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Black Wolf

Mojave HV6 Tent

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The Black Wolf Mojave HV6 tent is a classic single room dome tent with enclosed vestibule, which is ideal for family camping.

The Mojave is designed to increase interior space and offer plenty of headroom making it extremely liveable. The geodesic reinforced frame will keep your tent sturdy, even during a spot of windy weather. In warmer weather, the big No-See-Um mesh windows will keep the insects out, and provide cool air flow through the tent. 

The added curtain sky panels allow you to gaze at the stars while you doze off, and the polyurethane coating on fly for added insulation and extra protection against wear and tear. 

  • Sleeps 6 adults
  • Geodesic room with double hoop
  • 2 front windows
  • Rear access
  • 2 Bootsox at rear
  • Flexible ground level ventilation
  • Door room divider
  • Curtained sky panels
  • Zippered power inlet
  • No-See-Um Mesh for great ventilation, privacy and protection from bugs
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
Sleeping Capacity:
6 Person
Recommended Capacity:
4 Person + Living Space
External Dimensions:
575L x 280W cm
Sleeping Area:
305L x 270W cm
Packed Dimensions:
72L x 34W x 32H cm
Max. Head Height:
200 cm
68D/190T Polyester
Inner Material:
Floor Material:
Frame Material:
1237mm Fibreflex | 11mm Fibreflex | 16mm Steel
19 Kg
Limited Lifetime
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Sep 28 2016

Versatile, comfortable, large tent.

First of all, Snowys provide great passionate service. This is a great versatile tent. We have used it when the nights are cold and the main bedroom is warmer with a mild insulating effect - surprising for a tent. We have used it when the weather was hot and opening up all the available openings really cools the tent down. With the pole going across the dome tent, it really creates spacious headroom with almost straight walls for a dome tent. Solo set up possible. Set up takes me half an hour by myself. Two people setting up is a lot easier for a dome tent this size. Handy versatility.

- Sydney
Aug 24 2016

Love this tent - spacious, sturdy, withstood a storm

We love this tent. It's strong, spacious & well thought out. It withstood a storm that lasted all night (heavy rain, strong winds, lightning) & strong winds all weekend. Our family loved the video of it and we couldn't buy anything but Black Wolf after that - the other brands did not seem to compare as far as quality, usability, & handy features. It takes us about 30 mins to put up, we enjoy it as part of camping and don't trust pop-up styles. Expertise & advice from Ben was brilliant, thanks

- Warrandyte, VIC
Apr 23 2016

Great tent good buy

Excellent tent, well made and very spacious.
Best bet is to have two people set it up(20-30min first setup) but once it's up its a pleasure to stay in.
Well ventilated and seems very strong.

Mar 28 2016

Mojave HV6

We absolutely could not of been more stoked with our tent ! Everything from height, Windows everywhere, floor vents, options of three entries but stood up to a massive storm to perfection !!! Thanks to Mandy especially as bought this tent because of her fantastic video and instructions for setting up. We were in tent for four weeks but could of stayed a year :))

- Phillip island
Jan 30 2016

Melbourne's wettest weather in 50years

worried about our tent and gears in Geelong (wettest in 50years) while out for a drive in lashing down rain. Surprise it is bone dry even the floor.
Only takes about 20mins to set it up and take down. 2 adults and 2 kids with 2 double airbeds fit nicely. well worth it. fine and small package to make room in the motor.

Jan 08 2016

love it!

We tested out our Mohave on the weekend for 2 nights. My wife, 16mth old son, 2 medium size dogs and myself comfortably fit in the tent with all of our gear. THere was still plenty of room to move around and stand up (I'm 180cm) to nearly full height in the main room. Airflow was great having the windows on ground level really helps circulate the air, quality of the tent was good and set up time was a hafl hr first go although this will decrease alot second time around. Great for the price!

- Winmalee
Nov 25 2015


great Tent everything about it is great as described in the ad. Easy to put up very happy with it Thank you

- Mansfield Vic
Jun 28 2015

Black Wolf Mojave HV6 Tent

We used the tent at Frecynet recently and found it to be very comfortable with many useful features. Easy to put up and easy to get down in windy conditions. We are very pleased with this tent. Peter S.


compare the Mojave HV6 to Kathmandu's Retreat 280 5 person tent. Any thoughts?1 answers

I am trying to compare the Mojave HV6 to Kathmandu's Retreat 280 5 person tent. Any thoughts?

- rye(2 weeks ago)

G'day Peter, 

We're not familiar with Katmandu's range as I think their tents are exclusive to their stores, but from comparing the specs of the two - here are my thoughts. 

Both tents are a similar size, have a geodesic style frame, a breathable inner, and a high head height - so they are similar in some ways. 

As far as we know Katmandu make good quality products, and the Retreat 280 Tent seems to have some interesting modern features that might be suited to your style of camping. 

We have had excellent feedback over the years from the Mojave range from Black Wolf, generally what people love about it is that it's roomy, comfortable and reliable - I'm not sure of how long they have been making the Retreat 280, but what I can say is that the Mojave HV6 is a classic style that gets a great response from our other customers. 

- Snowys(2 weeks ago)

Hi Snowys. Can the doors on the fly be converted to awnings on this tent? thanks2 answers

If not - can you purchase awnings separately that connect to this tent?

- Perth(3 months ago)

Hi Nikki. Unfortunately the door flap can not be used as an awning. An option could be an Oztrail Compact Deluxe Gazebo which you could errect out the front of the tent to create a protected area. 

- Snowys(3 months ago)

Hi Nikki, 

We've just found out that the Mojave HV6 does actually include eyelets and awning poles (as does the Mojave HV6), so I do apologise that we got our wires crossed there. I hope we haven't caused any inconvenience, please let us know if you have any more questions about the Black Wolf dome tent range. 

- Snowys(3 days ago)

Could you fit two single airbeds in the front vestibule?1 answers

Hi - I would like to know if you could fit 2 Coleman Dura Sleep XL Single Airbeds (#44789) in the front vestibule.

- Preston(5 months ago)

G’day Andrew, if you’re looking to put two beds in the vestibule I’m probably safe assuming that you want to use it as a sleeping area. In general we don’t recommend doing this, as while the vestibule is waterproof it is part of the fly which doesn’t have the same protection and insulation as the main body of the tent. The Mojave HV6 has a sloped vestibule that tapers off to the entrance, which means you could probably fit one single mattress closer to the tent, but the other one would be a struggle due to the slope of the roof.

- Snowys(5 months ago)

Side exiting when raining1 answers

Hi. If raining does the tent provide some protection when exiting from the side doors, or would rain enter the tent? From pictures the side doors look to curve up towards roof - so unclear if much protection would be afforded. Thanks.

- Perth(8 months ago)
G'day Iain - Have a look at the video at the bottom right of the product page. It'll give you a better understanding of the lay of the tent. I wouldn't say the door gives much protection of the inside from the rain, when it is opened. But most tents of this style will be the same, other than those with awnings. If it's raining, quickly dash inside, and use the fly door as a bit of a shield. Hope that helps. Cheers, Paul
- Snowys(8 months ago)

How Fong are the poles and how does it differ from the tuff dome?1 answers

I have read reviews which constantly talk about how the posts break readily. Has this been rectified? Also how does this tent differ from the " tuff dome plus"? Thanks

- NORWOOD, SA(9 months ago)
G'day Pamela - I've done a bit of poking around, it looks as though it was old SG model that has received a few reviews regarding the poles. All the reviews we have received - there are 6 published here - state that it stands up to windy and rainy conditions very well. Comparing it with the Tuff Dome range is tough (pun intended!) as its apples and oranges. The Tuff Dome range is utilitarian - the tents are rugged shelters; a place to sleep when the weather is a bit dodgy. (I'd prefer to be in one in weather like this!) Whereas the Mojave is more about lifestyle - providing a shelter that allows you to enjoy your camping trip. Hope that helps. Cheers, Paul
- Snowys(8 months ago)

Mojave HV6 versus new Zempire Neo61 answers

Hi After a tent for the Nullarbor. Hot, windy, cool in Winter. Need sleeping for two adults and need area for gear storage, etc. Happy to spend the extra dollar on the Black Wolf but is it better than the new Zempire Neo6? Have concerns on back up of Black Wolf.

- Melbourne(1 year ago)
There is not a lot of difference in these Terri, I couldn't recommend one over the other based on quality. The Mojave probably offers more internal space as it has an extra ridge pole, we have also carried Black Wolf for longer than Zempire. That being said we have sold tons of Zempire tents without any negative feedback so we have confidence in the brand. The only other consideration is that the Neo 6 will offer better ventilation given it has massive mesh windows on each side of the dome section. I hope this helps with your decision.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Black Wolf Mojave HV6 or Coleman Instant Cabin Gold 8P tent?2 answers

It's me again :) So I've been looking around and I came across the Coleman - Instant Gold Cabin - it has great reviews. It is still slightly smaller than this tent. I know it has an easy set up though. Which would you say? I'm leaning towards the Mojave for stability and quality. Cheers, Ali.

- FORBES, NSW(1 year ago)
Hi again Ali, both these tents are of comparable quality, there are two main considerations with the main one being packed size. I will update the dimensions for the HV6 as soon as I am back in the store, but the HV6 packs away to about half the 1.2m length of the Instant Up Cabin Gold 8P, albeit slightly fatter. The other consideration is ease of set up, the Instant Up Cabin Gold 8P has an easy pitch frame and will be slightly quicker to erect at camp. My recommendation - if you don't mind spending an extra 10 minutes setting up your tent, and if you don't have a vehicle with heaps of space, stick with the Mojave HV6.
- Snowys(1 year ago)
Hi Ali, just FYI I have updated the Black Wolf Mojave HV6 with its packed dimensions, you will see that the packed size is much more manageable than the Instant Up range. Let us know if you need any further assistance.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Can the fly be replaced and is there such thing as spray on UV protection to keep it going longer? 1 answers


- FORBES, NSW(1 year ago)
The fly isn't available as an 'off the shelf' item Ali, but we may be able to get one as a spare part. As for UV protection, Nikwax make a solution called 'Tent & Gear Solarproof', Nikwax claim that this product can double the effective life of fabrics. We don't stock this item nor have we had much experience with it, we could possibly order some for you though. Give us a call on 1300 914 007 if you would like us to follow this up for you.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Black wolf Mojave HV6 or Roman Tracker 6?1 answers

I am after comfortable for family of 5 (3 little ones), sturdy, UV/Water resistance. Cheers, Ali.

- Forbes(1 year ago)
Hi Ali, these tents ore both of comparable quality and performance. The choice between the two comes down to price and/or space. For the extra money spent on the Mojave HV6 you get much more internal space both in floor area and head room. The Roman Tracker 6 pitches nicely and is great value for money, if you feel this tent offers enough space then you can save a few dollars to spend on other gear.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

What are the dimensions of the main bedroom?1 answers

We have 2 double xped camp mattresses for us and our kids and we are wondering if we would fit them side by side in the main room

- Cattanach(1 year ago)
Two Exped mats side by side are about 2.6m in width Matt. You can see the floorplan of the Mojave HV6 in the third image. The main bedroom being 2.8m wide and 3.05m long. It may be worth confirming your mattress dimensions, but you should have no problems fitting two double mats in the HV6.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

What are the dimensions when packed down?1 answers

Just wondering how big the tent is when packed down. We have a smallish car.

- NEWCASTLE, NSW(1 year ago)
Hi Liz, the dimensions of the box are 73L x 35W x 34H cm, so you can expect the pack size to be slightly smaller than this once all the cardboard is removed.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

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