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Sno Seal

Sno-Seal is a product, that has been used to waterproof leather boots since it’s creation in the 1930s.
Invented by Ome Daiber in 1933, this mountaineering expert discovered that could double and even triple the life of a single pair of leather ski or mountaineering boots, and keep the user’s feet warm, dry and more comfortable using beeswax. And so Sno-Seal, the original beeswax waterproofing product was created.
Once Sno Seal is applied, it stays on the surface of the leather, lubricating and protecting it against the elements for longer than other greases or oils and thus extending the lifespan of the leather. Over the years, the benefits of Sno-Seal have been applied to other gear, bringing high-performance protection to general applications for all kinds of leather goods.
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