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Scissor Action Strut Kit


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If your Gazebo has been caught in a storm or left unattended it may be in need of some tender loving care. Replace your damaged gazebo struts with this handy Scissor Action Strut Kit from OZtrail.

This kit is easy to attach, all you need is a Philips head screwdriver, and the screws you already have on your frame and you’re ready to go!

A vital gazebo accessory to add to your arsenal – this kit will get your gazebo ready for your pop-up market stall, sporting event or backyard barbeque again in no time.

  • Can be used to replace your damaged struts
  • Attaches easily with just a Philips head screwdriver and your existing frame screws
  • Suits the Deluxe Gazebo, Deluxe Pavilion, Deluxe Mega Gazebo and Deluxe Mega Pavillion from OZtrail
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Packed Dimensions:
146L x 2W x 2H cm
Frame Material:
Powder Coated Steel
0.9 Kg
1 Year

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May 19 2018

Perfect fit.

Purchased two of these kits to replace three broken struts on our 6 meter gazebo. Halved the sissor and partnered it with the original non broken half. Worked a treat. I now have one spare strut for next time. Very happy to see something old and broken come back to life again. Snowys shipping and handling awesome as usual.

- 4055
Feb 25 2017

Doesn't fit standard gazebo as promised

I emailed Snowys to let them know and they said they'd inform IT. Thanks. Great. No solution found here.

- Phillip Island
Response from Snowys Feb 27 2017

G'day Jodi,

I'm sorry if we've offered porky-pie information on the scissor kit... that would've been really frustrating!

We'd like to do our best to make up for it. If you have a free sec, please give us a call on 1300 914 007 so we can organise a return (at our expense). We'll then process a refund right away.

I hope this will help. Laine :) 

Dec 04 2015

Gazebo like new

We broke a couple of struts when a massive gust of wind came up and we realised we hadn't secured the gazebo down. Gazebo became airborne. Thought we would have to replace the whole thing till we saw these and now gazebo is as good as new.

- brown

Can I use this strut for a 3m x 3m Fiesta Gazebo?1 answer

I have a bent strut on a 3m x 3m Fiesta Gazebo. Will these struts fit that gazebo frame? Thanks

- Wangi(3 days ago)

G'day Louise,

These don't fit Fiesta gazebos but I'm sure we can track the correct part down for you. If you email us at explaining that you need Snowys part number 139925 we'll get back to you with a price and availability. 

- Snowys(1 day ago)

Will the oztrail 3x3 replacement strut suit coleman 3x31 answer

Our coleman gazebo 3x3 with lift up awning has a broken strut, coleman don’t seem to have as good of replacement parts and was wondering would the oztrail fit

- Boondall (4 weeks ago)

G'day Steve,

Unfortunately, we don't have a display model of the Coleman gazebo set up currently so I can't confirm this for you. But the general feeling amongst the staff was it won't work. If you'd like us to see if we can get hold of parts for your Coleman, send us an email explaining what model gazebo you have and the part you're chasing and we'll see what we can find out for you. 

- Snowys(4 weeks ago)

3m x 3m alfresco pagoda gazebo design1 answer

Hi, can you confirm this will fit the 3m x 3m alfresco pagoda gazebo design (I believe this may be discontinued)

- Bellerive(10 months ago)

G'day Chris,

I've just had a chat with our warranties and spare parts manager, Nick. He's let me know that unfortunately, the Oztrail Scissor Action Strut Kit is designed to suit the Deluxe 3 x 3m Gazebo, so won't work with your pagoda gazebo I'm sorry to say. 

- Snowys(10 months ago)

Wanderer1 answer

I have a 3m x 3m Wanderer Tent. Will this fit that tent ?

- Barcaldine(1 year ago)

G'day David,

I'm not sure. Wanderer is a BCF 'Home Brand', so we have no knowledge of how it's constructed and as a result, I can't be confident in giving you an answer. Sorry.

- Snowys(1 year ago)

It says this is for the delux gazebo I have a standard 3x3 will this part fit my gazebo?3 answers

- NOARLUNGA DOWNS, SA(2 years ago)

G’day Lynn, I’ve just double checked for you and the Oztrail Scissor Action Strut Kit will definitely fit any of the Oztrail gazebos that are a 3 x 3m size.

- Snowys(2 years ago)

It doesn't fit. I bought one and it is about 50% larger than those on the Standard gazebo.

- 3922(1 year ago)

Hi Jodi, 

Firstly I do apologise that that information was incorrect, I don't know how I got my wires crossed there Jodi. I really hope that hasn't caused you too much stress or inconvenience. 

I've just spoken with Oztrail, and they've got replacements for the corner and centre struts for the Standard Gazebo available. Please give us a call on 1300 914 007 and the customer service team will give you a hand so that we can get your gazebo up and running again. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

wil it be fit for 3M *3M oztrail marquee1 answer

- sydney(2 years ago)

G’day Ali, the Oztrail Scissor Action Strut Kit is adaptable for the Oztrail Deluxe Gazebo, Deluxe Pavilion, Deluxe Mega Gazebo and Deluxe Mega Pavilion models. The Deluxe Gazebo has 3 x 3 measurements which is the same dimensions as your gazebo so it will fit nicely.

- Snowys(2 years ago)
Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
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