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SolarPanel 5+

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Nowadays even the most basic traveller needs some sort of device charger for off the road journeys, and this is where the BioLite SolarPanel 5+ comes in. This simple gadget uses BioLite’s Optimal Sun System which is basically a sundial that aligns with the sun to get the maximum power output to charge your device.

This design features a 2200 mAh battery that can be pre-charged for enough juice to power one full phone charge – which is super handy when you’re off the grid. The inbuilt 360° Kickstand enables you to stand it on a flat surface or hang it off a tree, tent or table.

The 5+ model stores energy in its integrated battery so you can attach it to the back of your pack when you’re out trekking during the day and charge your devices at night. This is a great bit of gear for the tech-head who gets twitchy without an electronic device at hands reach!

  • Enough energy to charge a standard smartphone when fully charged
  • Energy output on par with any phone charger
  • Kickstand works in any direction
  • Can charge anything with a USB port
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
External Dimensions:
25.7L x 20.8W x 2.4W cm
Packed Dimensions:
25.7L x 20.8W x 2.4W cm
Plastic | Monocrystalline Panel
Output Power:
5W/hr @ peak sunlight
2200mAh Li-ion
0.390 Kg
Suggested Use:
Camping | Travel | Hiking
1 Year

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May 30 2017

Great addition

Been using this solar panel for 3-4 weeks now and am loving it. Easy to use,recharges quickly, lets you know how it is getting on with the job at any given time, the little analogue sundial seems silly in theory but in practice is great in its simplicity. Fits into the neoprene pouch my laptop lives in, so have good storage for it. Can highly recommend it sofar. And will have a look at their solar stove...

- Perth

Best set up for charging phone?1 answer

Not sure which is the best set up for keeping my phone charged while camping - the solar panel with the battery or the one without the battery and a seperate USB battery power pack?

- Logan(1 month ago)

G'day Karen.

Great question, you could get the Biolite SolarePanel 5 with the inbuilt battery and not need to purchase anything else, or you could get the Biolite SolarPanel 5 and a separate USB power pack that you could charge from a wall charger too. It's really up to you, and whether you already have a pre-existing battery pack.

- Snowys(1 month ago)

Use to power LED strip light?2 answers

Looking into lighting. Can the biolite power an LED strip light. Could you recommend lighting solution. Avoiding gas as i have young kids and tired of poor battery powered lanterns. Not looking to run a fridge at this stage. Power for lightning only. Thanks guys

- Central Coast(12 months ago)

G'day Daniel,

This is a complex question which I'll try to answer in words.

The Biolite Solar Panel 5 is only a 5W panel (at peak sunlight) with 2200mAh Li-ion battery capacity. Unfortunately, I don't think it's the right product for what you're trying to do. Depending on the draw of your LED lighting, you may, but very unlikely be able to power it through the USB connection (many variables here). This Biolite panel is primarily designed for small electronic devices (phones, cameras, GPS units etc). It definitely doesn't have enough kick however to power a fridge.

Would you mind giving our customer support team a call on 1300 914 007 to chat through some options in regards to what can work for you here? They'd be interested in knowing a bit more about the detail of what you're trying to do and how we can get can the right product for you.

- Snowys(12 months ago)

Awesome will get in touch. Thanks

- 2259(12 months ago)
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Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
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