A Snowy(s) Christmas: Gift Guide 2023

Like losing a tent peg in long grass or detangling a guy rope from your gear bag – Christmas shopping can be a little tedious.

So in this blog, we’ve made our list, checked it twice, and tagged every item with a competitive price! From Kris Kringle gifts with a $20 limit, to the bigger gifts you’ve been saving to splurge on – start filling the sack with the gear, gadgets, and rugged gifts for the outdoorsy people you love!

Four young boys wearing sunglasses and hats.

The range of hats from Sunday Afternoons are as cool as the new kids on the (sun)block! Image: Sunday Afternoons

For the Kids Who Kick Back

Under $50

As cool as the new kids on the (sun)block, the range of hats by Sunday Afternoons feature wide brims and polyester-nylon constructions to wicks away moisture. Stain-resistant for those fun-filled days running amuck, they beat the grub and grime like water off a duck’s back!

Keep the little ones from getting too hotheaded, owing to a certified UPF 50+ sun rating too. Plus, thanks to reversible designs for sun-safe versatility, and breakaway chinstraps that release under pressure – your kid can keep their chin up until sundown.

For the kids who like to kick about at the shack, stuff their stockings with compactly-packed Sunday Afternoons hat!

A crevice for your camp critters, the Moon Junior Chair is designed for children’s safety.

Its easy Grab and Go straps allow the gremlins to go, go, go – while the drink bottle holder allows easy-reach refreshment. With wide arms for supplementary support and a locking pin to prevent unplanned folding up, the OZtrail Moon Junior Chair offers a considered yet comfortable cranny for curling up.

A baby held up by a mother, wearing a blue and white striped hat.

Keep the little ones from getting too hotheaded, owing to a certified UPF 50+ sun rating. Image: Sunday Afternoons

For the Campfire Feasters and Heat-and-Eaters

Under $100

Forget wrapping paper – rip open a bag of getaway grub from Offgrid!

Founder James Viles had a hunger to discover the undiscovered, but a desire to do so in a slow, simplified way to appreciate time spent outdoors. With refined ingredients, he redefined food the alfresco way – connecting people, food, and nature with the Offgrid Provisions range.

Made for the meat-eaters and vege venturers who want to lift their degustation game, these meals are all-natural, Aussie-made, and designed to heat and eat for simple, alfresco-style sustenance! Be you crouched at the campfire or behind the kitchen bench – simply drop into boiling water for five minutes, or tear at the top and microwave like the most full-bodied, flavoursome Christmas stocking on the fireplace.

A pouch of Offgrid food in a JetBoil of boiling water.

Simply drop into boiling water for five minutes, or tear at the top and microwave. Image: Offgrid Provisions

In his popular campfire cookbook, YouTube legend and resident king of campfire cooking, Harry Fisher from Fire To Fork, maintains a focus on simple meals made over a fire with high-quality ingredients.

From holidaying on the beaches in the Kimberley to homestyle cooking in your own backyard, the book features over 60 recipes, including some from his most popular YouTube videos. Plus, benefit from information on the tools needed for your camp kitchen, how to prepare your fire, and advice for stocking your on-the-road pantry!

Harry Fisher with his dog by a campfire on vivid red sand at sunset.

In his popular campfire cookbook, YouTube legend Harry Fisher maintains a focus on simple meals made over a fire. Image: Harry Fisher

It’s time to officially take care of the suppertime snacking, with the CampBoss Jaffle Iron!

From the long arms for safety from campfire flames, to the timber handles for limited heat transfer – this jaffle iron harnesses the heat and beats the burn! Be it Bolognese, baked beans, and savoury combos, or chocka-block sweet concoctions – simply line the crater with two slices of bread or pastry, and fill with desired ingredients for the ultimate hot food pocket or campfire pie.

Take the colour, craft, and convenience of cooking from the backyard to the outback!

Crank the heat, because Campfire’s Combo Camp Oven is tougher than damper crust.

Boasting a top-quality cast-iron construction for impressive durability and longevity, a deep-dish dome design, and a shallow, heavy-duty base for even heat distribution – this oven offers versatility on every cooking adventure. Pre-seasoned too, carry from under the Christmas tree to the campfire coals for immediate use.

From casseroles and bakes to dessert damper and cakes, the Combo Camp Oven cooks your camp tucker with alfresco finesse!

Love cooking with a camp oven? Check out Cam’s Camp Oven Turducken & Gravy!

For the After-Dark Dabblers

Under $100

Speaking of wrapping presents – wrap your head around the Cora Headband.

Your headwear henchman for keeping the heat in, its supple chenille construction and fleece lining keeps cold weather off your mind. Kick it to the peak in chic cable knit, and rock across the mountain top with stylish metal branding. As a certified carbon neutral product too, it’s the eco-friendly thought that counts.

The Luci range from MPOWERD provides practical and ambient lighting for your alfresco space. Solar powered with the option of a traditional outlet for convenience, some host a USB port to boost the charge of your mobile phone when other power sources are scarce. From sufficient charging in direct sunlight, to water-resistance, battery indicators, and long-lasting light – the outdoor lanterns are fit for both indoor and outdoor activities, while string lights blend convenience and atmosphere to any communal setting.

Boasting low, medium, and high mode options for different applications, the Luci lanterns and string lights offer illuminated ambience from the backyard to the outback.

Two men setting an outdoor dining table with a blue umbrella strung with fairy lights.

The Solar String Lights by MPOWERD provide practical and ambient lighting for your alfresco space. Image: MPOWERD

The Hybrid Hooded sleeping bags by Coleman keep you snug on those sub-10 and sub-0-degree getaways! Featuring a Comfort Cuff design for surrounding softness, this bag boasts homelike qualities. A snag-free ZipPlow zipper allows for safe, easy opening and closing too, while the separate foot zip mediates the temperature surrounding your extremities. Plus, for a streamlined packing process too, Roll Control prevents the bag from skewing and twisting – working with the QuickCord no-tie closure for efficient fastening.

Bag a bargain with the Hybrid Hooded sleeping bags – designed for sublime outdoor dreaming in colder conditions.

An overhead shot of hands slicing salami on a chopping board, with cheese, bread, and tomatoes.

Eat with elegance on every alfresco escape. Image: Opinel

For the Compact Campers

Under $150

From hiking and camping, to boating and picnicking – this slick set includes a quality-made N°12 folding knife with a serrated blade for bread, a N°10 folding corkscrew knife for opening wine, a N°06 pocket peeler for fruit and veg prep, a beechwood cutting board for carving meat, and a microfibre dish towel that doubles as a travel pouch. 

With handles of a durable beech wood and stainless-steel blades for robustness, their safety rings lock them both open in use and closed for transport.

Eat with elegance on every alfresco escape, with the Opinel Nomad Cooking Kit.

An overhead shot of a red bag, opened to reveal other packing cells and cubes of smaller items.

Perfect for the go-getters jetting off on their next getaway. Image: Eagle Creek

From sending it every weekend to catering for the over-packers on the overnighters – the Pack-It sets by Eagle Creek include the Weekender, Overnight, Starter, and Reveal Cubes for curbing the packing chaos!

Boasting 300D Polyester fabric constructions and 100% post-consumer recycled fabric for their washable and water-resistant features, each component is as efficient to clean as they are to use! Keep the socks, jocks, and pyjamas maintained, the dirty boots and dusty shoes away from your cleaner clobber, your toiletries together, and minimise wrinkles in one neat, intact, compactly packed package!

These Pack-It sets are perfect for the go-getters jetting off on their next getaway.

From picnics to camping trips, and sports events to festivals, this chair takes a front-row seat!

Blending stability with portability, its lightweight but tough aluminium tube frame is both scratch- and rust-resistant. Sink into true serenity with a 900D polyester and HD mesh fabric that tensions as the legs are extended, with a slightly back-leaned seat posture too. Quick to assemble and fast to fold away, its average setup time is 4-8 seconds!

This holiday season, the BlackWolf Quick Fold Lightweight Chair is the perfect chair for your festive derriere!

Assorted guy ropes and tie-down gear lined up on a log by the beach.

The range of tie-down packs by Tiegear guarantee flexible strength and robust reliability. Image: Tiegear

For the Gear Gurus Who’ve Got it Together

Under $250

We all know the five senses are sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch – but for campers, the sixth sense is security! The range of tie-down packs by Tiegear guarantee flexible strength and robust reliability at the site, without the need for pegs.

With packs equipped to secure caravan setups, awnings, and gazebos, Tiegear bundle their guy ropes and HD springs into an acrylic canvas and mesh gear bag for kick-butt durability, breathability, and compact storage in the back of your vehicle.

A Blacksmith Camping Supplies tool bag on a wooden table.

Simple, functional, and Aussie-made. Image: Blacksmith Camping Supplies

Store the essential tools and steel pegs in the Australian-Made Peg & Tool Bag from Blacksmith Camping Supplies.

Constructed from military-grade 505gsm Australian-made canvas – Dynaproofed for rotproofing and breathability – its interior capacity has space for camping tools and up to 35 x of separately available Hex Pegs. The Velcro opening secures it shut, while webbing handles offer ease of carrying or grabbing from the boot.

Simple, functional, and Aussie-made – cart about your camping accessories with ease and efficiency.

A cooler pack on a beach towel, as part of a sandy beach setup at sunset.

There’s a cold one for the whole crew. Image: Camelbak

For the Cool, Calm, Can Collectors

Under $500

Catering for the campsite parties and backyard barbies, this cooler boasts an odour- and stain-resistant make – as easy to keep clean as it is to keep your cold ones crisp! With a front pocket for the bottle openers and other campsite knick-knacks, a zip-top closure also offers easy access to your refreshment while the lid’s bungee cord straps in a picnic blanket for those drawn-out hangouts on the lawn.

Keep your cool and kick on this summer!

The Camelbak Chillbak 30 and Chillbak Cube 18 are the coolest can-keepers at the campsite! There’s a cold one for the whole crew, owing to their 24- and 16-can respective capacities, with a padded back panel and shoulder straps for breathability and protection. A hose with spigot is accessible from the exterior for easy, efficient refills, while a waistbelt ensures a secure fit. Kit out your pack with tools, fix-it kits, and essentials thanks to additional storage above the cooler in the roll-top area too!

Keep cool and carry on this Christmas, with Chillbak cooler packs!

Bright red, whole plums cut up on a chopping board, on a flour-dusted benchtop with cookware and a tea towel in the corner.

Image: Campfire

For more gift ideas, follow us somewhere Snowy-er than the North Pole…