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Bushman Fridges

35-52L Portable Fridge Freezer

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Bushman Fridges 35-52L Portable Fridge Freezer Watch video

The Original Bushman Portable Fridge Freezer is a quiet achiever in the school for outback fridges. Exceptionally efficient, adjustable internal volume and strong construction, it is quite possibly the most versatile fridge freezer on the market.

A tough powder coated steel cabinet comes with three interchangeable lids and an extension collar making it adjustable between a choice of 35, 45 and 52 litre capacities. A Secop Danfoss compressor attached to full-sized condenser powers the fridge with outstanding performance.

Where other fridge brands offer extra baskets at a cost, Bushman have three included in their price, and when all three are used in conjunction the Bushman Fridge operates as a fridge and freezer combination, all controlled from a digital thermostat.

  • Includes cover
  • Adjustable volume 35L, 45L and 52L
  • Three baskets included
  • Secop Danfoss Compressor
  • 12V Battery protection @10.4V
  • Includes 12 and 240V cables
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
External Dimensions:
69L x 38.5W x 54.5H cm
Packed Dimensions:
69L x 38.5W x 54.5H cm
Internal Dimensions:
28L x 39W x 29H cm
Insulation Thickness:
4.5 cm
Cable Length:
1.9 Metres
52 L
Approx. Drink Capacity:
72 Cans | Upright Riesling Bottles
Powder Coated Steel cabinet | Polycarbonate lid & interior
High Density
Input Power:
12/24V DC | 240V AC
Power Consumption:
0.67Ah/h @12V | -4°C interior | 25°C ambient
Secop Danfoss
Temperature Range:
10°C to -22°C
24.5 Kg
5 Year Compressor | 3 Year Fridge

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Oct 01 2018

Love it

We replaced our old Waeco with the Bushman. So glad we did, it is so economical to run, spacious and we are finding the choice of sizes really handy. Best of all, being able to run it as a freezer as well as a fridge and veggie compartment is fabulous. Even though it’s dimensions are larger than the Waeco we find that, thanks to the design, there is a lot more space around it in our boot.

- Western Australia
Nov 13 2017

love the Bushman


- Katherine East, NT
Dec 30 2016

What a fridge👍

Had my bushman for 10 years. Works well, the adjustable capacity is great. Still going strong. Amp hour draw is also very good. I couldn't ask for more out of a camping/ outback fridge. I would highly recommend this.

- Toowoomba, Qld
Dec 05 2016

Bushmans fridge

I bought a bushmans from snowys. Quality fridge. Can make it difference sizes. Support an Aussie company. Very well made, will last a lifetime.

- Adelaide

Internal dimensions 1 answer

Hello , could you please provide an internal dimension at the 35L size (height x width x depth) and also the added internal height once the 42 , 45 and 55L extension kits are added? Thank you

- Capel sound (3 days ago)

G'day Scott,

I've been and measured our display model for you. Measurements were done with a tape measure so not super accurate, could be plus or minus a few mm's. The dimensions are 39cm wide and 29cm deep. 35L capacity gives you a height of 24.5cm, 45L capacity is 32.5cm and 52L capacity is 40.5cm. 

- Snowys(20 hours ago)

Where are they made?1 answer

Are Bushman fridges made in Australia?

- Keswick(1 week ago)

Bushman fridges are all made overseas in China now. But... they own all their own tooling and use high-quality factories that also manufacture equipment for BMW, Mercedes and Scania. On top of this Bushman do all of their own quality control here in Victoria, Australia, to ensure that every fridge they sell is in perfect working order for their customers.

- Snowys(1 week ago)

Ventilation and compressor placement 1 answer

Hi. Ive researched but haven't found an answer...1) how much space do you need around the unit for ventilation and is it the same for all frideges (i am also considering purchasing an evakool instead)? 2. Does the compressor come situated on the left as well or just on the right hand side of the fridge as viewed in the pictures?? (Considering for placement in trailer). Thankyou!

- Eleebana(4 months ago)

G'day Vicki,

We'd recommend at least a few centimetres of space around the compressor of the Bushman Fridges 35-52L Portable Fridge Freezer but aiming for 10cm would be ideal. You'd probably want to do something similar with any other fridges with external compressors or vents. As for the compressor placement. It is only on the one side. 

- Snowys(4 months ago)

Bushman fridge1 answer

2Hi could you please let me know the length of the bushman fridge not including the handles, just the cabinet length. Thanks

- Cairns (1 year ago)

G'day Adrian,

The width of the Bushman 35-52L Portable Fridge Freezer without handles is 66cm.

- Snowys(1 year ago)

running as freezer1 answer

Can the fridge at 45lts be run as a freezer or is it only a dedicated freezer at 35Lt

- 3875(1 year ago)

G'day Janet,

Absolutely, the Bushman Original 35-52L can be run as either a dedicated fridge or freezer with any size configuration.

For your information, the Bushman Original 35-52L can also be simultaneously run as a fridge, keep-freeze and crisper all at the same time. To do this, you set the thermostat to -5º, then use your top basket as a crisper, your middle basket as a fridge and the lower basket to keep things frozen.

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Fridge and Freezer capability at same time1 answer

Hi, Can this fridge have separated fridge and freezer sections at the same time? How is this done/managed and what is the litres available for each section?

- Strathalbyn(1 year ago)

G'day Maz,

There aren’t individual fridge and freezer sections in this model, so you won’t be able to set the temperature separately.

This model has one large compartment, with three baskets that sit on top of each other. To use it as a freezer and fridge at the same time you set the thermostat to -5 degrees, and then the top basket will act as a vegetable crisper, the middle basket will keep meat and dairy cool, and then the lower basket will keep food frozen.

One thing to note is that to use it at -5, you won’t be able to freeze anything, it will just keep your goods frozen.

This fridge has an extension collar so you can fit between 35-52L in here, but when you’re using it as a fridge and freezer at the same time, only the bottom half will keep the foods frozen.

If you want some more in depth detail, you can have a read of the Bushman brochure here which will give you the full lowdown on how it all works. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)
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Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
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