Guide to Hammocks for Leisure & Adventure

Be it sleeping under the stars in the home garden, or taking outdoor lounging to a whole new level of comfort – a hammock is what your gear stash has been missing.

Ideal for setting up as a reading station on the patio, between two trees for a backyard campout or two vehicles at the beach, or on the trail for an elevated sleeping solution in warm conditions – the humble hammock will surprise you with its versatility!

Man setting up Hammock Tarp over his hammock

Protect yourself from the wind. Image: Sea to Summit 

What’s So Great About a Hammock?

1. Fresh Air

You’re not cramped inside a tiny hiking tent or stuffy camping shelter. Instead, you’re experiencing the freedom of fresh air and falling asleep beneath the twinkling stars.

2. A Streamlined Sleep Setup

Your gear is simplified with a hammock involved, as you can pack a lighter sleeping mat for a layer of insulation or forego one altogether if the weather is warm.

3. Less Maintenance

No poles, no pegs, and no hassle – so less can go wrong when you’re out in the field! Plus, you won’t have to keep any spare parts on hand.

Hammock setup in a natural outdoor environment

When set up properly, a hammock is an eco-friendly choice. Image: Sea to Summit

4. Environmental Impact

Instead of a tent – which needs to be pitched into the ground using pegs and a groundsheet – a hammock won’t leave as much of an impact on your chosen campsite. This is provided you set up using tree protectors.

5. Improved Sleep

There have also been studies conducted by French and Swiss scientists on the rocking motions of a hammock, and how this can both help send you to sleep sooner and improve the quality of your sleep.

Woman sleeping in hammock in her backyard

Sleeping in a hammock may even improve your sleep. Image: Adrian Krawczyk

Read on for our breakdown of the best hammock options for backyard use, camping, hiking, and more…

Hammocks for Your Deck, Backyard, or… Car?!

  • OZtrail Double Hammock with Timber Rails

With enough space for two people, the Double Hammock with Timber Rails by OZtrail makes lounging with your favourite person easy in the comfort of your own backyard.

This design is made from a soft cotton-polyester blend fabric which is comfortable, hard-wearing, and easy to keep clean. It also features timber rails to prevent fabric from wrapping over the top of you – plus, allows more freedom to stretch out.

To set up, simply find your two strongest trees, grab a drink and a book, and you’re ready to relax!


This double hammock is perfect for the backyard. Image: OZtrail

  • OZtrail Anywhere Hammock Double & Frame

The whole fam will be queuing up to lounge on the OZtrail Anywhere Hammock Double & Frame.

This model comes with a sturdy, easy-to-assemble frame, so you can set it up anywhere – be that at home or the campsite.

With this hammock, lay back and let your imagination take you away to a tropical paradise!

OZtrail Anywhere Hammock

Everyone will love the Anywhere Hammock! Image: OZtrail

  • Kurgo Wander Hammock

This one’s for the doggos of the outdoors!

With door-busting durability and waterproof construction, this hammock suspends between your vehicle’s front and back compartment, defying the doggy dynamics. A centre zip allows room for two-legged passengers, while hook-and-loop openings mean you can easily access your seatbelt and latching system. Remove from the headrest to create a simple backseat cover too, thanks to the double handles providing double the handiness.

This hammock is for the hounds that hang out for the front, but kill for that backseat thrill!

Hammocks for Camping

  • Coleman Lightweight Hammock

Lightweight and Easy to Transport

If your camping setup needs something a bit sleeker and easy to transport, the Lightweight Hammock from Coleman will tick those boxes.

This hammock is rated to a sturdy 180kg, yet weighs only 0.5 kg itself! It also has an affordable price tag – so it’s a win all around.

String it up between two trees at your favourite camping spot for somewhere to unwind.

Person sleeping in Coleman Lightweight Hammock

This lightweight choice is great for both camping and hiking. Image: Coleman Australia

  • OZtrail Anywhere Hammock

Versatile and Stylish

For longer stays at the campsite, set up the Anywhere Hammock for some much-needed downtime when the family tent becomes overcrowded.

This hammock has a super simple design, easy to fit in your vehicle with the rest of your camping essentials. It features a durable, soft-touch cotton/polyester surface for comfort, requires no assembly, and includes a carry bag.

With a single and double size available, choose the option that will best suit your setup.


The Anywhere Hammock is easy to transport. Image: Eric Clark

Hammocks for Lightweight Adventures

As an alternative to a traditional tent, a hammock can be a lightweight and complete sleeping solution when exploring trails below the treeline.

Gram-counting hikers can now enjoy something different to relax in, as hammocks now come in minuscule lightweight packages – so you don’t have to compromise your setup.

Man lying in hammock out in the Australian outback

With a hammock, save on space and weight. Image: Sea to Summit

  • Sea to Summit Ultralight Hammock

Lightest on the Market

With the packed size of an orange – the Sea to Summit Ultralight Hammock takes compact to a whole new level.

This hammock is made from ultra-breathable fabric to prevent you from overheating while you snooze on balmy nights – and despite the whisper-light package, features triple bar-tacked webbing loops and a weight rating of 135kg.

Just add the separately available suspension straps and, to keep bark from being stripped, tree protectors.

Man reading book in yellow ultralight hammock

This design ticks all the boxes for lightweight trips. Image: Sea to Summit

  • Sea to Summit Pro Hammock

Durable Without Excess Weight

Perfect for setting up for an arvo in the sun, or when you want to save on space and weight when sleeping in warmer conditions, the Pro Hammock double is ideal for travelling couples.

This design is made from soft yet high tenacity ripstop nylon, with strong steel-plated buckles. It easily packs away into a compression bag for storage in your rucksack.

This hammock also quick and fuss-free to set up. Just use the additional suspension straps, and add the tree protectors as an optional extra.

Man lying in Pro Hammock at the beach

This hammock is both durable and easy to set up. Image: Sea to Summit 

Hammock Accessories for a Complete Sleeping Solution

These accessories by Sea to Summit, suited to their compatible hammocks, are a prime example of how you can tailor your hammock setup to suit all kinds of adventures.

  • Hammock Gear Sling

Easy, Convenient Storage

When you’re all snuggled up in your lightweight hammock setup, the last thing you need is to capsize while reaching for a phone, snack, or knick-knack in your rucksack!

That’s where the hammock gear sling comes in. Just set it up beneath your sleeping setup, and Bob’s your uncle! Easy access to all your essentials from the comfort of your hammock.

Easy to set up and adjust, and constructed from the same durable and lightweight fabric as the hammocks – this gear sling is the simple and practical solution for storing your phone, headlamp, water bottle, or other necessities within reach.

Hammock gear sling underneath man lying in red hammock reading a book

A gear sling is a clever storage option. Image: Sea to Summit

  • Hammock Tarp

To Shield From the Wind

While an impeded view of the sky probably isn’t what you envisioned for sleeping in your hammock, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans.

For extra coverage on your shelter, the Hammock Tarp from Sea to Summit is constructed from light yet super strong Ultra-Sil fabric with tapered ends. One with a single tie-out point and the other two tie-out points, protect yourself while cooking or sitting comfortably in your hammock.

For colder and breezier days, this tarp is the perfect shelter solution for your hammock setup.

  • Hammock Bug Net

For Insect Protection

In tropical conditions when the insects are out in full force, no one wants mozzies, sandflies or midges harassing all night long.

This net is constructed from high visibility mesh without a ridgeline, so you can still stargaze in protected comfort from pesky insects. It also has a spreader pole to keep the mesh off your body, and a wide, zippered opening for easy access.

This net provides peace of mind that your sleep will go uninterrupted beneath the stars.

Have you ever slept in a hammock? Let us know in the comments!