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Skeeter Hawk

Sometimes, mosquitos just don’t get it.

No, we’re not clapping for you. If you keep this up, you will die in ‘vein’.

From the oily ointments to the suffocating sprays that sting – Skeeter Hawk recognised the need to avoid not only bitey bugs but harmful chemicals, adopting a different approach:

Turning nature against itself.

Eliminating the use of toxic substances, Skeeter Hawk utilises patented dual-band UV technology to attract most flying insects. Mosquitoes are drawn to the air and bodily fluids we humans emit, so Skeeter Hawk zappers act as an equally-attractive landing zone for insects to land instead. Where most brands use UV tubes, Skeeter Hawk use LED lights that boast a 50,000-hour life and low power consumption.

Backed by science, Skeeter Hawk zappers face flying insects front-on, offering a safe alternative to repelling mosquitoes in the outdoors.

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