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Sea to Summit

Comfort Light SI Sleeping Mat

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A sub 1kg sleeping mat that offers 5cm of insulated comfort... I'd sleep soundly on that. The Sea to Summit Comfort Light SI Hiking Mat features Delta Core™ technology that takes the weight and bulk out of the Sea to Summit self-inflating mat range, without sacrificing comfort. 

Made of lightweight 30D polyester, the Comfort Light has been created with weight and comfort at the forefront of its design and is a great choice for all-season performance.

The base features an anti-slip print to keep your mat in place when sloped campsites are unavoidable, and the multi-function valve makes inflation, deflation and packup easier than ever. The Sea to Summit Comfort Light self-inflating mat delivers a good night's sleep whilst catering to the needs of a lightweight hiker.

  • 5cm thickness without the extra weight
  • Multi-function valve
  • Anti-slip print on base
  • Lightweight exterior fabric
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
External Dimensions:
183L x 51W cm
Packed Dimensions:
28L x 14W x 14H cm
Mat Thickness:
5 cm
30D TPU Laminated Polyester
Fill Material:
Delta Core™ PU Foam
Available separately
0.650 Kg
Suggested Use:
Hiking | Trekking
Limited Lifetime

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May 03 2018

Good balance of requirements

I was between getting the SI or the ultralight mat. I was pleased I bought the Comfort SI. It is a little heavier and bulkier but provides a better sleep than the ultralight S2S mats.

My friend bought the ultralight and I the Comfort SI for a MundaBiddi Cycle end to end. The Ultralight is quite noisy when u move around on it and in the silence of the bush it can be relatively loud. The SI is far quieter. The compromise is there is a little more weight and bulk but for comfort and silent nights I think in my case it is worth it.

The Self Inflating ability is limited and the regular took about 10 breaths to inflate. It can be tailored to firmness very easily and my 99kg was supported very well.

- Waikiki WA
Feb 14 2018

It’s ok but I’m fussy!

I’m new to the whole hiking thing and was unsure what mat to get. I liked the idea of the SI mats as I am a regular camper and use a SI 4wd mat. I also didn’t want a noisy scrunchy mat I had to stuff around and pump up after a long days walk. This one I can get it out and let it sit for a bit, puff a couple of breaths in and go to bed when I’m ready. I bought this one trying to cut back on some weight in my pack. After receiving it I got it out and let it inflate for a few hours & then put a couple of breaths in. While on my back the mat feels great but on my side my boney hips can feel the ground. I wish I’d paid the bit extra for the S2S comfort plus SI for a bit of extra thickness. The extra weight wouldn’t worry me if it means a good nights sleep! Also my sleeping bag is super slippery on top of the mat and is a bit annoying I can see myself sliding all over the place when I’m asleep. Overall it feels like a very well made mat, just doesn’t suit me.

- Malanda

Which way to go???1 answer

Hi guys, I have a cheaper, heavier SI sleeping mat (should've researched earlier) for a 6 to 8 week hike/trek around QLD, now tossing up between Sea to Summit Comfort Light Insulated and their Comfort Light SI Sleeping Mat... I know that you get what you pay for and really I'd value your opinion on the best way to go??? Cheers Mark

- Barcaldine(1 year ago)

G'day Mark.

Big question. Both the Sea to Summit Comfort Light Insulated and the Sea to Summit Comfort Light SI Sleeping Mat are fantastic options. In comparison, it's hard to pass up the Sea to Summit Comfort Light Insulated as it is a lighter, thicker, higher R-Value and smaller packed mat. I personally also think the air-cell mats are much comfier as they distribute body weight much more evenly. The catch with these mats though is that you need to inflate the mat yourself either with your breath or with the use of a pump available here or here. The downside is that being an air-cell mat, they can also be a touch noisy as you move on them. As a result, the upside then of the self-inflating mat is that they inflate themselves and are much quieter because of the Delta-Core foam.

- Snowys(1 year ago)
Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
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