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Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis Elite

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A deluxe campsite hot water service, the Coleman Hot Water On Demand H2 Oasis Elite is lightweight, and fully portable and offers an ultimate outdoor shower experience plus a little bit more.

Once the powerful burner lights hot water flows in seconds, with up to 150 litres of water at a maximum of 50⁰C delivered from one Coleman Lightweight LPG bottle. The HWOD is an invaluable resource for all your campsite showering, cooking and cleaning needs.

A full digital display shows water output temperature, flame indicator and monitors the status of the Lithium Ion battery, while the Coleman Battery Lock system stops power drain when in transport and storage. Direct feed power can be used from the included 12V DC and 240V AC adapters, and two USB charging points add another touch of versatility,

Made tough with ABS plastic construction and aluminium grab handles, while an 8 foot non-kink silicone hose, brass quick connect fittings and a copper heating core combine with a four setting shower head equipped with a velcro hanging strap to make the Hot Water On Demand a tough and versatile outdoor hot water supply.

  • Copper heating core
  • Two USB charging points
  • Live digital temperature display
  • 2.4m non-kink hose
  • Four setting shower head with hanging strap
  • Quick connect brass fittings
  • Easily connects to water source of garden hose
  • Multi directional head fittings
  • Dual storage ports
  • Mesh hose organizer
  • Includes 19L collapsible water container
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
External Dimensions:
47L x 17W x 36H cm
Packed Dimensions:
47L x 17W x 36H cm
Shower Hose Length:
2.4 Metres
High Density ABS Plastic
Fuel Type:
468g BOM Cartridge
Fuel Consumption:
150L of water on one 438g canister
Gas Fitting to Appliance:
Input Power:
12V DC | 240V AC
Output Power:
2 x USB
Quick Fit Rechargeable Lithium Ion with Battery Lock
Run Time:
80 mins approx.
Max. Heat Output:
Flow Rate:
2.3 L/min
8.5 Kg
3 Year
4.8 5
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Oct 10 2016

Compact and easy to pack

Fortunately we bought the gas bottle adapter and a gas cartridge for the unit as a back up for a recent short trip - the gas fitting didn't fit our small gas bottle so the cartridge was handy for first time use. The unit works well, but we used it to heat up a bucket of water to use with another 12 volt shower unit and an ensuite tent. The shower head that comes with the unit is useful but cannot be readily turned off and on to conserve water whilst washing.

- Western Australia
Jun 23 2016

Its cool to be hot!!

We bought our HWOD for a mid winter camping trip in Central Queensland. I was a little dubious as it only heats the water to 30 degrees above the the current water temp, but this was more than enough. Water straight out of Eungella Dam, in the middle of winter and we had to turn the heat down. Get the gas bottle Hose connector as you will send yourself broker using the 1/2 kg disposables!

Jun 14 2016

Coleman HWOD H2Oasis

Amazing unit, worked really well in a very cold climate, would recommend this product.

May 23 2016

HWOD Elite

Used the HWOD in the Vic High Country with temps down to 3 and the unit supplied us with hot showers very pleased with my purchase

Snowys provided us with great service and very fast delivery

- Melbourne, Vic
May 12 2016

coleman HWOD

heats water very quickly. On 'full' it reaches max temperature quickly and then shuts down . Adjustable shower head is useful

- Fremantle

Gas source1 answers

Hi Can the new units be connected to a 4.5kg or 9kg gas bottle or can they only run off the small canisters

- ATWELL, WA(4 months ago)

Hi Luke,

The Hot Water on Demand system can be used with a 4.5/9kg size with the right hose kit. We’re out of stock of the Coleman brand kit, but Companion make one that will work exactly the same way so we’d recommend checking out the Primus Cylinder Hose Kit POL.



- Snowys(4 months ago)

Using the Coleman H2Oasis Elite? 1 answers

G`day, I`ve had two of the old green Coleman units. Both have failed on me, and I`m very wary about getting ANY unit, regardless of brand. Both units failed in electrics with charging, and both units the pumps have failed, due to rusting on the impeller shaft, that wears against the water seal. So essentially seizes the pump. A poor engineering design, that seems to be inherent with all the brands. Have any of these issues been rectified, and can "this" unit be used while charging?

- Brisbane(7 months ago)
Hi John, I'm sorry to hear of your previous troubles. There have been no changes made to the pump that we are aware of. Rust will occur if the unit is not completely dry before it's put away, to avoid rust build up you can use WD40 spray before and after each trip. These new units can be used while charging, and this one runs on 12V or 240V. They also have a new battery lock feature which stops the unit from going flat when not in use, although it's still a good idea to charge it up every few months to prolong your battery life. I hope this helps, if you'd like to discuss this further please give us a call on 1300 914 007.
- Snowys(7 months ago)

do you need water presure to run this unit or does it pump from any sorce?1 answers

- AUSTRAL EDEN, NSW(9 months ago)
Thanks for asking Mike. This unit comes with standard hose fittings and also a pump so you can use any water source. Coleman also supply a collapsible water container with this unit which you can fill and then connect your hose to and pump water for your shower or dishes etc. One thing to be aware of if you are using the hose fitting, is that there is no regulator so if you turn the tap on quite quickly the hose will just shoot off. Just turn the tap on gradually and you'll be fine. I hope this helps! If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a buzz on 1300 914 007.
- Snowys(9 months ago)

Battery Run Time & LPG/Cartridge Gas consumption1 answers

Hi there, 1. Competitor HWOD systems state how many 5 min showers one could expect from a single (full) charge of the onboard lithium battery. (eg. the Aquacube states 1 charge = 8 x 5 Min showers). Can you confirm how many 5 min showers the Coleman H20asis Elite is capable of? 2. in terms of gas, using the 468g cartridge on the medium heat setting for an average shower how many 5 min showers could one expect - and if connecting an LPG bottle (eg. 1kg) with these settings how many showers?

- CAIRNS, QLD(10 months ago)
I'll work this out as best I can with the figures i have Scott, but it is all approximate as are the Aquacube specs. The new Hot Water On Demand series has an 80 minute run-time, so you'll get approximately 16 x 5 minute showers from a full charge. As for gas consumption, I found out that one 468g canister will heat up to 150 litres of water on high, so you can expect this to be more on a lower setting. A 1kg bottle would be upward of 250 litres. At a flow rate of 2.3L/minute, you can expect to use a total of 184 litres (2.3L x 80 minutes) of water from one charge, which will require one and a bit canisters or a 1kg bottle with some spare gas once the battery runs out. I hope this helps, remember to keep in mind that this is all approximate, factors such as external temperature need to be taken into account.
- Snowys(10 months ago)

Dimensions 1 answers

Specs say the dimensions are 42 by 25 by 53 cm. But seeing the pictures with a propane cylinder it seems maybe the dimensions are smaller? Propane bottles are 10 cm, and is doesn't seem like the width is 2.5 times the width of the propane bottle on the picture. I was wondering if I could get the dimensions of just the unit (or really confirm it is 25, 42, and 53cm? Also, wondering the length of the unit, not inuding the regulator and its protector number? Thanks!

- Santee(10 months ago)
Hi Linda, thanks for picking this up, we have taken dimensions from Coleman but it turns out they are vastly smaller. I have updated out website to reflect the outermost dimensions of the whole unit, being 47L x 17W x 36H cm, this includes the bars and dial. The dimensions of the unit without the protector bar, regulator or shower rail are 30.5L x 17W x 36H cm. Sorry for the confusion, I hope this is all the information you need.
- Snowys(10 months ago)

Water storage bag included?1 answers

Does the h2oasis elite come with a collaspable water storage container. And if so, does the pump diction end attach to the water bag?

- Santee(10 months ago)
It is included Linda, we overlooked this detail in our product description sorry. It's a 5 gallon or approximately 19 litre collapsible container that is compatible with the water pump of both Hot Water On Demand Oasis units, meaning you simply attach it to the outlet of the container rather than submerging it in a water vessel.
- Snowys(10 months ago)

Can you stop and start water flow from the shower head?1 answers

I've read that if you stop the water flow from the shower head, the unit has to be restarted to start flow again. Apparently some sort of safety feature. Is this true? Also can you please advise how long it takes to recharge the battery back to full?

- Townsville(10 months ago)
You're right Travis, I found an explanation on page 8 of the User Manual which you can download from our website (under the product description). It indicates that if the shower head is set to "OFF", a low water flow warning is triggered and the unit will shut off for safety reasons (overheating). The shower head needs to be set to open before restarting. As for battery charge time, it needs 6 hours of charge for the first time, subsequent charges will be of a similar time-frame.
- Snowys(10 months ago)

What is the flow rate in litres per minute? Is it adjustable down to circa 2 litres?2 answers

- Sydney(1 year ago)
I'm not sure sorry John, this detail is not provided anywhere on the product. I'll put an enquiry in with Coleman, but it is unlikely I will get a response at this time on a Friday. I'll make a note to follow it up with them on Monday and get back to you.
- Snowys(1 year ago)
Hi John, Coleman have come up with the goods quickly this-morning. Flow rate for these is 2.3L per minute. The outgoing pressure is improved and the shower head manages this pressure better, so the unit uses less water with better pressure.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

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