into this question and I think I can clear up the differences between the old and new Fast Frame Tourer tents for everyone here. 

Aside from the change in colour, from comparing the specs it seems that these are the updates/changes:

- New model has PVC Coated Polyester floor instead of Polyethylene

- Updated model is slightly heavier at 26.6kg vs 23.5kg

- Addition of laminated welded corners on the floor of the tent

- Latest model has a media storage pocket inside the tent

I hope that was more helpful, do let us know if you'd like any more info on the Fast Frame range. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)
Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
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